9 April 2016

12983795_1246853452022221_4507534796981124620_o9 April 2016

Streaming Live Today Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time it’s a new throw down of strange sounds arranged for your enlightenment and entertainment What’s This Called? on KPSU.org!

This was Ricardo’s two year old son Asa’s live radio debut joining ten year old Lennon for the intro ID and returning later for some additional commentary.




Playlist: Astor Piazzolla – “La Camorra I” -La Camorra; David Bowie – “I Can’t Give Everything Away” – Blackstar; Zach Zinn – “Luna Pill/Solar Pill” – soundcloud

Bowery Electric – “Next to Nothing” – Bowery Electric; Hood – “End of One Train Working” – Outside Closer; Jessica Lurie – “Up from the Bottom of the Well” – Licorice & Spice

fIREHOSE – “Revolution (Part Two) “- Low Man on the Totem Pole; La STPO – “L’ Intitute’ Creme” -Tranches De Tempes Jete; Lou & Peter Berryman – “If (Dueling Paranoias)” – Double Yodel

Closing with Mahler Haze – “Submergence” psithurism (edited to fit slightly…)


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