11 January 2014: Happy (almost) Birthday To Me! (No Recording)

11 January 2014: Happy (almost) Birthday To Me! (No Recording)

Tomorrow at 11 AM history was made.  Due to a glitch in the archive server, today’s show was not recorded.  However, we present to you this 20th Anniversary Broadcast from August of 2013.  Enjoy!

Re-Run: 20th Anniversary Show!!! (Originally 31 August 2013)

11 January 2014 Playlist:

Psychedelic Haze Melvins Tres Cabrones
Uptown Psychedelia Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin Instrumental Tourist
newbound Autechre L-event
Afflicted by the Wind Disease Blue Sausage Infant New Sonic Strategies
Mountains and Valleys David Richie & Ryan Ray An Album By
The Cobra Stirred ARU Dub Plate Vol. 3.5
Yugo A Go Go Tiptons Sax Quartet Laws of Motion
Callarobbie Eric Hausmann w/ RLLRBLL 16 Degrees
The Daughter Brings the Water Swans The Seer
She Comes in Colors Love Da Capo
From Silence Pas Musique/Ben Link Collins/ Shaun Sandor Silence
Track 1 Ron Anderson/Robert L. Pepper/ David Tamura/ Phillippe Petit Closed Encounters of the 4 Minds (live @ BC Studio)

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