18 June 2016

13445676_1303682783005954_6795524881198393060_n18 June 2016

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time, tune your electronic listening devices to KPSU.org for the weekly foray into sounds outside the norm What’s This Called?

This Week: A tale of two recording labels as we hear all material from Portland’s own Beta-lactam Ring Records and Dubuque Iowa’s unstoppable esoteric imprint Personal Archives. BLRR selections are by label honcho Chris McBeth in person, and Personal Archive selections include Thollem McDonas, Sex Funeral, and Bob Bucko Jr

Stream It Like a Consciousness.


Playlist as it goes down!

Artist/Experience/Band – “Track/Song/Piece” – Album/Recording/Source

Thollem McDonas and Andy Kaufman – “Life That Lives” – Always Put On Your Sincere Face; Sex Funeral – “And Out” – Your Heaven Sucks; Thollem McDonas – “Here Comes the World” – Machine in the Ghost; Bob Bucko Jr – “IMPROV II 042514” – Crank Spirit

Thollem McDonas and Andy Kaufman – “Nervous Nirvana” – Always Put On Your Sincere Face: Veneral Crush – “XIII (edit)” – Veneral Crush IV

Sand Snowman – “Hemlock Garden” – Nostalgia Ever After; Earthmonkey – “Flyover” – Audiosapien; Orbit Service – “A Painless End” – A Calm Note From The West; Armchair Migraine Journey “NAD (fuzz mix)” – MOM; Edward Ka-Spel – “Red Highway” – The Victoria Dimension

Nadja “Healing Drone” MOM; Whitelodge “Master Within Spaces” – +; Aritomo “Konai Komorebi” – Fearful Sunshine Filtering Through Foliages; Pepe Wismeer – “A Lie in Heckleness” – Between Sheep and Pigs; The Legendary Pink Dots – “A Moustache On The Mona Lisa And Other Things You May Find In The Neighbour’s Trash” – MOM;  Beta-lactam Ring Records Randall Frazier


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