30 January 2016

12661867_1185698344804399_4241697677082916633_n30 January 2016

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time hear the Return of What’s This Called? on KPSU.org! Your host Ricardo Wang took his elderberry juice and is now healed (mostly…) and ready to bring you the sounds from way out there!

On tap: Jarboe (Happy Birthday today!), Jefferson Airplane (RIP Paul Kantner), Mahler Haze, The Orb, Robert Wyatt, Armchair Migraine Journey and MORE!

Set your controls for the Audio Stream and prepare for a strange and beautiful journey.

Playlist:    Track   Artist   Album

In My Garden   Swans  Children of God

The Soul Continues   Jarboe featuring Attila Csihar   Mahakali

Moon Quake 6   The Orb   Moonbuilding 2703 AD

And Then it Rained   Bing & Ruth   City Lake

Today   Jefferson Airplane   Surrealistic Pillow

Wooden Ships   Jefferson Airplane   Volunteers

Lord of This World   Mahler Haze   Ropey

Rebirth Blood Om (excerpt)  Armchair Migraine Journey   Blood Coupling Magnet

Forest   Robert Wyatt   Cuckooland

Gazing the Blue   Cyclpsycho  single

Blank Page of the Blind   Melt Banana   Bambi’s Dilema




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