18 June 2011: Overdose The Katatonic, LIVE!

18 June 2011: Overdose The Katatonic, LIVE!

Our amps go up to 12.  Today on What’s This Called? a live experience featuring the dulcet sounds ofOverdose the Katatonic direct from Seattle WA! Cuddle up next to the speakers and prepare for a pharmaceutical wash of white noise bliss…

Apophis Tecumseh Return to Everything
Forgotten Legion Gogher/Aural Antithesis GAA/AAG
Larva Lamp Earthmonkey Alms of Morpheus
Beautiful Tile Sudden Infant Psychotic Einzelkind
LIVE Overdose the Katatonic on What’s This Called?
Wardrobe Einsturzende Neubauten Strategies Against Archetecture II
Track 3 Crank Sturgeon Unctuous Peduncle
No Weary for the Wrestlers L. A. Lungs Cryptic Snuggling
Whore Swans Body to Body, Job to Job

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