10 May 2014: Ricardo Is Two Places at Once (St. John’s Parade Report) (Retrocast)

Crowd10 May 2014: Ricardo Is Two Places at Once (St. John’s Parade Report) (Retrocast)

Two separate incarnations of your host Ricardo Wang met through the simple philosophy that all times are happening simultaneously.  Ricardo Wang in the KPSU blithely spun Glenn Branca and then took a phone call from Ricardo Wang live at the St. John’s Parade in Portland’s most surreal neighborhood.  Hilarity and a good deal of distortion ensued. Try the place on Lombard.

2 January 2010: Remembering the ’00s (Retrocast)

D4kvvmXf_400x4002 January 2010: Remembering the ’00s (Retrocast) 

Remembering the ’00s (pronounced “ooze”). The Ooze Review.  On January 2nd & January 9th, Ricardo Wang gave a two-hour overview of the experimental music highlights from the first decade of this new millennium.  Here, in a special two-hour presentation, is: Remembering the ’00s.


Hour 1.

Behold the Salt Unwound Leaves Turn Inside You
Werewolf Song Childhood Friends Key Party
I Love You Golden Blue Sonic Youth Sonic Nurse
Personal Monster Legendary Pink Dots Poppy Variations
Harvester Edward Ka-Spel Dream Logick Part One
Child It’s a New World Suicide American Supreme
A Love Song Noggin Hajex from the Light
Analog Dreamscape Expo 70 Sonic Messenger
Part Six Jandek Glasgow Monday


Hour 2

Toadi Accelerato Melvins/Lustmord pigs of the roman empire
Mercury Mangled Bohemians Degeneration
When held by Water L.A. Lungs I’ve Called You Sexy Woman on a Tuesday Night Before
Sugar gowns Gowns
Frozen Angels Zoe Keating One Cello x 16: Natoma
My New Clit Is Your Tongue Argumentix Boss of Goth
Roaming George & Caplin Things Past
Old Man River Dolphin EET Spookfish
The Dying Submariner (edit) Andrew Liles The Dying Submariner

19 September 2009 (Retrocast)

19 September 2009 (Retrocast) 

Here’s a vintage retrocast from six years ago – to the date!  Even if Ricardo Wang cannot be in the studio for a new broadcast, there are over 10 years worth of back-episodes available, with live performances, special guests, or in this case, an excellent mix of experimental tunes, hosted by Ricardo Wang himself.


Bamboo Banga mia Kala
Akshar Najma Akhtar & Gary Lucas Rishte
Dream Baby Dream Suicide the second suicide album
Your Ace from Outer Space U-Roy Version of Wisdom
Kingston Advice The Clash Sandanista
My Favorite Things John Zorn Filmworks VII – Cynical Hysterie Hour
Cautious Lip Blondie Plastic Letters
End of One Train Working Hood Outside Closer
Using the Hope Diamond as a Doorstep American Analog Set From Our Living Room to Yours
She’s Not There Zombies Greatest Hits
The Truth About Planet Earth Sun Ra Media Dreams
Mirror Soul Edward Ka-Spel Eyes! China Doll
audible silence – enter (Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge) (extract) Jez riley French Wire Tapper 21
Let X = X Laurie Anderson Big Science