7 May 2016

13124935_1269628273078072_8050806558015293189_n7 May 2016

TODAY Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time Stream the Live brand new as you hear it What’s This Called? on KPSU.org!

Your host Ricardo Wang brings you strange and engaging music from the likes of Cluster, litmus0001, Nadja, Okay Molg, Boards of Canada, sharon, Angel 11, Autechre, Cyclopsycho, Electric Eels, Scratch Acid, Fiasco! and MORE!

Ride the Freaking Stream!


Atlantis (Sun Ra album) Pre-Game Show on NOW!

Playlist as It Goes Down! Artist – “Track/Song/Experience” – Album or other Source: Sun Ra – “Atlatnis (exceprt)” – Atlantis; Cluster – “Isodea (excerpt)” – Grosses Wasser; Unknown R&B sample – “Here Comes the Sun (cover, excerpt); Cluster – Avanti – Grosses Wasser; Angel 11 – “Heartbleeds” – SadoDamascus Winter Copulation 2016; Nadja – “Healing Drone” – Mother Sister Wife Daughter Grandmother Mother-In-Law (benefit compilation)

litmus0001 – “Astra Foramen” – Richland; Electric Eels – “Agitated”- The Eyeball of Hell; Cyclopsycho – “Inchant” – As is…

sharon – “Live @ The Projection Museum 4/30” – Soundcloud; Autechre – “Kalpol Introl” – Incunabula; Fiasco Free Improvisation – “I Considered Jumping” – YouTube; Nolan Ashley – “Far From You” – Okay Molg Apported Baby Farm;Boards Of Canada – “Telepath” – Tomorrow’s Harvest

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