16 January 2016

Theory-of-Inflation-Gives-Weight-to-Multiverse-Hypothesis-650x48316 January 2016

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time set your listening device for KPSU.org and another LIVE episode of What’s This Called? (perhaps “barely alive” is more accurate as your host Ricardo Wang is fighting something off but refuses to miss the show!)

Certainly not going to ignore that soon after playing a song from David Bowie’s album last week, the artist left the Earth. However, enough people are covering his work all over the world right now that it is more important for WTC to bring new material. We’ll delve into the great recording from new Unexplained Sounds Group compilation including tracks by Zach Zinn, Gregg Skloff, Steve Moshier, Marlo Guida, and Sonologyst, plus some other surprises from elsewhere in the Multiverse!

Join Us, Join Us, Join Us…

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