5 December 2015

12347798_1143741265666774_7587252068018289414_n5 December 2015

Track Artist Album


  • Space Car Concept Car PRND Soundcloud
  • Time and the Diamond Zach Zinn Slow Fall
  • Think of One Christian Asplund with Logan Hone (Thelonius Monk) Locust Salon, 9 October 2015
  • Distorted Reality Particle Smasher Soundcloud
  • Cfutr 0 SunFalls Soundcloud
  • With Kind Regards (edit) Year of the Lips Soundcloud
  • Frogman Cometh Nital Etch Film Soundtrack
  • Threshd Bruce Hamilton Soundcloud
  • Bemsha Swing Devilsclub Soundcloud
  • Landings Kaapin Soundcloud

Footnotes: https://whatsthiscalled.net/2015/12/05/5-december-2015


Blow the roof off Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time. your host Ricardo Wang brings you experimental and irregular sounds on What’s This Called? from wherever there is electricity.

Dance your synapses to the likes of PRND, frst hwiin chrch of mscln, Christian Asplund, Zach Zinn, Particle Smasher, Bruce Hamilton, Sunfalls, Nital Etch, Year of the Lips, Devilsclub, Kaapin and MORE!

Reattach your clock tower and set it to the Audio Stream!


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