21 March 2015: Tunacan Jones turns 50 LIVE

11082473_973794299328139_9204434502883314222_n21 March 2015: Tunacan Jones turns 50 LIVE

Saturday, March 21st from noon to 1 PM Pacific Time, we spring into celebration as Tunacan Jones turns 50 LIVE on What’s This Called? That’s right, Portland’s favorite napping guest star is taking on the big 5-0 publicly and with the dignity you’ve come to expect from him.

11082459_974024339305135_6879398361291458747_nYes there will be music! Streaming audio goodness from the likes of They Keep to Themselves, Crank Sturgeon, Akero – Jedi girl, Blonde Redhead, Luigi Russolo, Tuxedomoon, ARU, Remora, Half Japanese,Jandek, and MORE! (well maybe not much more because when Tunacan gets to talking…)


Tuxedomoon “No Tears”
Blonde Redhead “Jetstar”
Remora “Slow Ghost”
1/2 Japanese “Lucky Town”
Fritzi Massary
Number Girl “I Don’t Know”
Buck Owens
ARU “Perfect Horizon”
Jandek “Down Clown”
Crank Sturgeon
Akero “Maiden’s Grave”
Burt Bacharach “Raindrops Falling”

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