9 July 2016

13603659_1322367641137468_1385324858587328630_o9 July 2016

Totem Confluence (inspired by the Oaks Park)

On Tap: King Crimson, Ghost Bitch, ABSV and MORE!

Ride the Freaking Stream.


Playlist (Artist/Source – “Song/Track/Experience” – Album/Package/Aggregator):

King Crimson – “21st Century Schizoid Man (Live @ Filmore West1969)” – YouTube; Edward Ka-Spel – “The Border of Beyond” – The Victoria Dimension; Uneasy Chairs– “Fast Elevator Makes A 90º Angle Into The Thought Forms” – Soundcloud; ABSV – “In LAF” – Soundcloud; Ghost Bitch – “Hello Death, Hello Oblivion” – Ghost Bitch; MadProphet (Kris Nelson) – “Hong Kong Chase” – Soundcloud

Sun Ra – “And Otherness” – Cosmic Tones For Mental Therapy; Zetsea – “spooks” – Soundcloud; “laearian” – Ion Banc – Soundcloud; Power Skeleton – “ruosf.wav” – Soundcloud; Boredoms – “title unknown, July 4, 1994” – KXLU eighty-eight point nine fm los angeles Live vol. 1; Wilkamin – “Good Morning America” – Soundcloud

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