6 February 2016

12694685_1190837757623791_3861616160599196825_o6 February 2016

Today on What’s This Called? at KPSU.org from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time, let the outer sounds take you to inner space.

Your host Ricardo Wang brings you decoded audio messages from the likes of A Silver Mt. Zion, A Star Too Far, Chrome, Sun Ra, Steven Severin, Cyoakha Grace O’ Manion, Julie Ruin, Ariel Kalma and MORE!

Tune your deep listening devices to hear it go down live!



So Far: The Julie Ruin – “Apt. #5” from Julie Ruin; Cyoakha Grace O’ Manion – “Ride It ‘Till the End” from Unknown Music from Dream-Quest of Kadath; Robert Aiki, Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma – “Wasp Happening” from We Know Each Other Somehow

So then we had: CHROME – “All Data Lost” from Alien Soundtracks, me yakking then A Silver Mt. Zion – :”Movie (Never Made)”‘; A Star Too Far – “Damn Mirage” from Saucers Over Lincoln on Beta-lactam Ring Records

Next: Steven Severin – “Wand of Flame Part Two” from Wand of Flame on EROTOTOX DECODINGS

Going to end with Mecca Normal – “Rigid Man In an Ice Age” from The Eagle & The Poodle.


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