13 February 2016

12743666_1195641233810110_5061878121268750867_n13 February 2016

Fresh? You want fresh? Today’s What’s This Called? from noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time on KPSU.org has new releases so fresh they haven’t been tasted yet!

World Premiere of the new SadoDamascus Records Winter Copulation 2016 comp! Plus new released from the old mailbox sent by Dubuque’s Personal Archives label from Belgium’s Mahler Haze and God-know’s-where’s Dead Man’s Lifestyle. Throw in the sounds of some black holes trying to suck each other up, and you have a perspective on the universe you couldn’t have had the day before yesterday!

Classic? You want classic? It’s Peter Gabriel’s 66th birthday, and the day before Valentine’s wherein Sun Ra, David Bowie, and Unwound have the best answers or at least the best rephrasing of the question.

Streaming Is Believing


LIVE playlist right here: Body Shame – “Black Truck Creeper”; Consumer – “Loyalty Is For Tyrants (live in Olympia)”; Dr. Strangeknob – “Get Yo Gram Bro”; Destroyed For Comfort – “Split Down the Middle (ft. Lauren Bausfield)” ALL from SadoDamascus Winter Copulation 2016.

Next Up: Mahler Haze – “Solo Flight” -psithurism; Live Science – “What Colliding Black Holes Sound Like”; Genesis – “Carpet Crawlers” – The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

Next Set: Unwound – “Valentine Card” – Fake Train; Dead Man’s Lifestyle – “Little Creep” – Hinterland; The Fugs – “Kill For Peace” – The Fugs Second Album…; David Bowie – “Valentine’s Day” – The Next Day

Ending With: Sun Ra – “Love In Outer Space” – Somewhere Else


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