9 January 2016

12495212_1170805136293720_8734122704453514214_n9 January 2016

Happy Saturday! Join us from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time at KPSU.org for another live streaming edition of Ricardo Wang‘s two decade exploration of unusual audio What’s This Called?

The RVNG INTL label (pronounced “REVENGE International” apparently) from NYC sent us what amounts to your host’s favorite package received this season. Brace yourself for extreme experimental new sounds from Anna Homler & Steve Moshier, Bing & Ruth, Savant, Ariel Kalma w/ Robet Aiki & Aubrey Lowe, Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper (deconstructing Portugese folk music), and Hieroglyphic Being & J.I.T.U. Ahn-Sahm-Buhl!

Streaming LIVE 12-1 PM PST.

If I have any time left after all that, I’ll play something from the new David Bowie album.

Playlist: Track   Artist   Album
Knowledge and Action Savant Artificial Dance
Gongmo Kalma Lowe Robert Aiki, Abrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma We Know Each Other Somehow
Universe Is a Simulation Hieroglyphic Being & J.I.T.U. Ahn-Sahm-Buhl We Are Not the First
Police Police Police Police Police Bing & Ruth Tomorrow Was the Golden Age
Celestial Ash Anna Homler and Steve Moshier Breadwoman & Other Tales
Lampedusa 2013 Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper Cantos de Lisboa
You’re Gonna Need That When He’s Gone Bing & Ruth City Lake
Lazarus David Bowie Blackstar
Broad Channel (Solo Piano) Bing & Ruth City Lake


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