16 April 2016

12994504_1129077477149043_3941130914825353875_n16 April 2016

What’s This Called? presents a special 2 hour netcast in honor of the late avant garde musical pioneer Tony Conrad, Saturday April 16th from 11 AM to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on KPSU.org

Featuring  interview courtesy ofTVMarineretand recordings from the 1960s to the past decade we can expect to barely scratch the surface of the remarkable body of work of this monumental video artist, experimental filmmaker, musician, composer, sound artist, teacher and writer. One of the godfathers of drone music (or, as he qualified, “The first non-bagpipe western drone music”), we’ll hear independent work as well as collaborations with Faust, John Cale, Angus MacLise, and Jack Smith.

Stream It Eternally.


Playlist Live as it unravels… Opening with Tony Conrad – “Live in Austin 1999” – free MP3 from Beta-lactam Ring Records, produced by Chris McBeth, sound wizard and live mixing by Rene Karolinski.

The Theatre of Eternal Music – “B flat dorian blues 19 x 63” – Angus MacLise , John Cale , LaMonte Young , Marion Zazeela , Terry Jennings , Tony Conrad; Interview segment from TVMarineret March 1, 2012.

Tony Conrad w/ Faust – “From the Side of the Machine (1/2)” – Outside the Dream Syndicate; Tony Conrad – “four violins (excerpt)” – Four Gliga Violins Canada; Tony Conrad – “Live at Tate Modern” – TateShots

Angus Maclise/Tony Conrad – “Druid’s Leafy Nest” – Dream Weapon III; Tony Conrad; Interview segment from TVMarineret March 1, 2012; John Cale, Jack Smith & Tony Conrad – “Silent Shadows On Cinemaroc Island” – Stainless Gamelan

Tony Conrad – “Bryant Park Moratorium Rally (1969)(excerpt)”; Closing with Tony Conrad – “Joan of Arc (excerpt)” (Just a little more of the TVMarineret interview mixed in).

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