13 September 2014: Pre-Game Show

Pregame Show

Pregame Show

13 September 2014: Pre-Game Show

This pre-game show was kicked-off by co-host Austin Rich with a little jazz and 13th Floor Elevators, and then taken over by Ricardo when he arrived.  With a live guest, it’s always nice to have extra time before the show to feature recorded music, too. Ricardo took the opportunity to play some Rawk including Melvins, Red Kross, Black Flag, Big Star, Echo & the Bunnymen, Patti Smith, and MORE!

09 June 2012: J.d. Helwig, No.Fest Organizer (Retrocast)

09 June 2012: J.d. Helwig, No.Fest Organizer (Retrocast)

There was no new episode of WTC? this week due to NoFest, so here’s a re-run of an episode from 2012 which features an interview with J.d. Helwig, No.Fest Organizer.

The Village Dr. Id Best of No.Fest 2008/2009
Live No.Fest 2012 Fundraiser Moogwynd MP3
Live Boom Bap 5/14/12 Never Again You Tube
Bleeding Tongues Raw Nerves Best of No.Fest 2008/2009
Rag Blues Sir Richard Bishop Live Manchester UK 2005
Brain Drain Eternal Tapestry Best of No.Fest 2008/2009
Captain Curry Requiem J.d. Helwig Captain Curry
Coffie With Donnie Rllrbll MP3

30 August 2014: James Fella – World Premiere New Piece

James Fella

James Fella

30 August 2014: James Fella – World Premiere New Piece

Arizone-ah ah-dio fringist James Fella of Gilgongo Records premieres his anthropological document of his stay in Portland (rumor has it he tried the place on Lombard) today on What’s This Called?

New Material in the Style of Tunacan Jones James Fella They Won’t Let Me Leave Portland

16 August 2014: Divine Circles & Elisa Faires, LIVE!

Elisa Faires & Divine Circles, w/ DJ Victrola

Elisa Faires & Divine Circles, w/ DJ Victrola

16 August 2014: Divine Circles & Elisa Faires, LIVE!

Songs of the Oregon Trees Part III Elisa Faires
Amaryllis (partial track) Elisa Faires
Improv Pieces Elisa Faires & Divine Circles Live In-Studio 8-16-2014
Interview Elisa Faires & Divine Cirlces Live In-Studio 8-16-2014
Ingenue (Mulhern composition) Divine Circles Live In-Studio 8-16-2014
Amaryllis 3 (Faires composition) Elisa Faires Live In-Studio 8-16-2014
26 Minutes Divine Circles

Video & Photographic Evidence

9 August 2014: Some Summer Sums

9 August 2014: Some Summer Sums

The Cutter Solex Draw Me a Riot
24 Track Loop This Heat In the Beginning there was Rhythm
Disequilibrium Meredith Monk Impermanance
Your Voicemail The Sexbots Songs for Jamil
One Summer Sand Snowman Nostalgia Ever After
Things Behind the Sun Nick Drake Pink Moon
You And Me In Time Broadcast Tender Buttons
Satellliiiiteee Flying Lotus Cosmogramma
I’m Set Free Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground
The Machines Evolve Tempered Steel Tempered Steel
Syn. Dept. Bardo Pond Draw Me a Riot
Al Jazeera SETI SETI
Demons Sing Love Songs Unwound Leaves Turn Inside You

2 August 2014: Deanne McAdams Remembered

2 August 2014: Deanne McAdams Remembered

3 years ago Deanne McAdams left us. Today we play some of her music and also some things that others created after she left, that we think she would have loved too.

Greyhound with a Lime Dead Air Fresheners with Chuck Swaim Infamous Polywogs
Cognation (M.A. 1) Elliott Sharp Momentum Anomaly
Lock Groove (Out) Liquid Liquid Successive Reflexes
Flight a certain ratio Peel Session
Song 1 Pro Ex-Marauders Wash Hands
Two Guitars Deanne McAdams solo
Death Gets in the Way Azalia Snail Celestial Respect
You’re Worth the Whole World Hood Outside Closer
Twenty Cats The Sexbots Songs for Jamil
I Could Drive Forever Smog Knock Knock

26 July 2014: LoveyDove Interview & More!

26 July 2014: LoveyDove Interview & More!

After some new tracks from ALTO! and Here & Here & Here we get down to the brass tacks interview of Azalia Snail and Dan West of LoveyDove who will be rocking Habesha in Portland tonight!

Answering Machine Messages The Rockford Files You Tube
Dragon Beware Here & Here & Here Here & Here & Here
Piece 11 Alto! Alto!
Interview LoveyDove On What’s This Called?
Deep Down Inc LoveyDove LoveyDove
Space Heater Azalia Snail Celestial Respect
Interview LoveyDove On What’s This Called?
Less Is Never More LoveyDove LoveyDove
Never Go Away Dan West Hot Corners
Interview LoveyDove On What’s This Called?
Gently As You Feel LoveyDove LoveyDove

19 July 2014: How To’s of Detuned 78 RPMs

19 July 2014: How To’s of Detuned 78 RPMs

Through the magic of guest producer Tunacan Jones’sss secret technology on What’s This Called? your host Ricardo Wang will once again be in two places at once. It’s simple really. All times are happening simultaneously. Shop as normal and avoid panic buying. Try the place on Lombard. Don’t mention the bag.

The Making of a 78 rpm Record, from A-Z (Part 1) Documentary
Rambling Ed entirely in G major Ed, Edd & Eddy
Prolegomenon People 3XA Woman
World’s First Stereo Recording, June 1st, 1934 Documentary
Why Don’t You Eat Your Carrots? Faust
Little Miss Echo Raymond Scott Soothing Sounds for Baby
The Making of a 78 rpm Record, from A-Z (Part 2) Documentary
Side B Sonic Youth Sonic Youth EP

12 July 2014: Goodbye Tommy Ramone

12 July 2014: Goodbye Tommy Ramone

The original Ramones have all left the building.

Rock ‘n Roll Radio Ramones End of the Century
Blitzkreig Bop Ramones Live CBGBs 1977
Sheena Is a Punk Rocker Ramones Live CBGBs 1977
Beat on the Brat Ramones Live CBGBs 1977
Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue Ramones Live CBGBs 1977
Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World Ramones Ramones
I Wanna Be Well Ramones Rocket to Russia
The KKK Took My Baby Away Ramones Pleasant Dreams
I Wanna Be Sedated Ramones Road To Ruin
California Sun Ramones leave home
Glad to See You Go Ramones Leave Home
Chinese Rock Ramones NYC 1982
Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue Ramones Live CBGBs 1977
Rockaway Beach Ramones Live CBGBs 1977
Cretin Hop Ramones Live CBGBs 1977
Oh Oh I Love Her So Ramones Live CBGBs 1977
Pinhead Ramones Live CBGBs 1977
Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World Ramones Live CBGBs 1977
Beat On The Brat Sonic Youth Master-Dik – EP
Judy Is a Punk Joan Jett Too Tough To Die – Johnny Ramone Tribute
Pinhead Melvins Live Crocodile Cafe 9/2010
R.A.M.O.N.E.S. Ramones w/ Lemmy Kilmister Live at the Palace 1996
Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue Ramones Live CBGBs 1974
I Don’t Wanna Go Down to the Basement Ramones Live CBGBs 1974
Judy Is a Punk Ramones Live CBGBs 1974

05 July 2014: 20th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival Revue/Review

05 July 2014: 20th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival Revue/Review

Streets of Olympia Town The Hive Dwellers Moanin’
Track 5 Impulsive Machinations Conformity Contortion
Live Impulsive Machinations at 20th Olympia Experimental Music Festival
Jungle Fever Part 3 Von Helwig Von Helwig
The Quagmire SETI SETI
Blue Particles Elliott Sharp & Nels Cline Open the Door
Estimated TIme of Wait Elliott Sharp w/ Eszler Balint Radio Hyper-Yahoo
Lantern (excerpt) Chaostic Magic You Tube
Fig Old Time Relijun Song Book Volume 1
Live in Providence 11/4/2012 Mark Hosler You Tube
Deep Down Inc. LoveyDove LoveyDove



28 June 2014: GUEST DJ Victrola

28 June 2014: GUEST DJ Victrola

What’s she going to play next?

Sun Goddess Ramsey Lewis (featuring Earth, Wind & Fire)
Shalom Anima Sound System Budda Bar – Dinner
You Can’t Get What You Want (Til You Know What You Want) Joe Jackson
The Lodgers The Style Council
I Knew You Would Leave Jandek
Spirit Prison fishtank ensemble Samurai Over Serbia
Morphing Elliott Sharp
Who Are The Brain Police? Frank Zappa
This Reminds Me Ton Trio II
Theme For Penny Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers One For All

21 June 2014: Do not start with # and no special characters.

21 June 2014: Do not start with # and no special characters.

Some people playing the 20th Olympia Experimental Music Fest next week, and some people not as well.

Afflicted by The Wind Disease Blue Sausage Infant Alrealon Musique Presents: New Sonic Strategies
No Weary for the Wrestlers L.A. Lungs Cryptic Snuggling
Commercial Space PAS Musique Alrealon Musique Presents: New Sonic Strategies
IV Hive Hive
Dogs and Cattle Prods Melvins Tres Cabrones
Pygmies in Zee Dark Chrome Alien Soundtracks
@ PDXX Pop Now Soup Purse You Tube
Qiyamat Old Time Relijun Songbook Vol. 1
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained Phillipe Petit & Friends Alrealon Musique Presents: New Sonic Strategies

14 June 2014: Rockford on Nitrus

14 June 2014: Rockford on Nitrus

Don’t try this at home kids!

Side A Malaise S/T
That Which Has No Mass Enters Where There Is No Space (edit) Brown Brown Rainbow
Side B Azalia Snail Teenage Bedroom
Indian Summer iBeat Happening Jeff Fuccillo’s Album
Chomomiasma Nommo Ogo Drinking the Devil’s Blood
Meadow Sweeper Earth Monkey Pharmacy Fields
LIVE Crank Sturgeon & Soup Purse on What’s This Called?

7 June 2014: Jouney to the Shadow World

7 June 2014: Jouney to the Shadow World

Includes phone interview with Greek Shadow Poet Leonidas Kassapides!

Piece 8 (RBTSX) Alto! Alto!
The Shadow World Sun Ra The Magic City
All Data Lost Chrome Alien Soundtracks
The Process of Enlightnenment noisepoetnobody & Vance Galloway Uranium 238
Traveling Alongside Death Tecumseh Tecumseh
Clock Museum Jam Bristol Barnstormers Bristol Barnstormers
Part 2 Willam Hooker, Christian Marclay, Lee Ranaldo Bouquet live @ Knitting Factory 4.24.99
Radio KnotPineBox You Tube
Track 6 Ron Anderson/Robert L. Pepper/David Tamura/Philippe Petit Closed Encounters of the 4 Minds (live @ BC Studio)
these days Nico Chelsea Girl
Track 10 (excerpt) Alto! Alto!

31 May 2014: I’ll Show You Mine…

31 May 2014: I’ll Show You Mine…

Subliminal Mahler Haze Sweat Saves Blood
Sand Dance Temples Sun Structures
The Iman Sun City Girls Funeral Mariachi
Double Bubble Trouble M.I.A. Matangi
Momentum Anomally Live Electric (excerpt) Elliott Sharp You Tube
Black Therefore Chrome
Ineffable Chasm Bob Bucko Jr. Blast the Past
Seraphim (excerpt) Claroscent Dray Drinking the Goat’s Blood
Two Steps Beyond Legendary Pink Dots Code Noir
Psychopath st. vincent St. Vincent
Physmod pt 1 Candle Labra Drinking the Goats Blood

17 May 2014: Tamale Season Is Upon Us!

17 May 2014: Tamale Season Is Upon Us!

From beneath the Farmer’s Market at PSU we bring you the bubbles in the bubble wrap!

LIVE Offset Needle Radius On What’s This Called?
Equilibrium Suckerpunch ARU & Bob Bucko JR. Deadly PA
The Time Between Eruptions (Wire Tapper Edit) phog masheeen The Wire Tapper 32
No One is There Nico The Marble Index
The Antigravitational Sense Of Nothingness my cat is an alien Wiretapper 25
I Can’t Speak Wobly Drinking the Goat’s Blood
Telstar (demo version) joe meek Songs in the Key of Z Vol. 1
Star Fruits Surf Rider Cornelius Fantasma
The Poppy Variations Part 1 Legendary Pink Dots Poppy Variations
Bon Tempi Rllrbll You Tube

10 May 2014: Ricardo Is Two Places at Once

10 May 2014, St. John’s Parade Report: 

Two separate incarnations of your host Ricardo Wang met through the simple philosophy that all times are happening simultaneously.  Ricardo Wang in the KPSU dj booth blithely spun Glenn Branca and then took a phone call from Ricardo Wang live at the St. John’s Parade in Portland’s most surreal neighborhood.  Hilarity and a good deal of distortion ensued. Try the place on Lombard.

20th Olympia Experimental Music Fest Preview!

20th Olympia Experimental Music Fest Preview!

All artists who will be performing at the 20th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival at the Northern 6/27-6/29.

Solar WindGiant WormVolume 1: Can of WormsOEMF 2011 at the Northern (SSG Music)L.A. LungsOlympia Experimental Music Fest 17Manticore/Lion TamerOld Time RelijunSongbook Vol. 1BootstrappingElliott SharpLive December 17, 2008All Souls DayUnwoundNew Plastic IdeasOEMF 2011 at the NorthernEric OstrowskiOlympia Experimental Music Fest 17Perfect Scrambled EggsNegativlandEscape from NoiseMan With Four Fingers (Live)Negativland1992

26 April 2014: Huaraches Morning

26 April 2014: Huaraches Morning

MATANGI M.I.A. Matangi
I Told You I Was Crazy Melvins Tres Cabrones
Bells of Atlantis (1952) Bebe and Louis Barron w/ Anaïs Nin Bells of Antlantis Score
Relief of the Night Jandek Living in a Moon So Blue
Hodmandod Romvelope Cotomountain
Ashes Orbit Service A Calm Note from the West
Yfirbord Sigur Ros Kveikur
Extra Terrestrial Tabernacle Bastard Noise Rrrevenge Disc 2 (PUMPKINMAN)
LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY (excerpt) THE GAGMEN Wire Tapper 32
Ben’s Radio Sun City Girls Funeral Mariachi
The Seer Returns Swans The Seer

15 April 2006: Special Easter Program! (Retrocast)

15 April 2006: Special Easter Program!

Easter Patti Smith Group Easter
I’m So Jealous of Jesus Sebadoh Weed Forestin
Suprize, It’s Easter Erase Errata At Crystal Palace
Equaled in Life Jandek I Woke Up
Faith/East Wind Minute Men Post Mersh Vol. 1
Christianity is Stupid Negativland Escape from Noise
Jesus Christ Big Star Big Star’s 3rd
I’m Beginning to See the Light Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground
Resurrection Tangerine Dream Electronic Meditation
God’s Will Lungfish The Unanimous Hour
Dance of Death Calexico I am the Resurrection: A Tribute to John Fahey
Red Cross, Disciple of Christ Today John Fahey Red Cross
Halos Orbit Service Songs of Eta Carinae
Judas Saves The Residents Wormwood
Wall of Breath Peter Gabriel Passion (soundtrack to The Last Temptation of Christ)
Hallowed Be Thy Name Sonic Youth Love Doll Superstar

12 April 2014: Scott Nicolay Horror Show!

12 April 2014: Scott Nicolay Horror Show!

Life Is Hard and Then… Legendary Pink Dots Code Noir
Heaven Is of Honey Einsturzende Neubauten Silence is Sexy
Jacquard Causeway Boards of Canada Tomorrow’s Harvest
Ka reva nei au Kio Teao Compilatorio 2008 Radio Manukena 88.9 FM
Hidden Refuge Lustmord & Robert Rich Stalker
Tapati Rapa Nui Ben Paoa Compilatorio 2008
Interviews & Readings Over Music Scott Nicolay on What’s This Called?
There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of) Sun Ra Languidity
Two Steps Beyond Legendary Pink Dots Code Noir