28 December 2013: 3rd Annual White Noise Xmas

28 December 2013: 3rd Annual White Noise Xmas

Guest star Noah Mickens Grandmaster of Flowers of the Rose City gifts me his noise collection live on the KPSU streamwaves…

(Due to a power outage at KPSU, all but the legal ID is missing of the first hour of this broadcast.  The second hour is complete.)

track 4 Nkondi equatorofabifurcateplanet
Floating in the Sea of Bliss Broken Penis Orchestra Plays With Itself
track one Apartment untitled
track four Noisepoetnobody Hallway to Nowhere
track 4 Keiji Haino unreadable
track 1 Mr Natural I Cooked Your Eggs
track 6 Nezzy Idy Dead Air
Sloth Toes Komafuzz The Dock
Under God Clang Quartet Separation of Church and Hate
autumn equinox 2001 (r) Fabrizio’s Breath (for Antonin Artaud)
track 4 Brian H sampler
track 5 Imbolc Blades oph thee Holy
studio 88.01 Body of Binky Blades oph thee Holy
track 7 Scumtron – Merzbow Remixes and Original Recordings

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