28 September 2013: Special Baby Watch Edition!

28 September 2013: Special Baby Watch Edition!

We thought the baby might arrive during this show, but he still hasn’t materialized as of 10/1/2013.  Lennon and I are at the station. Asa is sill rehearsing his lines.

The Time Between Eruptions (Wire Tapper Edit) phog masheeen The Wire Tapper 32
Carnival Queen Jandek Modern Dances
A Stretch in Time Legendary Pink Dots The Gethsemane Option
I’ve Decided to Sell You As Slaves! Ark II TV Sample
History Died Laughing Behead The Prophet No Lord Shall Live I Am That Great And Fiery Force
Manticore/Lion Tamer Old Time Relijun Songbook Vol. 1
Bengali Bergman Andrew Lilies Black Widow
Hole in the Sky Sun Ra Somewhere Else
No More Sad Refrains Sandy Denny Rendezvous
Carpe Diem Melvins Everybody Loves Sausages
LIVE IN NEW YORK CITY (excerpt) THE GAGMEN Wire Tapper 32
Ancient Lights Psychic TV Dreams Less Sweet
Hit Me Add N to X On the Wires of Our Nerves

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