24 December 2016 (Christmas Eve Listener Powered 2 Hour Special!)


You wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest Christmas carols handpicked by YOU the faithful, the experimental, the weirdoes, the real people who are anti-Reality thank you very much!

Rudolph with Your Nose So Bright Won’t You Click These Streams Alright?:

First Hour of Program

Second Hour of Program

Playlist:  Artist – “Song/Piece/Track/Thang” – Album or Whatevs

Joseph Byrd – “Carol of the Bells” – A Christmas Yet to Come; Bonfire Madigan Shive – “Mad Sounds: The Lion in Winter 3-5” – Mad Sounds: The Lion in Winter; Balto! – “Christmas Balls!” – Christmas 5; People Like Us – “Winter Wonderland” – Live at The Tate Modern, 18 December, as part of the Christian Marclay Exhibit – 2004; Tia Blake – “Jane Jane” – Folksongs & Ballads; Big Star – “Jesus Christ” – Sister Lovers; Tom Waits – “Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis” – Swordfish Trombones; Jimmy Jules & the Nuclear Soul System – “Xmas Done Got Funky” – Classic Spacefunk Radio; (the) Melvins – “Charmicarmicat” – Eggnog; Scanner – “Insulation Mix (after G.F. Handel’s Messiah)” – Messiah Remix; Chris Martinez – “Merry Christmas” – Contagion Original Movie Soundtrack; Attrition – “Dream #9 Recurring” – Winter Wishes; CAN – “Silent Night” – Silent Night – Rollerball – “Carol of the Bells” – Winter Wishes; The OF – “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus/Snow Miser Song” – Green Monkey Records Presents Merry Krampus; Chloedada – “Christmas isn’t Christmas (unless it’s year ’round) [slippery white wrap mix]” – Soundcloud; Peter Aldrich – “Christmas Dub Against Master” – Winter Wishes; U-men – “Blue Christmas” – Christmas ’84; Evolution Control Committe – “Christmas Wrong” – Christmas Wrong; Roland Kirk – “We Free Kings” – We Free Kings; The Tom & Jim Yuletide Contraption- “(All I Want For Christmas Is A) Big Black Eye” – Green Monkey Christmas VII; King Diamond – “No Presents for Christmas” – single; Locust Pudding – “Santa Clause, He’s My Friend” – I Am the Mighty Santa; Fate Signals – “Santa Is Fat” – The Rest of Wolf/Judy/Gug; Sonic Youth – “Santa Doesn’t Cop Out On Dope” – Just Say Noel; ‘All I Want For Cristmas is a Goat’ – “Oh Holy Night (Goat Version)” – All I Want For Cristmas is a Goat.


17 December 2016 (Arrington de Dionyso)

rIn an on-air interview with your host Ricardo Wang, artist/musician Arrington de Dionyso brings us up to speed on his recent targeting by alt-right trolls at best very confused by his art. Featuring music from his bands Old Time Relijun, Malaikat dan Singa, and Ten Thousand Tigers!

Stream Here (You may “Save As” to Download too!)


Songs Included in the Program:

“Witchcraft Rebellion”  Old Tim Relijun  Witchcraft Rebellion

“Cold Water”   Old Tim Relijun  Lost Light

“I Feel the Quickening”  Malaikat dan Singa  Open the Crown

“Ecstatic Abundance” Ten Thousand Tigers (w/ Thollem McDonas)   Ten Thousand Tigers

See Arrington Live in Portland January 12th at Lola’s Room!


10 December 2016 (Goodbye 2016)

A special 2 hour bittersweet What’s This Called?


We say Goodbye to 2016, a year that was itself 365 days full of goodbyes.

Goodbye Joey Casio. Goodbye David Bowie. Alan Vega. Pauline Oliveros. Leonard Cohen. Gilli Smyth (Mother Gong). Bernie Worrell. Richard Lyons (Negativland). Goodbye to more great musicians than we can honor in one show…

Hear the First Hour Here!

Hear the Second Hour Here!

In addition to paying tribute to those that have left us, the show features sounds created and released by artists in 2016. Artists who last checked are still with us, including: Uneasy Chairs, Thollem McDonas, Age Coin, Sea Charms, Nocturnal Habits, Azalia Snail, Zach Zinn, Big Business, Kim Gordon, Fischkopf Sinfoniker, Yoko Ono, Bob Bucko Jr


Playlist:  Track   Artist   Album

Daybreak   Joey Casio   Daybreak

I Can’t Give It All Away   David Bowie   Blackstar

New Skin   Nocturnal Habits   New Skin for Old Children

It Was Not Meant For Man’s Eyes To See   Fischkopf Sinfoniker   Soundcloud

The Mystery Beyond Matter   Quiet Music Ensemble/Pauline Oliveros   The Mysteries Beyond Matter

Red Sliders   Pauline Oliveros   Blanton Museum of Art

Ghost Rider (Live)   Suicide   London 2005 at the Electric Ballroom

Father’s Day   Big Business   Command Your Weather

Warm Cornish Room   Uneasy Chairs   Bandcamp

Raptor   Age Coin   Performance

10 minutes with Bernie Worrell   Bernie Worrell   MoogFest Pop-Up Shop May 20, 2016

Freedom Hoarders   Thollem McDonas   Machine in the Ghost

Hell Car   Negativland   Over the Edge Vol. 2 Pastor Dick

A Spell to Keep You Warm   Orbit Service   Stereo Magic (Portal in 13 Parts)

You Want It Darker   Leonard Cohen   You Want It Darker

Walking On Thin Ice   Yoko Ono   Yes, I’m a Witch Too

Field Rep   Azalia Snail   for Standing Rock

That Pale Light   Zach Zinn   Unexplained Sounds 2016 – the 2nd annual recognition test

Quantum   Gilli Smyth   Mother

Live at the DAAC Ruix Space (excerpt)   Bob Bucko Jr.   November 2015

Game Show IL   Sea Charms   Midwest Tour (Live) 2016

Murdered Out   Kim Gordon   single, Matador

Chemical Playschool Vol. 18 Side 2 (excerpt)   Legendary Pink Dots   Chemical Playschool Vols. 16 & 18



3 December 2016 (Four Dimensional Nightmare Live!)

Join us Saturday, December 3rd 2016 from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time for a return engagement of Federal Way’s electronic reconstructor Four Dimensional Nightmare on the What’s This Called? program at KPSU.org

Tom Nicol AKA 4DNM who first performed on What’s This Called? in March of 2013 with a noise-guitar oriented set promises this time to build a wall of modular synthesizers, the kind of wall we LIKE to see built.


Ride The Freaking Stream!

While Four Dimensional Nightmare was soundchecking, your host Ricardo Wang did a special Pre-Game Show featuring music by The Residents and Pere Ubu.

Hear the Pre-Game Show Here!

Playlist: Track –Artist – Album
Swastikas On Parade   The Residents   Third Reich ‘N Roll
Hitler Was a Vegetarian   The Residents   Third Reich ‘N Roll
My Friend Is a Stooge for the Media Priests   Pere Ubu   Raygun Suitcase
Final Solution  Pere Ubu   Terminal Tower
Vacuum in My Head   Pere Ubu    Raygun Suitcase
Non-Alignment Pact   Pere Ubu   The Modern Dance
Down By the River II   Pere Ubu   Raygun Suitcase


26 November 2016 (Goodbye Pauline Oliveros)

Damnit 2016, stop already! We weren’t planning on doing a special memorial show on What’s This Called? this week, but how can we fail to note the passing of one of the great experimental musicians of our era? So we’ll expand the show this week and start at 11 AM Pacific Time on KPSU.org and run all the way to 1 PM with an hour of music by the great Pauline Oliveros followed by the mix intended before the sad news.

Download And/Or Stream the 1st Hour Here!

Playlist: Track – Artist – Album

Bye Bye Butterfly   Pauline Oliveros   Bye Bye Butterfly

The Difference Between Hearing and Listening   Pauline Oliveros   TED Talks

Alien Bog   Pauline Oliveros   Alien Bog/Beautiful Soop

A Love Song   Pauline Oliveros   The Well and the Gentle

Download And/Or Stream the 2nd Hour Here!

Playlist: Track – Artist – Album

The Mystery Beyond Matter   Quiet Music Ensemble/Pauline Oliveros   The Mysteries Beyond Matter

Metal Machine Music Pt. 1 (excerpt)   Lou Reed   Metal Machine Music

Diagram 1   Splitter Orchestra  Shine on You Crazy Diagram

Candy Store Approach   Crank Sturgeon   dens I spit

King Subliminal   Unwashed   Unwashed

Blanket (excerpt)   Bedtime for Robots   Meditation Room

Heat Mirage   ARU   DPV3.5

Something Beautiful   Abiodun Oyewole   by Vagabond, with DP Jeff “AK” Akers

Raptor   Age Coin   Performance

I Want to Boogie With You   Lou Reed   The Bells




19 November 2016 (EZ Listening vs. Noise)

Somewhere between the extremes lies the perfect alignment of soft and harsh.



Playlist:    Track   Artist   Album

Cry Baby Cry  Ramsey Lewis   Mother Nature’s Son

A Finger to Hackle   Melt-Banana   ScRaTcH or StiTcH

Taboo   Arthur Lyman   Taboo, The Exotic Sounds of Arthur Lyman

See You Are (Recorded Live at the Factory , Manchester in May 1979)   Throbbing Gristle   Tyranny of the Beat

Midnight Cowboy   Ferrante & Teicher   Midnight Cowboy

Dead Dream  Overdose the Katatonic   Create Evil

Wind Parade   Donald Byrd   Look into the Flower (Trip on Psychedelic Grooves with Blue Note)

Midnight Confession #2   Skunk Puppet   Feel the Frequency (Norcal Noisefest 2015)

Gopher Mambo   Yma Sumac   Mambo!

2.1   Martyn Bates   Migraine Inducers / Antagonistic Music

Smiling Faces Sometimes   Bobbi Humphrey   Look into the Flower (Trip on Psychedelic Grooves with Blue Note)

Burned Out Gods   Four Dimensional Nightmare   Icicles

Listening to Music with the Vacuum Cleaner On   Nebel    Out of the Tangled Years

Blank (Intentional)   Crank Sturgeon   dens/i/spit

Sexopolis   Jean Pierre Mirouze   Le Mariage Collectif

Fly Me to the Moon   Astrud Gilberto   The Shadow of Your Smile

Shredder   GM Electronics   demo03 2002

Shooting Star” & Moonscape   Les Baxter   Space Escapade

Gartenmusic 1999 (edit)   Marko Ciciliani   CDR

Chase Scene   ARU/Bbjr   Deadly PA

This Guy’s in Love with You   Frank Chacksfield Orchestra   Redemption

Track 1 (edit)   Kobi   Kobi

12 November 2016 (Goodbye Leonard Cohen)

R.I.P. Leonard Cohen and other moody songs and sounds from the week of “What Happened?!”

Hear the Show NOW!

Canadian singer and poet Leonard Cohen i

Playlist:  Track   Artist   Album

Halleluja   Leonard Cohen   Various Positions

You Want It Darker   Leonard Cohen  You Want It Darker

Lazarus   David Bowie   Dark Star

Limerick   Bardo Pond   Amanita

Broken Arrow   The Album Leaf  Into the Blue Again

21 VIII 76 NYC Raga Malkauns (edit)   Pandit Pran Nath   You Tube

Wall of Speed   His Name Is Alive   Stars on E.S.P.

Sorrow Tears and Blood (edit)   Fela Kuti   The Best of the Black President 2

We Don’t Need Freedom   Saccharine Trust   Paganicons