18 April 2015: Never Surrender to a Cucumber

jimmycarterufo218 April 2015: Never Surrender to a Cucumber

Today, our earth and earth 2 have aligned briefly to allow Ricardo Wang to recover at home while he will also be at Kpsu to bring you today’s show! All at the SAME time!


Expect to see the UFO’s that Jimmy Carter has seen, head off to Mars with Sergeant Sawtooth and pulling fingers of your children or future spawn at the ol ballgame.

Make sure to tune in to What’s This Called? from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Time.


1.Mission to Mars – Sergeant Sawtooth (4:38)
2.Jimmy Carter Says ‘Yes’ by Gene Marshall (2:23)
3.eX-Girl – Cucumber Surrender (5:27)
4.Lumisokea The Engineerist (7:46)
5.glenn branca solo 1978 (2:00)
6.Pull My Finger – A Short Film (5:09)
7.Bob Mould’s I Don’t Know You Anymore on Fenway Park organ at Red Sox game (6-12-14) (2:30)
8.Half Japanese – Every Hour (2:45)
9.Victorious Onanism – SpitefulWomb (3:00)
10.James Fella – And Timbers (split CDr w- Shivers – Tape Tektoniks, 2007) (2:10)
11.Part 3 – 130 Human Heart- Elias Foley at Abstracted – March 2015 (8:16)

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