2 January 2010: Remembering the ’00s (Retrocast)

D4kvvmXf_400x4002 January 2010: Remembering the ’00s (Retrocast) 

Remembering the ’00s (pronounced “ooze”). The Ooze Review.  On January 2nd & January 9th, Ricardo Wang gave a two-hour overview of the experimental music highlights from the first decade of this new millennium.  Here, in a special two-hour presentation, is: Remembering the ’00s.


Hour 1.

Behold the Salt Unwound Leaves Turn Inside You
Werewolf Song Childhood Friends Key Party
I Love You Golden Blue Sonic Youth Sonic Nurse
Personal Monster Legendary Pink Dots Poppy Variations
Harvester Edward Ka-Spel Dream Logick Part One
Child It’s a New World Suicide American Supreme
A Love Song Noggin Hajex from the Light
Analog Dreamscape Expo 70 Sonic Messenger
Part Six Jandek Glasgow Monday


Hour 2

Toadi Accelerato Melvins/Lustmord pigs of the roman empire
Mercury Mangled Bohemians Degeneration
When held by Water L.A. Lungs I’ve Called You Sexy Woman on a Tuesday Night Before
Sugar gowns Gowns
Frozen Angels Zoe Keating One Cello x 16: Natoma
My New Clit Is Your Tongue Argumentix Boss of Goth
Roaming George & Caplin Things Past
Old Man River Dolphin EET Spookfish
The Dying Submariner (edit) Andrew Liles The Dying Submariner

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