2 August 2014: Deanne McAdams Remembered

2 August 2014: Deanne McAdams Remembered

3 years ago Deanne McAdams left us. Today we play some of her music and also some things that others created after she left, that we think she would have loved too.

Greyhound with a Lime Dead Air Fresheners with Chuck Swaim Infamous Polywogs
Cognation (M.A. 1) Elliott Sharp Momentum Anomaly
Lock Groove (Out) Liquid Liquid Successive Reflexes
Flight a certain ratio Peel Session
Song 1 Pro Ex-Marauders Wash Hands
Two Guitars Deanne McAdams solo
Death Gets in the Way Azalia Snail Celestial Respect
You’re Worth the Whole World Hood Outside Closer
Twenty Cats The Sexbots Songs for Jamil
I Could Drive Forever Smog Knock Knock

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