9 August 2014: Some Summer Sums

9 August 2014: Some Summer Sums

The Cutter Solex Draw Me a Riot
24 Track Loop This Heat In the Beginning there was Rhythm
Disequilibrium Meredith Monk Impermanance
Your Voicemail The Sexbots Songs for Jamil
One Summer Sand Snowman Nostalgia Ever After
Things Behind the Sun Nick Drake Pink Moon
You And Me In Time Broadcast Tender Buttons
Satellliiiiteee Flying Lotus Cosmogramma
I’m Set Free Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground
The Machines Evolve Tempered Steel Tempered Steel
Syn. Dept. Bardo Pond Draw Me a Riot
Al Jazeera SETI SETI
Demons Sing Love Songs Unwound Leaves Turn Inside You

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