12 December 2015

12341306_1149882058386028_5584818177082398919_n12 December 2015

Today from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time, your host Ricardo Wang is excited to bring back his most frequent guest on What’s This Called? since bringing the show to Portland, psychedelic/experimental recording label impresario Chis McBeth of Beta-lactam RIng Records!

A home label of such WTC regulars as Legendary Pink Dots, Orbit Service (and the new A Star Too Far combining both!), Nurse With Wound, Green Milk from the Planet Orange, Daniel Menche, Soriah, Ariel Kalma, BLRR is a local Portland treasure that connects experimental, psych, drone, and noise musicians and avid listeners all over the world!

This is a NOT TO MISS program. To catch it NOW hit the free audio stream.


Track   Artist   Album


  • Gimme Shelter (Live Royal Albert Hall 1985) Sisters of Mercy You Tube
  • Rebirth Blood Om (edit) Armchair Migraine Journey Blood Coupling Magnet
  • La Ofrenda Danzante Un Festin Sagital A Brained Hefty Yeti Fry
  • Vita Nova (edit) A Star Too Far Saucers Over Lincoln
  • Dismantling the Tower (edit) Edward Ka-Spel A Brained Hefty Yeti Fry
  • Delphic Collapse Vas Deferens Organization A Brained Hefty Yeti Fry
  • Trajectory Christus & the Cosmonaughts A Brained Hefty Yeti Fry
  • Part 1 (edit) Edward Ka-Spel CybersKapes – A Voyage in 6 Parts


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