15 August 2015: All KPSU CD Library Show

11885211_1065495216824713_8119785707852967572_n15 August 2015: All KPSU CD Library Show

The Wangmobile is going in for an airbag recall in the Couv tomorrow at 7 AM, so my preparations for this week’s What’s This Called? are going to be on the fly.

With this in mind, what a great week to delve into the classic cd library in the KPSU studio. Lets be real, even at KPSU not that many djs ever open the top couple drawers of the cabinet and wax nostalgic all over obscure electronic experimental compilations with Nurse With Wound and Bastard Noise, but you know that your host Ricardo Wang does. And so this week it will be ALL recordings from the first few drawers of the KPSU cd library. What weird indie underground experiments showed up in 1994 when the station began?

This is What’s This Called?’s tenth year at KPSU and the party starts here Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time.


All KPSU CD Library Show:

Track * Artist * Album

Dueling Banshees * KARP * Mustaches Wild
Potango Tango (remix) * Lydia Lunch with the Anubian Lights * Champagne, Cocaine, and Nicotine
Opiate and Mullah * Muslimgauze * Gun Aramaic
Dyspeptic & Blue * A Small Good Thing * The Pink and Purple World of Dishonesty
Queen * Melvins * Stoner Witch
Track 5 * George & Caplin * Live on What’s This Called?
Budokan Tape Try (500 tapes high) * Boredoms * Super Roots
Anxious Mo-Fo * Minutemen * Double Nickels on the Dime
Too Much Spurt * Negativland * Sex Dirt (Over the Edge Vol. 8)
Exhale * Steel Pole Bathtub * The Miracle of Sound in Motion
Where’s the Truth * Pere Ubu * St. Arkansas
Tower of Lies * Danielle Dax * Pop-Eyes
What Was Wound * Unwound * New Plastic Ideas
Shake Appeal * Iggy & the Stooges * Raw Power
The Relay * Gastr Del Sol * Upgrade & Afterlife

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