16 July 2016

wtc116 July 2016

What’s This Called? TODAY Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time at KPSU.org Is your summer halfway upside down?

Ride the Freaking Stream!

On Tap: Brand New Orbit Service, Unexplained Sounds experimental music from Iran compilation, New Legendary Pink Dots, Soiled/Marcus H/Gary Seabrook, Laurie Anderson, Sex Funeral, Jandek and MORE!


Playlist (nearly) As It Goes Down!

Artist/Source – “Song/Track/Experience” – Album/Package/Host

S.S.M.P. – “Engines On” – Iran experimental underground 016 survey; Alphaxone – “Intuition” – Iran experimental underground 016 survey; Soiled/Marcus H./Gary Seabrook – “Drowning in Oxycotin” – Phonic Grafts; Orbit Service – “A Room Within a Room” – Stereo Magic (portal in 13 parts)

Sex Funeral – “Breathe In” – Your Heaven Sucks; The Legendary Pink Dots – “Stitching Time (first version)” – Come out from the Shadows Vol. 1; The Legendary Pink Dots – “Mirror, Mirror” – Pages of Aquarius; Cocteau Twins – “Beatrix” – Treasure; Jandek – “Highway Going Home” – Portland Thursday

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