20 December 2014: Kait Moon Live

20 December 2014: Kait Moon Live

Ricardo Wang’s old friend and former KAOS dj from the Olympia, Washington days is in town from Milwaukee WI. I’m thrilled to bring Kait Moon (AKA DJ Glas) on What’s This Called? today in the Kpsu Portland studio as a guest writer. Kait came to PDX a few days ago to read at the Wayward Writers Group open mic and to pick up printed copies of her brand new book The LunaSea Scout Guide for Breastfeeding Families! Kait is going to read some on the air, share music and stories. Not to be missed!


The Final Spirit Love


Ken Nordine

Europe/Nirvana/Dead Air Fresheners

Original Cast

Word Jazz

Mash-Up Hell

The Wizard of Oz

Crater Lake shen outlines
Wind from Nowhere Christian Vogel Rescate 137
New Eden Tear Garden To Be an Angel Blind the Crippled Soul Divide
Nature of Illusion (excerpt) The Silverman Nature of Illusion
Trees and Ashes Sometimes Make Me Weightless Kait Moon Live
Pree-sisters Neutral Milk Hotel On Avery Island
Transylvanian Concubine Rasputina BtVS Soundtrack
Actress Body/Head Coming Apart
Selections from Scout Guide for Breastfeeding Families Kait Moon w/ Dead Air Fresheners Live
Squalor Lou & Peter Berryman What, Again?!
There’s No Place Like Home/Finale Original Cast The Wizard of Oz

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