4 October 2014: Halloween Special (2005 Retrocast)

Peering Into The Past

Peering Into The Past

4 October 2014: Halloween Special (2005 Retrocast)

(When this episode was originally broadcast, the recording was not only truncated, but in mono.  In this recreation, I have assembled this episode as it was originally heard, in as much stereo as possible, and ready for your consumption.  Enjoy.)

Walter De La Mare – Song of Shadows – The Spoken Word
Bauhaus – Hollow Hills – Press Eject and Give Me the Tape
David Bowie – Please Mr. Gravedigger – 1966-1968
Melvins – If I Had an Exorcism – Bullhead
Big Tom the Lithuanian – Panic Disorder and
Agoraphobia – Infamous Polywogs Vol. 1?

Legendary Pink Dots – This Hollowed Ground – From Here You’ll Watch the World Go By
Jarboe – And I Name Myself Hag- The Unaccompanied Voice
Lungfish – Occult Vibrations – Necrophones
Danielson Family – All Hallow’s Eve – The Unaccompanied Voice

Matmos – Track 2 (Exerpt) – Rat Relocation Project
Half Handed Cloud – Once, Twice, Seven Times a
Werewolf – Infamous Polywogs Vol. 1?
Old Time Relijun – Burial Mound – 2012
Leopards – Ghost Cracked Glass – S/T
Chrome – Future Ghosts – Chrome Flashback
Sonic Youth – Ghost Bitch – Walls Have Ears
Jandek – Didn’t Really Die – White Box Requiem
Unwound – Corpse Pose – Repetition

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