11 June 2016

13418954_1297742526933313_6417325437330571321_n11 June 2016

Experimental, drone, ambient, white noise, harmony, post-punk and beauty are some of the things you will encounter between Noon and 1 PM Pacific Standard Time Today on What’s This Called? at KPSU.org with your host Ricardo Wang!


Ffej, Eno, Susanna, ARU, Angel-11, MC5, Cyclopsycho, Eric Muhs, Ariel Kalma, Wisteriax, and in honor of Bob Bert‘s birthday Sonic Youth vs. Pussy Galore!


Playlist as it Goes Down!

Artist/Band/Experience – “Track/Song/Piece” – Album or Other Source

Sonic Youth – “Ghost Bitch” – Bad Moon Rising (album)Pussy Galore – “Dick Johnson” – Dial M for Motherfucker; Angel – 11 – “Otomezuka” – SadoDamascus Winter Copulation 2016; ARU – “Sky of Distortion” – Dub Plate Vol. 3.5; Ffej – “Into Light & Air” – Patterns in the Storm Vol. 1; Brian Eno – “Patrolling Wire Borders” – Music For Films

Wisteriax – “Lucid Interval” – Women Take Back the Noise; Susanna – “Burning Sea” – Triangle; Eric Muhs – “Gridlock” – Notochord an electronic wonderland; The Dictators – “Master Race Rock” -Go Girl Crazy!; The Residents – “Satisfaction” – The Third Reich ‘n Roll; The Count Bishops – “I Need You’ – The Count Bishops; Psyclopsycho – “Againagain” – As Is…; MC5 – “Sister Anne” – Babes In Arms

Closing with Ariel Kalma – “Fast Road to Nowhere” – Le Temps Des Moissons

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