19 March 2016

10269270_1223071121067121_7664059604486012224_o19 March 2016

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time is the 484th episode since What’s This Called? moved to KPSU in 2005!

Streaming Live for your pleasure.

On Tap: Dead Moon (goodbye Andrew Loomis), brand new Iggy Pop,
Seattle’s horned collective Fhtagn, New Zealand noise rockers The Biscuits, NZ experimenter Tangent, ’80s Seattle aleatory ensemble Savant, the late great Sun City Girls, dub pioneer Scientist, the legendary Jarboe and (possibly) MORE!

It’s in the trees, it’s coming…



At the Top: Dead Moon – “Graveyard” – In a Graveyard; “Unknown Passage” – Crack in the System; “40 Miles of Bad Road” – Echoes of the Past

Savant – “The Neo-Realist”- Artificial Dance; The Biscuits – “Trick” – soundcloud; Fhtagn – “Rots (Ryan mix)” – Bandcamp

Iggy Pop – “American Valhalla” – Post-Pop Depression; Tangent – “Twitch” – Sweet Release; Jarboe – “To Forget” – The Men Album

The Berg Sans Nipple – “Mystic Song” – Along the Quai; Sun City Girls – “Cooking with Satan” – Box of Chameleons; Scientist – “Every Dub Shall Scrub” – Scientific Dub

Closing with: Hüsker Dü – “Turn On the News” – Zen Arcade

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