21 May 2016: Thollem McDonas, LIVE!

13263922_10154634047408465_7102183674906038024_n21 May 2016: Thollem McDonas, LIVE!

TODAY Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time we have a SUPRISE GUEST on What’s This Called?, the one and only constantly moving keyboard virtuoso Thollem McDonas!


Thollem is a classically trained pianist with a love for the lo-fi as well, who’ll likely be bringing in thrift store half broken keyboards to apply his vast knowledge of musical possibilities to, completely on the fly. Thollem, who’ll be playing at the Portland Cinema Project tomorrow night. Thollem lives on the road, constantly collaborating and performing solo and expanding his music. We are thrilled to nab this opportunity to capture him having fun at the Saturday lunch hour!


Punkish Pre-Game Show Starting NOW! :

Playlist as it goes down! – Red Kross – “Lita Ford Blues” – Born Innocent; The Runaways – “Cherry Bomb” – The Best of…; Coffin Break – “Kill the President” – No Sleep Till the Stardust Motel; The Wipers – “Return of the Rat” – Hype! The Motion Picture Soundtrack

So to give the artists their due speed… Red Kross – “Linda Blair” – Born Innocent; The Runaways – “Born to Be Bad” – The Best of…; Coffin Break – “Just Say No…” – No Sleep Till the Stardust Motel; U-men – “Dig It a Hole” – Hype! Motion Picture Soundtrack

Frightwig – “My Crotch Does Not Say Go” – Wild Women Never Die… … They Just Dye Their Hair; Echo and the Bunnymen – “No Dark Things” – Heaven Up Here; The Cramps – “Caveman” – Psychedelic Jungle

Thollem McDonas setting up now!

Big Star – “You Get What You Deserve” – Radio City; Dolly Parton – “Here You Come Again” – Super Hits; (the) Melvins – “Grinding Process” – 10 Songs; SubArachnoid Space – “Slow Boat to China” – Delicate Membrane;Psychic TV – “Message from thee Temple” – Force the Hand of Chance

NOW! Thollem McDonas LIVE!

Closing the show with the title track of Sun Ra – Atlantis in honor of his birthday tomorrow!


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