23 April 2016: Big Tom the Lithuanian’s Lo-fi Lounge

23 April 2016: Big Tom the Lithuanian’s Lo-fi Lounge

Set your listening device for the triumphant return of Big Tom the Lithuanian’s Lo-fi Lounge from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on What’s This Called?

Y16 - 1our host Ricardo Wang is very excited to bring Big Tom the Lithuanian and his keyboard down from Olympia to cut loose in the KPSU.org dj booth (with subtle noise accompaniment by members of the Dead Air Fresheners) for a non-stop hour of on the fly gonzo synth shenanigans.

26601533785_4dca18621f_oStreaming Live in the PNW Noon Hour.

Tom will attempt to play any request you call in during the show to: (503) 725-5945

Big Tom’s pedigree of artists he has performed alongside in the NW is staggering but includes the likes of Green Tea, Blood Paradise, Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live, the aforementioned Dead Air Fresheners, and the Kelsie Love Experience. He’s even played alongside Conrad Keely from …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead in a reggae band in the early ’90s! However, the incarnation of Big Tom that many fans especially love is “the crazy street keyboard guy”, which is what we seek to recreate and reconstruct in the KPSU sub-basement this joyful Saturday lunch hour.


1 thought on “23 April 2016: Big Tom the Lithuanian’s Lo-fi Lounge

  1. cool website. im a fan of low fi and diy radio. also a big fan of Trail of Dead. i would love to submit some lo-fi digital punk, new genre music, and noise artists that i promote on my website blindwave records. i would even go as far as to travel to your radio station and pay you a visit if you are interested.

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