6 August 2016

13873015_1347862175254681_9030070959791378822_n6 August 2016

Today Noon – 1 PM Pacific Standard Time adjust your inner ear with the live stream of a brand new What’s This Called? episode at KPSU.org with your host Ricardo Wang and a slew of odd audio.

Ride the Freaking Stream!

On Tap: Swell Maps, Phog Masheeen, Von Thronstahl, Expo ’70, Arthur Russell, Donald Byrd, Rebecca Moore, Halfbird, O.S.D’vil, Einsturzende Neubauten, Dead Man’s Lifestyle and MORE!

Playlist As It Goes Downish!

Artist/Experience – “Song/Track/Jolt or Prod” – Album or other Arrangement;

Sun Ra vs. Asa “ID Remix” = What’s This Called? ; Swell Maps – “Helicopter Spies” – Peel Session 1980 Phog Masheeen – “No Solutions Here” – Feel the Frequency Norcal Nosiefest 2015; Einsturzende Neubauten – “Sand” – Strategies Against Architecture II; Von Thronstahl – “Imperium Intertruth” – Imperium Intertruth

Halfbird – “Vice Principal” – SadoDamascus 2016 Winter Copulation; Arthur Russell – “All-Boy All-Girl” – From the Kitchen Archives Amplified: New Music Meets Rock 1981-1986; Dead Man’s Lifestyle – “Cold Hands” – Hinterland; Expo `70 – “Solitude” – Black Ohms

Donald Byrd – “Black Byrd” – Look into the Flower; Rebecca Moore – “Speakerphone” – live at the bowery poetry club 4.18.04; A Silver Mount Zion – “broken chords can sing a little” – He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our Rooms

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