16 May 2015: Space Gambus Experiment, LIVE!

IMG_5923-ANIMATION16 May 2015: Space Gambus Experiment, LIVE!

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Time on What’s This Called? your host Ricardo Wang is thrilled to welcome Kamal Sabran, visiting artist from Malaysia, performing with Eric Hausmann in their Space Gambus Experiment collaboration!

Kamal Sabrann is multidisciplinary yet sound plays a key role in his practice.
His instrument? The Gambus.
A qanbūs or gambus (Arabic: القنبوس is a short-necked lute that originated in Yemen and spread throughout the Arabian peninsula. Sachs considered that it derived its name from the Turkic komuz, but it is more comparable to the oud.

Eric Hausmann Music is no stranger to What’s This Called? having performed on the show in Tres Gone, and Easter Island Project, as well as having tons of great solo recordings from his Spilling Audio label in semi-regular rotation.

Don’t miss these two virtuosos together!

Shop as normal and avoid panic buying.

Here’s a link to Austin’s MyFacester+ photoset.

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