20 June 2015: Summer Freeze

ls20 June 201: Summer Freeze

Cuddle up with your listening device and join us for the LIVE stream of this week’s What’s This Called? with your host Ricardo Wang TODAY from noon to 1 pm Pacific Standard Time on KPSU.

Splice and reconfigure your receptors with tracks from John and Ernest, Herbie Hancock, Minus, Unwound, John Zorn, Cyclopsycho, Goblin, Sevens Collective, Pure Melt, and MORE!

For all the dads and grads and bads in the crowd… Stream it like you Mean it.

Summer Freeze

Track * Artist * Album

Summer Freeze * Unwound * Leaves Turn Inside You
The Birds * Minus * Minus
Superfly Meets Shaft * John and Ernest * single
Sly * Herbie Hancock * Headhunters
Siren * Cyclopsycho * 2014
Once Upon a Time in the West * John Zorn * The Big Gundown
These Heavy Wings * Sevens Collective * A Too Much Divided Heart
The Swan Is a Murderer pt. 1 (Cherry Five) * Goblin * Classic Italian Soundtracks Volume II 1975-1980
On the Prowl * Pure Melt * Pure Melt

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