25 June 2016: 22nd Olympia Experimental Music Fest

:13508940_1310574858983413_4535885366402836769_n25 June 2016

TODAY from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Time on the LIVE What’s This Called? program we celebrate the currently in progress Olympia Experimental Music Festival!

Ride the Freaking Stream!

Hear artists still to play the fest in Oly this weekend including: L.A. Lungs, Mac Dawg, Four Dimensional Nightmare, Psyclopsycho and Fischkopf Sinfoniker!

But first a few goodbye songs for Bernie Worrell.



Playlist As It Goes Down!

Artist/Experience – “Song/Track” – Album/Source:

Praxis – “Seven Laws of Woo” – Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis); Parliament/Funkadelic – “Atmosphere” – Let’s Take It To The Stage; Talking Heads – “Drugs” – Recorded Live: 11/4/1980 – Capitol Theatre – Passaic, NJ

Cyclopsycho – “Fork” – As Is; L.A. Lungs – “Cryptic Snuggling” – Cryptic Snuggling; Four Dimensional Nightmare – “Live at St Johns Nofest #8 9/12/2015 (excerpt)- @ Slim’s Pdx; Mac Dawg – “Mac Dawg’s Discount World (excerpt)” – Soundcloud; Fischkopf Sinfoniker – “Live on What’s This Called? (excerpt)” – KPSU

Closing With: Uneasy Chairs – “Revolutionary Abandoned Furniture (excerpt)” – You Tube


05 July 2014: 20th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival Revue/Review

05 July 2014: 20th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival Revue/Review

Streets of Olympia Town The Hive Dwellers Moanin’
Track 5 Impulsive Machinations Conformity Contortion
Live Impulsive Machinations at 20th Olympia Experimental Music Festival
Jungle Fever Part 3 Von Helwig Von Helwig
The Quagmire SETI SETI
Blue Particles Elliott Sharp & Nels Cline Open the Door
Estimated TIme of Wait Elliott Sharp w/ Eszler Balint Radio Hyper-Yahoo
Lantern (excerpt) Chaostic Magic You Tube
Fig Old Time Relijun Song Book Volume 1
Live in Providence 11/4/2012 Mark Hosler You Tube
Deep Down Inc. LoveyDove LoveyDove



20th Olympia Experimental Music Fest Preview!

20th Olympia Experimental Music Fest Preview!

All artists who will be performing at the 20th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival at the Northern 6/27-6/29.

Solar WindGiant WormVolume 1: Can of WormsOEMF 2011 at the Northern (SSG Music)L.A. LungsOlympia Experimental Music Fest 17Manticore/Lion TamerOld Time RelijunSongbook Vol. 1BootstrappingElliott SharpLive December 17, 2008All Souls DayUnwoundNew Plastic IdeasOEMF 2011 at the NorthernEric OstrowskiOlympia Experimental Music Fest 17Perfect Scrambled EggsNegativlandEscape from NoiseMan With Four Fingers (Live)Negativland1992

16 June 2012: 18th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival Preview

16 June 2012: 18th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival Preview

Artists from the 18th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival and MORE!

Baby Won’t You Weird Me Out Melvins Lite Freak Puke
Stolen & Somewhat Devoured Chuck Swaim with the Dead Air Fresheners Death to Self Serving Poets
Track 4 Abusive Consumer Concrete Decimation in Dub
Nothing Is Better Than God Jandek Modern Dances
Darkness Without Stars Four Dimensional Nightmare Sludge
Horse Moodring Scared of Ferret
March/Spastic Entropy Waltz/Gilroy’s Maxim/Chez What/Maybe I Don’t Care Amy Denio No Bones
One Million Year Trip Laetitia Sadier The Trip
Bog House Show Blue Sabbath Black Cheer You Tube
Every Mother’s Son Will Oldham Guarapero Lost Blues 2

5 June 2010: 16th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival Preview

5 June 2010: 16th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival Preview

Featuring artists performing next weekend at the 16th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival. 

Metamorphosis Andrew Liles and Daniel Menche The Progeny of Flies
Riding the Slow Wave of Death New Red Sun Riding the Slow Wave of Death
Angel Sexbots single
Track One Derek M. Johnson aileron-Ist wing
How Far Our Feelings Will Fling Us L.A. Lungs Bro-Mantic: L.A. Lungs Live
We Make Them Weapons Soup Purse Nanopocolyptic Profizzy
A Love Song Noggin Hajex from the Light
Continental Breakfast Drift Aural Resuscitation Unit Beaver Moon

30 June 2007

30 June 2007

Fresh back from the 13th Olympia Experimental Music Festival, I have scads of new music to unleash!

Folding Laundry and Such Soup Purse Nanonpocolyptic Profizzy
Synth Destruction (edit) Merzbow + Carlos Giffoni Synth Destruction
Track 1 Marissa Magic Marissa Magic
James at 19 Oliver Squash Songs and Noises
Kabuki (edit) Longtone Wiretapper 17
Title Bout Metal the silent world
Womanifest Cyclopsycho Cyclopsycho
The Thief Better People Zulu
Damage to the Field F. J. Pangolin Damage to the Field
Rerevolve Long Legged Woman Newtown Nights
O Sweet Lanolin (edit) Thurston Moore Flipped Out Bride
A Hidden World Exposed PLANTS photosynthesis