11 April 2015: What’s This Called 1st Annual UltraBrunch! (Incomplete)

cropped-ultrabrunch.jpg11 April 2015: What’s This Called 1st Annual UltraBrunch! (Incomplete)

(Unfortunately, this recording is incomplete, and only contains the first half of the performances.)

What’s This Called? is thrilled to be closing out the 2nd ever KPSU All Night Broadcast this AkeroSaturday with our own 3 hour block of experimental crunchy goodness!

Set your alarms for 10 AM so you can hear all the great live sounds emitting from your listening device. Here’s the schedule of performers (all times are Pacific Standard Time, so adjust appropriately for your own time zone!):

10 AM AKERO https://soundcloud.com/akero-1
ryan&Friend10:30 AM Ryan A Ray & David Ritchie  https://youtu.be/V9kA8_t4W4o
11:00 AM Ifsh (Ryan Stuewe of Eet) https://soundcloud.com/ifsh-it-do-ryan-stuewe
12:00 PM Fischkopf Sinfoniker (from Bellingham) https://soundcloud.com/fischkopfsinfoniker

This Ifishwhole event is part of the KPSU Pledge Drive, which unlike other college/community stations doesn’t involve a lot of hitting you over the head every 5 minutes asking for money. If you like what you hear and want to support where you hear it, feel free to call (503) 725-5945 and your host Ricardo Wang will set you up with some rare recordings nobody else even has. Cool?

Event Invitation


AKERO – Otomezuka (maiden’s grave)
Melt – Advance
ARU – Bangra Train


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