15 November 2014: Take It to SPACE

Take It To Space

Take It To Space

15 November 2014: Take It to SPACE

When Ricardo Wang heard the Rosetta comet music this week, What’s This Called? took a sudden turn to outer space.

Golden Record Loop Voyager Ricardo Wang Remix
Descent to Saturn Huygens Probe Cassini
Rocket Head Sufin Bin Abdullah Music to Break Out of Jail By
Voice of Space Sun Ra Cosmic Tones for Mental Therapy
Delta IV: Launch NASA Rocket Engine Sounds
Saturn Sun Ra Sound of Joy
Saturn: Radio Emission II Cassini Solar System & Beyond Sounds
NASA Lightning on Jupiter Solar System & Beyond Sounds
Jupiter John Coltrane Interstellar space
We Chose the Moon JFK President Kennedy Sounds
A Singing Comet Rosetta Comet ESA Operations
Time We Left Hawkwind Palace Springs
Nova Feedback Chrome Alien Soundtracks
Full Throttle Up, Computers In Control Shuttle Discovery NASA
Star Driver Azalia Snail Celestial Respect
Planet Caravan Black Sabbath Paranoid
Pulsar Earthmonkey Pharmacy Fields
Interstellar Plasma Sounds Voyager Solar System & Beyond Sounds
Passing Comet Tempel I Stardust Solar System & Beyond Sounds
Dark Matter Tempered Steel Tempered Steel

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