23 July 2016

13726773_1334401989934033_8589821132797877005_n23 July 2016

Chase the satellites on What’s This Called? today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on KPSU.org!

On Tap: The Fall, Blue Orchids, Sun City Girls with Ruins, Eaton Flowers, FIASCO!, Rapoon, Giant Sand, Donald Byrd, Kait Moon, Gambus Space Experiment, and MORE!

Ride the Freaking Stream!

Asa and Lennon join your host Ricardo Wang in the booth for a family affair!


Playlist As It Goes Down (or shortly before when I figure out what the f I’m doing…)

Artist/Experience/Source – “Song/Track/Ditty” – Album/Book/Movie/Website/Filing Cabinet…

The Fall – “Frenz” – The Frenz Experiment; The Blue Orchids – “A Year With No Head” – A Darker Bloom; SPACE GAMBUS EXPERIMENT – “I am yours don’t give me back to myself” – NOIS04 SGE/Corvus Coren Split EP; Sun City Girls & Ruins – “October 1st, 1994, Alan Bishop’s House, Seattle, WA (excerpt)” – Mike Ziegler‘s Archives

Poem over the Sun City Girls track and Interview/Happy Birthday/phone distortions; Donald Byrd – “Wind Parade” – Look Into the Flower (Trip on psychedelic grooves with Blue Note); Eaton Flowers – “Fractalife” – SadoDamascus 2016 Winter Copulation; Rapoon – “Blood on the Plains of Persia” – Alien Glyph Morphology; STARS OF THE LID – “A Meaningful Moment Through a Meaning(Less) Process” – And Their Refinement Of The Decline; Fiasco Free Improvisation – “If Looks Could Kill, I’d Still Be Alive (excerpt)” – Bandcamp; Giant Sand – “Get To Leave” – WFMU Backyard BBQ

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