8 August 2015: Back from Tanelorn

11060862_1060759253964976_4249100517681949975_o8 August 2015: Back from Tanelorn

Your soul is an echo chamber on this week’s What’s This Called? with your host Ricardo Wang fresh returned from his Multiversal travels to bring you pan, verb, and flange from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard TIme on KPSU.org!

Timothy Leary doses Ash Ra Tempel, Bob Bucko Jrcovers David Byrne, Arrington de Dionyso walks into the KAOS studio in 1996 and hands me a cd he just finished in a popcorn bag, iMoodring, ARU, Fejj,The Legendary Pink Dots, Analog Tara, and MORE!


Actual Playlist

Track * Artist * Album

Space/Time RWang remixes * Ash Ra Tempel * Seven Up
Themselves * Bob Bucko Jr. * BBJR
Manticore/Lion Tamer * Old Time Relijun * Songbook Vol. I
This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) * Bob Bucko Jr. * BBJR
Magnus Harmonica * Analog Tara * Women Take Back the Noise
Into the Doom * Moodring * Scared of Ferret
Heat Rage * ARU * Dub Plate Vol 3.5
Pendulum * Legendary Pink Dots * The Gethsemane Option
No Outlet * Fejj * Patterns in the Storm Vol. 1

Twitter Playlist

Earth 1 Ricardo Wang returns from Tanelorn on What’s This Called?
About to go LIVE w/ Ash Ra Tempel & Timothy Leary duel in Space & Time!
Bob Bucko Jr. into Old Time Relijun, but not the BBJR song promised, so he gets 2 this week!
Moodring, ARU, and Leg. Pink Dots to bring it on home.

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