29 May 2020 (Teenage Roots)

The What’s This Called? contribution to Freeform Portland’s Friday challenge “It’s Not a Phase”. All favorite songs from your host Ricardo Wang’s teenage years of listening and djing.

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  • Rush “Cygnus X-1” [A Farewell to Kings]
  • Sonic Youth “(She’s in A) Bad Mood” [Confusion Is Sex (Plus Kill Yr. Idols)]
  • Jefferson Airplane “She Has Funny Cars” [Surrealistic Pillow]
  • Malfunkshun “With Your Heart Not Your Hands” [With Your Heart Not Your Hands – Single]
  • The Soft Boys “Queen of Eyes” [Underwater Moonlight]
  • The Replacements “Unsatisfied” [Let It Be (Expanded)]

22 May 2020 (Movie Night on the radio)

Your host Ricardo Wang took the “Movie Night” challenge for Freeform Portland and turned in a 30 minute mix of What’s This Called? related film music. Hear the movies below!


Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds “From Her to Eternity (Wings of Desire version)” [Wings of Desire]

Brian Eno “Patrolling Wire Borders – Remastered 2005” [Music For Films]

The Yardbirds “Stroll On – Live Version from ‘Blow-Up'” [Live and Rare]

Erika Eigen “I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper” [A Clockwork Orange Soundtrack]

Amy Denio “Hacking a Plan ” [A Daughter of the Law]

Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Solar Arkestra “I Am the Alter-Destiny” [Space is the Place: Music for the Film]

György Ligeti “Lux aeterna” [1948–2001: a ligeti odyssey]

Sex Mob “Closing Credits: Nobody Does It Better” [Sex Mob Does Bond]

19 May 2020 (WTC #InQuarantine III)

Somehow from the undisclosed location your host Ricardo Wang has brought you brand new music by Nick Cave (covering T-Rex!) and Einsturzende Neubauten plus a lot of other #cosmic flotsam. This will be on rotation at undisclosed times on #FreeformPortland that’s 90.3 FM and 98.3 FM at undisclosed locations throughout the city of Portland Oregon and #Streaming all over the world at http://freeformporltand.org/listen Lots of other great shows from DJs spinning remotely from their own undisclosed locations. #TuneIn! Together we can get through this!

HEAR WTC #InQuarantine III HERE:



  • Nick Cave “Cosmic Dancer” [Cosmic Dancer]
  • Lor3l3i “Metanoia (Demo)” [Demo]
  • All Them Witches “When God Comes Back” [Lightning At The Door]
  • Tame Impala “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” [Lonerism]
  • Suzanne Ciani “Glass Houses” [Flowers Of Evil]
  • Silver Mt. Zion “13 Angels Standing Guard ‘Round The Side Of Your Bed” [He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corner Of Our Rooms]
  • Einstürzende Neubauten “Ten Grand Goldie” [Ten Grand Goldie]
  • Lene Lovich “Bird Song” [Lucky Number (The Best Of)]
  • Melvins “Civilized Worm” [A Senile Animal]
  • In the Branches “We’ll Haunt Ghost Towns Together” [Wilderness Time]
  • Body/Head “Murdress” [Coming Apart]
  • Ison “Lost Satellites” [Cosmic Drone]
  • Bardo Pond/Kinski “Lord of Light” [Sonic Attack (Lords of Light) ]

16 May 2020 (WTC #InQuarantine II)

Your host Ricardo Wang continues to leave these audio notes from an undisclosed location. You can hear him and other Freeform Portland DJs in semi-random rotation at http://freeformportland.org/listen

Toilet paper is now used as currency and zombies with guns roam the state capitols. The songs that follow contain coded instructions for pandemic survival. #MasksAreCool #StayHome #SocialDistancing #AvoidPanicBuying

Hear the Show #Streaming Here:



  • Throbbing Gristle “The Worm Waits It’s Turn” [Part Two: The Endless Not]
  • Nadja “Needle In The Hay – Elliott Smith” [When I See The Sun Always Shines On TV]
  • White Noise “The Visitation” [An Electric Storm]
  • Cloudkicker “States” [The Discovery]
  • Ashtoreth “Pilgrim” [Pilgrim]
  • Kraftwerk “Ohm Sweet Ohm – 2009 Remaster” [Radio-Activity (2009 Remaster)]
  • Laurie Anderson “O Superman” [Big Science]
  • Charbel Haber “We Dream in the Sun, We Tan When We Can” [Anthology of Electro Acoustic Lebanese Music]

24 April 2020 (WTC #InQuarantine)

Due to the #Covid19 #CoronaVirus Freeform Portland is remote broadcasting and your host Ricardo Wang is at an undisclosed location. What follows is for authorized ears only.




Artist – “Song” – Album – Label

Gaung Jagat Ensemble – “Saturday No 3” – Anthology of Contemportary Music from Indonesia – Unexplained Sounds Group

Sonic youth – “Antenna” – The Eternal – Matador

Moloch Conspiracy – “Legions to legions” – Incantatios from Ugarit- Eighth Tower Records

Edward Ka-Spel – “The Writing on the Wall” – Pieces of 8 – Beta-lactam Ring Records

Amy Denio “Corona Sonora” – BandCamp – Spoot Music

Amy Denio – “Duplex Nursing Home” – Tutto Bene – Spoot Music

Helios Creed – “Prolactin A5” = Preaching Machine

L7 – “American Society” – The Big One – Flipside

Black Sabbath – “Into the Void” – Master of Reality – #Satan

Steel Pole Melvins Task Force – “Hardball” – The Big One – Flipside

Blue Faces – “No Such Thing As a Party” – single – Kill Pop Tarts

Sun City Girls – “Helicopters in a Vacuum” – Valentines from Matahari- Abduction

Nick Cave & Current 93 – “All the Pretty Little Horses” – All the Pretty Little Horses

ALTO! – “Pieces 1-3”  – ALTO! – Self Released

Hawkwind – “Sonic Attack” – Space Ritual – Stonehenge

Will Oldham – “Every Mother’s Son” – Guarepero Lost Blues 2 – Drag City

Spacemen 3 – “Ecstacy Symphony/Transparent Radiation” – The Perfect Perscription – Glass Records

Replikants – “Organ Transplant (We Want Miles)”  – This Is Our Message – 5RC

Acid Mothers Temple & the Pink Ladies Blues – “Twilight” – The Soul of a Mountain Wolf –  Fractal Records

The Jesus and Mary Chain – “Sidewalking” – Barbed Wire Kisses –  WB

29 February 2020 (Goodbye David Roback)

#LEAPDAY2020 on What’s This Called? at Freeform Portland your host Ricardo Wang pays tribute to songwriter and guitarist of Rain Parade, Clay Allison, Opal, and Mazzy Star, David Roback who passed away this week.

A highly #Psychedelic array of #ExperimentalMusic #PostPunk #Drone #Noise and

#AvantRock featuring Roback’s own music side by side with contemporaries such as The Dream Syndicate and Green On Red to his influences such as Love and the thirteenth floor elevators as well as only tangentially related #Psychedelia and #SpaceMusic from Wooden Shjips to Hawkwind.





  • The Rain Parade “No Easy Way Down” [Emergency Third Rail Power Trip]
  • Opal “Soul GIver” [Happy nightmare baby]
  • CAN “Oh Yeah – 2011 Remastered” [Tago Mago (2011 Remastered)]
  • Green On Red “(Gee Ain’t It Funny) How Time Slips Away” [No Free Lunch]
  • Giant Sand “Mope-a-Long” [Backyard Bbq Broadcast (25th Anniversary Edition)]
  • Giant Sand “Lean” [Backyard Bbq Broadcast (25th Anniversary Edition)]
  • Rainy Day “Rainy Day Dream Away” [Rainy Day]
  • Hawkwind “We Took the Wrong Step Years Ago – 1996 Remaster” [In Search Of Space]
  • Lou Reed “How Do You Think It Feels” [Berlin]
  • Big Star “Nighttime” [Third (Sister Lovers)]
  • Rainy Day “Holocaust” [Rainy Day]
  • The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown “Come & Buy” [The Crazy World of Arthur Brown]
  • Wooden Shjips “Everybody Knows” [Back to Land]
  • Charles Rice Goff III “Moonlight Drive” [Swinging from Loose Hinges]
  • Love “Seven and Seven Is (LP) – Version” [Da Capo (Deluxe)]
  • Debashish Bhattacharya “Maya” [Calcutta Chronicles: Indian Slide-Guitar Odyssey]
  • Nico “No One Is There” [Do or Die!]
  • The 13th Floor Elevators “Roller Coaster (2008 Remastered Original Mono LP Version)” [The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators – 2008 Remaster]
  • The Beach Boys “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times – Remastered” [Pet Sounds (Original Mono & Stereo Mix Versions)]
  • Mazzy Star “Halah” [She Hangs Brightly]
  • Opal “Supernova” [Happy Nightmare Baby]

15 February 2020 <3

This show is dedicated to my loving spouse Renee Joy who was rubbing my neck in the booth for our 7th Wedding Anniversary.





  • Sun Ra “Love in Outer Space – Vocal” [The Night of the Purple Moon]
  • The Left Banke “Walk Away Renee” [There’s Gonna Be A Storm – The Complete Recordings 1966-1969]
  • Odd Job “Love Buds” [Live at the Knitting Factory New York City volume two]
  • Sonic Youth “Pattern Recognition” [Sonic Nurse]
  • CAN “The Empress And The Ukraine King” [Unlimited Edition (Remastered Version)]
  • Jessica Lurie Ensemble “Boot Heels” [Megaphone Heart]
  • Purpureal Daystar “Attend Quoi” [Soundcloud]
  • Gene Harris “Love For Sale” [In A Special Way]
  • Enrique Ugalde & the Tuvan Ensemble “Ghost Riders In The Sky/Chylgychynyn” [Single]
  • Santiago Latorre “alpha-globin” [Órbita]
  • Edward Ka-Spel “Zone 2” [Dream Loops]
  • Samuel Goff “Sunrise (cd track)” [5th Annual Report]
  • Ornette Coleman “Focus on Sanity” [The Shape Of Jazz To Come]
  • Onslaught Ocelot “alice en safari” [Soundcloud]
  • David Bowie “I Can’t Give Everything Away” [Blackstar]
  • Greg Segal & Ricardo D’Orlando “Cube Farm Neurosis” [Visible]
  • nthng-oo “Only the Unsbuduable Can Be Loved (evidence edit)” [Soundcloud]
  • Ramsey Lewis “Wade In The Water” [Wade In The Water]
  • Palace Music “Valentine’s Day” [Lost Blues and Other Songs]
  • Nick Drake “Fly” [Bryter Layter]
  • Nadja “Sand Like Skin” [Belles Betes]