Time Out of Time

An extra show for Freeform Portland that might land at any moment. Or you may listen right now!


  1. Daniel Johnston “Happy Time” [Fun]
  2. Nadja “SUN2windstorm” [Under the Jaguar Sun]
  3. The KG “Untitled 3” [Nature Morte]
  4. Nash The Slash “Womble (45 RPM) – 2017 Remaster” [Decomposing (2017 Remaster)]
  5. The Pop Group “Amnesty International Report” [We Are All Prostitutes]
  6. Stella Research Committee “Intergalactic fraud” [Killed Alive]
  7. Ffej “All Place” [Signal Gone Astray]
  8. Swell Maps “Robot Factory” [Jane from Occupied Europe]
  9. Derek Monypeny “FFF” [Born (Free)]
  10. Amy Denio (Pale Nudes) “Opposites” [Tutto Bene Canzoni sulla Fisa]
  11. John Zorn & Spy Vs. Spy “Rejoicing” [Spy Vs. Spy (The Music of Ornette Coleman)]
  12. Richard Begin “Polarisation des electrodes” [Phase 5]
  13. Four Tet “My Angel Rocks Back and Forth – Four Teas On English Time – Icarus Remix” [My Angel Rocks Back and Forth]
  14. Fennesz “Dheli Plaza” [Hotel Paral.lel]
  15. Felicia Sjogren “Blackthorn” [HULDA]
  16. Dual “fibrilate” [Duel]
  17. Bruce Friedman & Motoko Honda “Amiss, Abyss, A Kiss” [Edge Study]
  18. Flying Lotus “Time Vampires” [Pattern+Grid World]
  19. Arktet “Subtle Tantra” [Subtle Tantra]

27 May 2023 (Then Came the Last Days of May)

It’s said the West is nice this time of year, that’s what they say


  1. Blue Öyster Cult “Then Came the Last Days of May” [Blue Oyster Cult]
  2. Boards of Canada “The Devil Is In The Details” [Geogaddi]
  3. Tone Set “The Devil Makes the Loudest Noise” [Third Noise Principle: formative north american electronica 1975-1984]
  4. Nonconnah “Heaven Becomes Apeirophobia” [Unicorn Family]
  5. Hawkwind “Sonic Attack – Live, 2007 Remaster” [Space Ritual (Live, 2007 Remaster)]
  6. Hawkwind “Time We Left This World Today – Live, 2007 Remaster” [Space Ritual (Live, 2007 Remaster)]
  7. Jad Fair “The Faceless Man” [The Sound Of Music – An Unfinished Symphony In 12 Parts]
  8. Blue Faces “Staring Spells” [In the Days of the Lightbulb on the Wall]
  9. Blue Faces “Party Melt” [Siesta Lightspeed]
  10. Urban Renewal Project “Computer Girl” [Heroes and Villians The Sound of Los Angeles 1965-68]
  11. The Orb “Prime Evil” [History Of The Future Part 2]
  12. Delphine Dora “Rever l’imperceptible” [Rever l’imperceptible]
  13. The Beach Boys “Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock)” [The Smile Sessions]
  14. The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band “A Child’s Guide to Good and Evil” [A Child’s Guide To Good And Evil]
  15. The Legendary Pink Dots “1001 Strings” [The Maria Sessions Volume 2]
  16. Mezzanine Swimmers “Miserable Miracle” [Miserable Miracle]
  17. Sun City Girls “Amethyst Nightgown” [Box Of Chameleons]
  18. Clock DVA “Exercise in Magnetic Tape No. 4” [Further Perspectives & Distortion: An Encyclopedia of British Experimental and Avant-Garde Music 1976-1984]
  19. The Velvet Illusions “Acid Head” [Acid Head]
  20. Actual Music “Gravitational” [Gravitational]
  21. Blancmange “Overspreading Art Genius” [Irene & Mavis]
  22. John Zorn & Spy Vs. Spy “Space Church ” [Spy Vs. Spy (The Music of Ornette Coleman)]
  23. Farzan Salsabili & Vesal Javaheri “The Mock for fixed media” [8th Annual Report ]
  24. F.J. Pangolin “As they flattened the tides” [This Beach Knows Aasarco]
  25. Rapoon “The Fall of the House of Usher” [Mysterium, Incubus et Terror Music Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe stories]

13 May 2023

Space is eep.


  1. Xynn “Lost in Space” [Space Rock: an Interstellar Traveler’s Guide]
  2. Ellen Fullman “Blue Tunnel Fields” [The Harmonic Series: A Compilation of Musical Works in Just Intonation]
  3. Daniel Menche & Mamiffer “Calyx” [Crater]
  4. Brainticket “To Another Universe” [Celestial Ocean]
  5. Kloob “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” [Mysterium, Incubus et Terror Music Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe stories]
  6. The Orb “Tower Twenty Three – Spud vs. Kreature Mix” [History Of The Future Part 2]
  7. God Is An Astronaut “Age of the Fifth Sun” [Age of the Fifth Sun]
  8. Aidan Baker “Triptych Three (Version 2) [Katie English – Flute]” [Triptychs: Variations on a Melody]
  9. Tholem/Begay “Disalignment” [Dark Red Skies]
  10. Tom Carter and Robert Horton “During Totality” [Lunar Eclipse]
  11. Delphine Dora “Mirage du temps” [As Above, So Below]
  12. Gong “Fohat Digs Holes in Space – Live Paris 1972” [Space Rock: an Interstellar Traveler’s Guide]
  13. Fabio Keiner “Nightflight to the Mountain Sphinx – Busteni” [Nosferatu]
  14. Matmos “Tonight, The End” [The West]
  15. Andrea Parker “Invasion” [Here’s One I Made Earlier!]
  16. Earth “Hung From the Moon” [The Bees Made Honey In The Lion’s Skull]
  17. The End “Bypass the By-Pass” [From Beginning to End]
  18. Federico Farnè “What Illuminates the Night” [Space Rock: an Interstellar Traveler’s Guide]

29 April 2023 (What’s This Heavy?)

Like totally heavy.


  1. Melvins “Mr. Dog is Totally Right” [Bad Mood Rising (Standard)]
  2. Kadavar “Reich Der Träume” [Berlin]
  3. Bob Bucko Jr. “Three Reeds ” [Geet Death With Love]
  4. The Deviants “Slum Lord” [I’m A Freak Baby 3: A Further Journey Through The British Heavy Psych And Hard Rock Underground Scene 1968-1973]
  5. Pink Fairies “Teenage Rebel” [I’m a Freak Baby 3]
  6. Mission Of Burma “Peking Spring” [The Horrible Truth About Burma]
  7. Daraj Kazimira & Zura Makharadze “Improvisation on bass Rebec and double bass giga” [Songs from an obscure matriarchal tribe]
  8. Killing Joke “Are You Receiving” [Wilful Days]
  9. Spring Heel Jack “Wormwood” [Amassed]
  10. The Legendary Pink Dots “Dolls’ House / The Palace of Love” [Curse]
  11. Signal Decay “We Become” [Cistern of Records]
  12. Black Sabbath “The Writ – 2013 Remaster” [Sabotage (2014 Remaster)]
  13. Fleetwood Mac “The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown) – 2013 Remaster” [Then Play On (2013 Remaster; Expanded Edition)]
  14. Melt-Banana “Scratch or Stitch!” [Scratch or Stitch]

15 April 2023

Psychogenic atavism through the lens of expunkimental music. Tax free.


  1. Stray “All In Your Mind” [Time Machine – Anthology 1970-1977 (Expanded Edition)]
  2. Messyl & Wolf City “Tramway” [Trip]
  3. Zos Kia “Baptism of Fire” [Transparent]
  4. nil. “0622.6” [01]
  5. Rok Zalokar “Nymphs” [Spaces VIII: Rok Zalokar, Pipe organ]
  6. Tim Buckley “Carnival Song” [Goodbye And Hello]
  7. Art Ensemble Of Chicago “We are on the Edge” [We Are On the Edge: A 50th Anniversary Celebration]
  8. 400 Lonely Things “It Was a Monster” [Deep Red: a Tribute to the Cinema of Dario Argento]
  9. Verb T “Frostbitten” [A Question of Time]
  10. The Peppermint Trolley Company “9 O’Clock Business Man” [Heroes And Villains: The Sound Of Los Angeles 1965-68]
  11. Alien Sex Fiend “Boneshaker Baby – Live” [Acid Bath]
  12. The Legendary Pink Dots “The Grain Kings” [Maria Dimension]
  13. Francisco Lopez “iteration 4” [Dynamo]
  14. Atomic Rooster “Death Walks Behind You” [Death Walks Behind You]
  15. The End “Bypass the By-Pass” [From Beginning to End]
  16. Terry Riley “Across the Lake of the Ancient World – Instrumental” [Terry Riley: Shri Camel]
  17. Patti Smith “Chiklets” [Radio Ethiopia]
  18. Hakon Thelin “Two Sine Tones & Two Double Basses” [Spektralkompass – Sterbenders Hertz]
  19. Andromeda “LET’S ALL WATCH THE SKY FALL DOWN” [Beginnings 1967-68]
  20. Mission Of Burma “Fame And Fortune” [Signals, Calls and Marches]
  21. Ramones “Bad Brain – 2018 Remaster” [Road to Ruin (40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)]

1 April 2023 (A Serious Look at Seriousness)

We didn’t RickRoll you so feel relieved.


  1. Black Sabbath “E5150 – 2021 Remaster” [Mob Rules (Deluxe Edition)]
  2. Black Sabbath “The Mob Rules – 2021 Remaster” [Mob Rules (Deluxe Edition)]
  3. The Satans “Makin’ Deals” [Heroes And Villains: The Sound Of Los Angeles 1965-68]
  4. Arketh “The Fool Who Persists in His Folly” [12 Winter Moons Comes Witches Brew (Experimental Black Metal)]
  5. Deep Purple “Fools” [Fireball]
  6. Mission Of Burma “Einstein’s Day” [vs.]
  7. Swans “Fool” [Greed / Time Is Money (Bastard)]
  8. The Bluebells “Everybody’S Somebody’S Fool” [The Singles Collection]
  9. Adrian Belew “Laughing Man” [Desire Of The Rhino King]
  10. Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 “The Fool On The Hill” [The Greatest Hits Of Sergio Mendes And Brasil ’66]
  11. Parliament “Prologue” [Gloryhallastoopid]
  12. Parliament “Gloryhallastoopid (Pin The Tale On The Funky)” [Gloryhallastoopid]
  13. Doghouse “The Fool (Tunnelmental Experimental Assembly remix)” [Schizophonic EP]
  14. Jandek “They Told Me I Was a Fool” [Songs in the Key of Z, Vol. 1: The Curious Universe of Outsider Music]
  15. Conformity Contortion “She Who Laughs Laughs, Laughs Laughs” [Perception Management]
  16. Jono El Grande “Neo Dada” [Neo Dada]
  17. Stephen Mallinder “Um Dada” [Um Dada]
  18. Spiritualized “I Think I’m in Love” [Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space]
  19. Alien Sex Fiend “Hee-Haw (Here Come The Bone People) – Live” [Acid Bath]
  20. Exuma “Damn Fool” [Exuma II]
  21. The Lounge Lizards “My Clown’s On Fire” [No Pain For Cakes]
  22. The 4 Levels Of Existence “The Fool’s Trumpet” [The 4 Levels Of Existence]
  23. Helios Creed “The Last Laugh” [Dope, Guns & Fucking In The Streets: 1988-1998 Volume 1-11]

Psyche Spring Cleaning

A floating show that will air on Freeform Portland sometime when it is needed.


  1. Tim Buckley “Lorca” [Lorca]
  2. Pretenders “The Phone Call – 2006 Remaster” [Pretenders]
  3. Sadness “every tuesday, tuesday is green” [april sunset]
  4. Sonic Youth “Out & In” [In/Out/In]
  5. Nyokabi Kariuki “feeling body” [FEELING BODY]
  6. Eet “Colony Collapse” [Danger Barn]
  7. Sharkiface “Chatoyance: Movement 4” [Climax Is a Process]
  8. Spring “The Prisoner (Eight By Ten)” [Spring (2013 Remaster)]
  9. Flying Saucer Attack “The Downers” [Flying Saucer Attack (aka Rural Psychedelia)]
  10. Comus “The Prisoner” [First Utterance]
  11. Baalti “Kolkata ’78” [Kolkata’ 78]
  12. Flying Lotus “Time Vampires” [Pattern+Grid World]
  13. Arushi Jain “Look How Far We Have Come” [Under the Lilac Sky]
  14. Cobra Killer “Heavy Rotation” [76/77]
  15. Kid606 “Done with the Scene” [Resilience]
  16. William Basinski “The Clocktower at the Beach (1979) (Excerpt 1)” [The Clocktower at the Beach (1979) (Excerpt 1)]
  17. Chrome “Zombie Warfare (Can’t Let You Down)” [Half Machine Lip Moves]

18 March 2023

Lennon joins Ricardo in the elusive hangar booth.


  1. Miles Davis “Feio (feat. Wayne Shorter, John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, Joe Zawinul & Dave Holland)” [Bitches Brew Boxed Set]
  2. Weyes Blood “Movies” [Titanic Rising]
  3. nil. “0622.4” [01]
  4. 전자양 “Full moon” [Day Is Far Too Long]
  5. Nigel Simpkins “Scattered Strategies / Oblique References” [Further Perspectives & Distortion: An Encyclopedia Of British Experimental And Avant-Garde Music 1976 – 1984]
  6. Number Girl “SAPPUKEI – 2001/8/29 渋谷 AX「騒やかな群像」” [OMOIDE IN MY HEAD 2 ~記録シリーズ1~]
  7. Nels Cline “Grow Closer” [Initiate]
  8. The Damned “Plan 9 Channel 7” [Machine Gun Etiquette]
  9. Sonic Youth “Au Café” [Simon Werner a Disparu (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)]
  10. Tom Verlaine “Ore” [Warm and Cool]
  11. Patife Band “Corredor Polonês” [Corredor Polonês]
  12. Lowercase “She Takes Me” [Kill The Lights]
  13. Espi Kvlt “Lady Macbeth” [Denies My Tongue To Tell]
  14. Soul Coughing “Pensacola” [El Oso]
  15. Pö “Over The Clouds” [Cociage]
  16. Les Rallizes Dénudés “Enter the Mirror – 2022 Remastered” [’77 LIVE (2022 Remastered)]
  17. Lia Kohl “or things maybe dropping” [The Ceiling Reposes]
  18. Joy Division “Decades – 2007 Remaster” [Closer (Collector’s Edition)]
  19. Smog “Teenage Spaceship” [Knock Knock]

4 March 2023

The Ice turns to Ides…


  1. Time Rival “Ice Storm + Kalimba Improv (PHeasant Ridge)” [Outside]
  2. Soft Machine “Down The Road – Remastered 2006” [Seven]
  3. Soft Machine “The German Lesson – Remastered 2006” [Seven]
  4. Soft Machine “The French Lesson – Remastered 2006” [Seven]
  5. Scott Walker “Amsterdam” [Scott]
  6. Hypno5e “Bone Dust” [Sheol]
  7. L.A. Lungs “My Legos, My Legacy” [I’ve Called You Sexy Woman on a Tuesday Night Before]
  8. This Heat “24 Track Loop” [This Heat]
  9. Ezmeralda “Duelo (Cumbia del Fantasma)” [En Átomos Volando]
  10. Bushpilot “23” [23]
  11. GEZAN “We All Fall” [ANOCHI]
  12. Chunk “Part of the Family” [Live at the Knitting Factor Volume Two]
  13. SONAR “Angular Momentum” [Black Light]
  14. Sisters of Mercy “Dominion / Mother Russia” [Floodland]
  15. Matt Evans “Hyperbolic Time Chamber” [Soft Science]
  16. Gary Lucas “Ghosts” [Live at the Knitting Factor Volume Two]
  17. Hans Castrup “Caged” [Shadowplay]
  18. Mazanko “Psychosomatic Waves” [Psychosomatic Waves]
  19. The Legendary Pink Dots “Third Secret” [Maria Dimension]
  20. Bardo Pond “Straw Dog” [Lapsed]
  21. Ashtoreth “Wana Yetu” [Morana]
  22. Anakrid “Lies on a Tranquil Brow” [Banishment Rituals of the Disentlightened]

18 February 2023

Embers at a precipice.


  1. Nacht Plank & Futuregrapher “Music For Kettle – Mint Deluxe Mix” [Music For Kettle (Grandma’s Edition)]
  2. National Diet “The Map is the Territory” [The Map is the Territory]
  3. Rainbow Face “Purgatory” [Stars’ Blood]
  4. The Hand to Man Band “Voice Thrower” [You are Always on Our Minds]
  5. The Fall “Tempo House” [Perverted By Language (Expanded Edition)]
  6. Cornelius “The Micro Disneycal World Tour” [Fantasma (Remastered)]
  7. Sea Moss “Needy Needy” [SEAMOSS2]
  8. Gong “Through Restless Seas I Come” [Rejoice! I’m Dead!]
  9. Susan Campos-Fonseca “Refugio” [La venganza del agua]
  10. My Education “A Man Alone” [Sunrise]
  11. Six Organs Of Admittance “Adoration Song” [Burning the Threshold]
  12. Boards of Canada “You Could Feel The Sky” [Geogaddi]
  13. ELLES “Coming Up Is Such Sweet Sorrow” [A Celebration Of The Euphoria Of Life]
  14. Sunburned Hand Of The Man “Serpent’s Wish” [No Magic Man]
  15. Black Belt Eagle Scout “Nobody” [The Land, The Water, The Sky]
  16. La STPO “The Sound of the City Seems Not to Disappear” [The Sound of the City Seems Not to Disappear]
  17. Mario Lino Stancati “The Van Helsing hypnotism” [Dracula – Music Inspired By The Bram Stoker’s Novel]
  18. Blue Sausage Infant “Flight of the Solstice Queens” [Flight of the Solstice Queens]
  19. Ennio Morricone “1970” [Il Gatto A Nove Code – Le Chat À Neuf Queues]

4 February 2023

Asa and Lennon kind of took over the garage studio, which was cool. Then word hit that Tom Verlaine had left the world and we ended in tribute.


  1. The Melvins “Lovely Butterflies” [Electroretard]
  2. Red House Painters “Strawberry Hill” [Red House Painters I]
  3. Aural Resuscitation Unit “Ripples in Your Scotch” [Gauzed Methodz]
  4. Chico Buarque “Construção” [Construção]
  5. Godspeed You! Black Emperor “Fire at Static Valley” [G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END!]
  6. Matt Elliott “The Kursk” [Drinking Songs]
  7. SONOLOGYST “4. Electrons” [Electrons – A scientific essay]
  8. DJ Shadow “Midnight In A Perfect World” [Endtroducing…..]
  9. The Legendary Pink Dots “Citadel” [From Here You’ll Watch the World Go By]
  10. Coin locker kid “Together & Alone” [The Salmon of Doubt]
  11. Time Rival “Daymare” [Works]
  12. Nina Simone “Wild Is The Wind” [Wild Is The Wind]
  13. Sand Snowman “Between Eternities” [Nostalgia Ever After]
  14. Tacoma Radar “Falling Dead Stars” [No One Waved Goodbye]
  15. Death Poems “Guilty” [Los Interlocuteurs Fictifs]
  16. Arthur Russell “Lucky Cloud” [World Of Echo]
  17. Gaelle “Transient” [Transient]
  18. Tom Verlaine “Sleep Walkin'” [Warm and Cool]
  19. Television “Knockin’ On Heavens Door” [The Blow Up]

21 January 2023

Waiting for the light to return.


  1. The Pretty Things “Defecting Grey” [S.F. Sorrow]
  2. RedStars Over Tokyo “Slow Signal” [8th Annual Report ]
  3. Fennesz “Endless Summer” [Endless Summer]
  4. Yotzeret Sheydim “Any Table An Altar” [Sefer Yetzirah (The Book of Creation) ]
  5. N. Hertzberg “Jazz Hands 4” [Jazz Hands]
  6. Nels Cline Singers “King Queen” [Initiate]
  7. The Great Old Ones “Sunken City of R’lyeh” [Mythos of Cthulhu]
  8. Yo La Tengo “Last Days of Disco” [And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out]
  9. Mummer “Underground Insect” [Hiems]
  10. Alien Sex Fiend “Spies” [Maximum Security]
  11. Barbara Morgenstern “Reset” [Nichts Muss]
  12. Hildegard Westerkamp ” Kits Beach Soundwalk” [Transformations]
  13. Nocturnal Emmissions “Down the Sink” [Further Perspectives & Distortion: An Encyclopedia of British Experimental and Avant-Garde Music 1976-1984]
  14. DJ Brokenwindow “Walk Like an Egyptian Lover” [parallel universe #2]
  15. Mouse On Mars “Schnick-schnack” [Cache Coeur Naif]
  16. Hood “Houses Tilting Towards The Sea” [The Cycle Of Days & Seasons]
  17. weepingstar “Wasps” [Ulta 404 hyper]
  18. German Shepherds “I Adore You” [Music for Sick Queers]

Windter WTC Bonus Show!

Ricardo & Lennon tag team Expunkimental Music gusts.


  1. Ulver “The Future Sound of Music” [Perdition City]
  2. Dark Day “The Metal Benders” [Window]
  3. Chris & Cosey “The Giant’s Feet” [Trance]
  4. Gustavo Cerati “Alma” [Bocanada]
  5. Black To Comm “Laccifer Lacca” [Rückwärts Backwards]
  6. Mr. Bungle “The Air-Conditioned Nightmare” [California]
  7. Besvärjelsen “In The Dark” [Frost]
  8. Silver Mt. Zion “13 Angels Standing Guard ‘Round The Side Of Your Bed” [He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corner Of Our Rooms]
  9. Experimental Audio Research “As the Night Starts Closing In” [Phenomena 256]
  10. Jorge Ben Jor “Errare Humanum Est” [A Tabua De Esmeralda]
  11. Natural Snow Buildings “Dance of the Moon & Sun” [Dance of the Moon & Sun]
  12. All Them Witches “41” [Nothing as the Ideal]
  13. Songs: Ohia “John Henry Split My Heart” [Magnolia Electric Co. (Deluxe Edition)]
  14. Eyeless In Gaza “Invisibility” [Sixth Sense]
  15. The Stone Roses “Made of Stone – Remastered” [The Stone Roses]
  16. Art Bears “Moeris Dancing” [Hopes And Fears]
  17. Pharoah Sanders “Colors” [Karma]
  18. Faust “No Harm” [So Far]
  19. Sigur Rós “Untitled #5 – Álafoss” [( )]
  20. Faust “Me Lack Space” [So Far]

7 January 2023

New Year! New Show! Lennon co-hosts.


  1. Tegh “Bad`a بدع” [Ima ایما]
  2. Ground-Zero “Paraiso 1” [革命京劇 (Revolutionary Pekinese Opera) Ver.1.28]
  3. Derek Johnson Love “Ending the Year on a Low Note” [Single]
  4. Camberwell Now “Wheat Futures” [The Ghost Trade]
  5. Kraftwerk “Neon Lights – 2009 Remaster” [The Man-Machine (2009 Remaster)]
  6. Massive Attack “Teardrop” [Mezzanine]
  7. eardrops “Bavarian Seas” [8th Annual Report ]
  8. The Drones “Shark Fin Blues” [Wait Long By the River and the Bodies of Your Enemies Will Float By]
  9. Capricorni Pneumatici “Adramalech” [Nibbas]
  10. Cardiacs “Wireless” [Sing to God]
  11. Sisters of Mercy “Flood I” [Floodland]
  12. The Chameleons “Monkeyland” [Script of the Bridge (Remastered)]
  13. Neurosis “Takeahnase” [Souls At Zero]
  14. Spiritualized “Electric Mainline” [Pure Phase]
  15. Björk “Pagan Poetry” [Vespertine]
  16. Tim Buckley “Hallucinations” [Goodbye And Hello]
  17. Cat Power “Cross Bones Style” [Moon Pix]

24 December 2022 (What’s This Yule?)

The What’s This Called? #HolidaySpecial on Freeform Portland! 6-8 PM Pacific Standard Time, Christmas Eve 2022.


  1. Greg Skloff “Commencing” [8th Annual Report ]
  2. Joseph Achron “Hebrew Melody, Op. 33 (Arr. For theremin and piano)” [Rachmaninov, S.: Vocalise / Saint-Saens, C.: Le Cygne / Falla, M.: El Amor Brujo / Achron, J.: Hebrew Melody (The Art of the Theremin)]
  3. Green River “Away in a Manger” [Another Pyrrhic Victory]
  4. Delphine Dora “opus divinum” [Hymnes Apophatiques]
  5. John Fahey “Red Cross, Disciple Of Christ Today” [Red Cross]
  6. Rush Coil “Joy to the World” [8-bit Christmas]
  7. Ginger Baker’s Air Force “We Free Kings” [Airforce 2]
  8. Unto Ashes “Krampusnacht (For Krampus the Christmas Demon)” [Spellbound in Winter]
  9. Yellow6 “Old Roads” [Old Roads New Paths (Merry Xmas 2021)]
  10. Foxygen “Rise Up” [Hang]
  11. Nonconnah ” The Valley Of The Cupped Hand Of God” [Winter EP]
  12. Four Dimensional Nightmare “Icicles” [Icicles]
  13. Galaxie 500 “Listen, The Snow Is Falling” [This is Our Music]
  14. Yoko Ono “Walking On Thin Ice” [Yes, I’m A Witch]
  15. Sigur Rós “Varúð” [Valtari]
  16. The Legendary Pink Dots “A Star Is Born” [The Gethsemane Option]
  17. Sonic Youth “Hoarfrost” [A Thousand Leaves]
  18. Philip Polk Palmer “Silent Night” [Silent Night]
  19. Kronos Quartet “Winter Was Hard” [Winter Was Hard]
  20. Zach Zinn “As We Fell from Our Radiant Palaces” [8th Annual Report ]

10 December 2022

The Money Show. It’s the Fall/Winter Fundraiser at Freeform Portland and so this show is themed around the struggle to get by in a world run by credits and debits.


  1. Negativland “Gimme the Mermaid” [No Business]
  2. Black Flag “Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie” [Damaged]
  3. Spinal Tap “Gimme Some Money” [This Is Spinal Tap]
  4. Alien Sex Fiend “I Am a Product” [Who’s Been Sleeping in My Brain]
  5. Sandman “Everything Is Free” [Roll Out Cowboy]
  6. Sleepytime Gorilla Museum “The Creature” [Of Natural History]
  7. Kim Gordon “Get Yr Life Back” [No Home Record]
  8. The Pop Group “Rob A Bank” [For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?]
  9. The Legendary Pink Dots “Pennies for Heaven” [Maria Dimension]
  10. Orbit Service “Minutes, Dollars, Days” [Twilight]
  11. The Bran Flakes “Turn The Channel It’s Another Commercial” [I Don’t Have A Friend]
  12. Unknown “Ban Deoderant #2” [1960s Psychedelic Radio Commercials]
  13. Ben LaMar Gay “Muhal” [Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun]
  14. Steinski “The Payoff Mix” [What Does It All Mean? – 1983-2006 Retrospective]
  15. Laurie Anderson “Puppet Motel” [Live in New York]
  16. Eric B. & Rakim “Paid In Full” [Paid In Full]
  17. 23 Skidoo “Coup – 12″ 45 Version” [Urban Gamelan]
  18. The Upsetters “Dollar In the Teeth” [Ska & Reggae Classics]
  19. Lindsay Cooper “General Strike” [Further Perspectives & Distortion: An Encyclopedia of British Experimental and Avant-Garde Music 1976-1984]
  20. Have A Nice Life “There Is No Food” [Deathconsciousness]
  21. The Incredible String Band “Empty Pocket Blues – 2010 Remaster” [The Incredible String Band]
  22. Woody Guthrie “The Great Dust Storm (Dust Storm Disaster)” [Dust Bowl Ballads]
  23. Fleetwood Mac “The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown) – 2013 Remaster” [Then Play On (2013 Remaster; Expanded Edition)]
  24. Suicide “Rocket USA – 2019 – Remaster” [Suicide (2019 – Remaster)]
  25. Tiny TIm “Tiny Tim Midnight Supper” [1960s Psychedelic Radio Commercials]
  26. Van Der Graaf Generator “Refugees – Remastered” [The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other]
  27.  “Springfield Rifle/Nordstroms” [1960s Psychedelic Radio Commercials]
  28. Pussy Galore “Ship Comin’ In ” [Historia De La Musica Rock]
  29. Ute Lemper sings Tom Waits “The Part You Throw Away” [Ute Lemper – Punishing Kiss]

26 November 2022

The best genres are based upon the denial of genre. Experimenting does not exist in a single palette and improvising even less so. The file labels are needed to figure out where to find more of the good stuff, but don’t let them convince you of anything more. What this is called may be jazz or ambient or noise or drone or all and none of the above. The music invites you to be free with it.


  1. Steinski “Jazz” [What Does It All Mean? – 1983-2006 Retrospective]
  2. Charlie Parker “All The Things You Are” [Bird After Dark]
  3. Sun Ra “Somewhere Else – Pt. 1” [Somewhere Else]
  4. Sun Ra “Somewhere Else – Pt. 2” [Somewhere Else]
  5. Spring Heel Jack “With Out Words” [Songs And Themes]
  6. Jessica Lurie “Up From The Bottom Of The Well” [Licorice & Smoke]
  7. David Bowie “Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)” [Nothing Has Changed]
  8. DJ Krush “Le Temps” [Milight]
  9. Ben LaMar Gay “Oh No…Not Again!” [Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun]
  10. Duke Ellington “Upper and Outest” [Anatomy of a Murder]
  11. Ghidra “Floating Butterfly WIngs On Fire” [The Sound of Speed]
  12. Rashan Roland Kirk “The Ragman and the Junkman Ran from the Businessman They Laughed and He Cried” [Natural Black Inventions: Root Strata]
  13. Tom Waits “Frank’s Song” [The Early Years Vol. 1]
  14. Ornette Coleman “Focus on Sanity” [The Shape Of Jazz To Come]
  15. The Lounge Lizards “The Magic Of Palermo” [No Pain For Cakes]
  16. Astrud Gilberto “Windy” [Windy]
  17. Flying Lotus “Kill Your Co-Workers” [Pattern+Grid World]
  18. Sia “Breathe Me – Four Tet Remix” [Colour The Small One (Deluxe Edition)]
  19. Marcia Bassett / Samara Lubelski “PDX” [West Coast Live]
  20. Sun City Girls “Wingspan Eclipse the Moon” [Piasa… Devourer of Men]
  21. Narcissa Kasraï “Articulation” [Visions of Darkness (In Iranian Contemporary Music)]

12 November 2022

We visited the new Freeform Portland studio by Zoom. Soon we will set foot inside and not too far in the future, What’s This Called? Will move back out of the Elusive Hangar and into the new REAL radio station. Ryan Ray will get a huge break from podcast engineering when that happens! But we don’t even have dates yet, so here we have Lennon joining Ricardo again from the Elusive Hangar to prove once again that Expunkimental Music begins at home.


  1. The Beach Boys “Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock)” [The Smile Sessions]
  2. Chrome “Armageddon” [3rd From The Sun (Bonus Tracks)]
  3. This Heat “Health and Efficiency” [Health and Efficiency]
  4. Yo La Tengo “Autumn Sweater” [I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One]
  5. Susumu Hirasawa “Town-0 Phase-5” [救済の技法 (Kyuusai no gihou)]
  6. Kasumi Trio “summer is over” [Oh! Gimme You]
  7. jealousy mountain duo “leaf kickers” [jealousy mountain duo no2]
  8. Burial “Homeless” [Untrue]
  9. Dexorcist “Dark Times” [Electroklash]
  10. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma “Love’s Refrain” [In Summer]
  11. The Lounge Lizards “No Pain For Cakes” [No Pain For Cakes]
  12. Coil “Fire of the Mind” [The Ape Of Naples]
  13. Hunting Lodge “Simulation/Stimulation” [Third Noise Principle: formative north american electronica 1975-1984]
  14. Gustavo Cerati “Tabu” [Bocanada]
  15. hAshtAgblAck​.​n​.​o​.​i​.​s​.​e “Forked” [ Anthology Of Contemporary Music From South Africa]
  16. Pescado Rabioso “Cantata de Puentes Amarillos” [Artaud]
  17. Horse Lords “Mess Mend” [Mess Mend]
  18. Drive Like Jehu “Here Come the Rome Plows” [Yank Crime]
  19. The Grail Carol “Dead Space Chamber Music” [Hauntology in UK]
  20. Art Bears “Rats And Monkeys” [Further Perspectives & Distortion: An Encyclopedia Of British Experimental And Avant-Garde Music 1976 – 1984]

What’s This Pop?

While WTC has never been a stranger to the melodic or catchy song, obviously the nature of the show more often veers into longer and musically challenging territories. So with Freeform Portland putting out a call for more unscheduled “evergreen” shows, your host Ricardo Wang decided to put together two full hours of ear candy. Admittedly the show could have been called What’s This Oldies? as nothing on the playlist is at all contemporary. But it was the psychedelic pop of the late ’60s and the often overlooked catchier “prog pop” of the early ’70s that inspired this show. A few post-punk pop tunes also found their way in of course. Very few hits to be heard overall, though Ricardo will jump at any excuse to play a Carpenters smash, and well, ELO’s finest moment may be a disco song.


  1. Harry Nilsson “Mr. Richland’s Favorite Song” [Aerial Ballet]
  2. Wire “Outdoor Miner – 2006 Remastered Version” [Chairs Missing]
  3. Carpenters “Rainy Days And Mondays” [Carpenters]
  4. Mighty Baby “Egyptian Tomb” [Mighty Baby]
  5. Robyn Hitchcock “All I Wanna Do Is Fall in Love” [Black Snake Diamond Role]
  6. Everything But The Girl “On My Mind” [Night and Day]
  7. Sly & The Family Stone “Stand!” [Stand]
  8. Fuchsia “Me And My Kite” [Lullabies For Catatonics: A Journey Through The British Avant-Pop/Art Rock Scene 1967-74]
  9. Yo La Tengo “Tom Courtenay” [Electr-o-pura]
  10. The Raincoats “Fairytale in the Supermarket” [The Raincoats]
  11. Spiritualized “I Think I’m in Love” [Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space]
  12. Tones On Tail “Lions” [Everything!]
  13. Blue Faces “Yellow Turns to Green” [In the Days of the Lightbulb on the Wall]
  14. BeeGees “I Am the World” [A Slight Disturbance in My Mind – The British Proto-Psychedelic Sounds of 1966]
  15. Procol Harum “Conquistador” [Procol Harum (2009 remaster)]
  16. Electric Light Orchestra “Last Train to London” [Discovery]
  17. Samurai “Saving It Up for So Long” [Samurai]
  18. Alex Chilton “Like Flies on Sherbert” [Like Flies on Sherbert]
  19. Fairport Convention “Who Knows Where The Time Goes?” [Unhalfbricking (Bonus Track Edition)]
  20. Parliament “Party People” [Gloryhallastoopid]
  21. LL COOL J “Rock The Bells” [Radio]
  22. Thin Lizzy “Sha La La” [Nightlife]
  23. Scott Walker “Jackie” [Scott 2]
  24. The Zombies “Butcher’s Tale (Western Front 1914) – Mono Version” [Odessey and Oracle]
  25. Alice Cooper “Swing Low Sweet Cherrio” [Pretties for You]
  26. Love “She Comes in Colors” [Da Capo (Deluxe Edition)]
  27. Paul Revere & The Raiders “Kicks” [Midnight Ride]
  28. As You Like It “No More Sunshine Till May” [Lullabies For Catatonics: A Journey Through The British Avant-Pop/Art Rock Scene 1967-74]

29 October 2022 (Samhain-a-go-go)

This is NOT a Spooktacular.


  1. Subterranean Source “Creatures Of The Night” [Dracula – Music Inspired By The Bram Stoker’s Novel]
  2. The Incredible String Band “Witches Hat – 2010 Remaster” [The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter]
  3. Cristiano Bocci ” White as moon, Black as night, Red as blood” [Beyond the Dark Zones]
  4. Jackson C. Frank “Halloween Is Black as Night” [Fixin’ to Die]
  5. The Caretaker “Thronged With Ghosts” [Selected Memories from the Haunted Ballroom]
  6. Alice Cooper “Ballad of Dwight Fry” [Love It to Death]
  7. Japan “Ghosts – 2003 Digital Remaster” [Tin Drum]
  8. The Poets “Dead” [The Flash Records Story]
  9. Cyoakha Grace O’Manion “Boneyard Fear” [Unknown Music from Dream Quest of Kadath]
  10. Laika “Black Cat Bone” [Good Looking Blues]
  11. Ryan Ray “The Seance” [Single]
  12. Buffy Sainte-Marie “The Vampire” [Illuminations]
  13. Trees “The Garden Of Jane Delawney” [Trees (50th Anniversary Edition)]
  14. The Legendary Pink Dots “Pennies for Heaven” [Maria Dimension]
  15. BBJr “Spider Dude” [Steady Work]
  16. Cresa Watson “Dead” [45 Single]
  17. Coil “The Box Theme” [Unnatural History II]
  18. Ahleuchatistas “The Curse That Keeps On Giving” [Expansion]
  19. Philippe Petit “A Vision” [… and Empires Should Burn]
  20. Einstürzende Neubauten “Dead Friends (Around The Corner)” [Strategies Against Architecture IV]
  21. Tombstone “Ritual Affliction” [Nyarlothotep – A Tribute to Howard Phillips Lovecraft]
  22. Four Dimensional Nightmare “Grave of Lilian” [Icicles]
  23. Reg Bloor “Theme from an Imaginary Slasher” [Theme from an Imaginary Slasher]
  24. The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra “Suite (From “Psychose “)” [Les plus grands thèmes du cinéma, Vol. 2]
  25. Austin RIch “A Wireless Message” [The Ways of Ghosts by Ambrose Bierce]

15 October 2022

Orange sets in. Ricardo with Lennon from the Elusive Hangar to Freeform Portland.


  1. Reza Solatipour “Panic Attack” [Visions of Darkness: Volume II]
  2. Dälek “Black Smoke Rises” [From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots]
  3. No Friends Band “Infinity Trigger” [to all my friends]
  4. Invisible “Perdonado (Niño Condenado)” [El Jardin de los Presentes]
  5. Sunburned Hand Of The Man “The Air Itself” [No Magic Man]
  7. Grey Frequency “The Demeter” [Dracula – Music Inspired By The Bram Stoker’s Novel]
  8. Fishmans “WEATHER REPORT” [宇宙 日本 世田谷]
  9. Jane Siberry “Dancing Class” [no borders here]
  10. The Microphones “II. Solar System” [Mount Eerie]
  11. Steinski “The Id – Small World Mix” [What Does It All Mean? – 1983-2006 Retrospective]
  12. National Diet “I Am Food” [The Noon Hour]
  13. Unwound “Below the Salt” [Leaves Turn Inside You]
  14. So Percussion & Matmos “Flame” [Treasure State]
  15. Have A Nice Life “Hunter” [Deathconsciousness]
  16. The Incredible String Band “October Song – 2010 Remaster” [The Incredible String Band]

Dateless Show

To supply Freeform Portland with an extra WTC for when they need an emergency substitute DJ, we have produced this special “Evergreen mix” of crooked beats and hot fish. DJ Ricardo Wang joined in the booth by Asa with engineering assistance by Ryan Ray.


  1. Mouse On Mars “Glim” [Cache Coeur Naif]
  2. Fussible “Casino Soul” [Nortec Collective: The Tijuana Sessions, Vol. 1]
  3. Radioactive Man “Do The Radioactive” [Radioactive Man]
  4. Steinski “Lesson 3 – History Of Hip Hop” [What Does It All Mean? – 1983-2006 Retrospective]
  5. Aphex Twin “Untitled [SAW2 CD1 Track1] (Four Tet Mix)” [Warp10+3 Remixes]
  6. Barbara Morgenstern “Reset” [Nichts Muss]
  7. Experimental Audio Research “The Circle Is Blue” [Beyond The Pale]
  8. Sunburned Hand Of The Man “Gather ‘Round” [No Magic Man]
  9. Melvins “Hot Fish” [Working with God]
  10. Nektar “Astronauts Nightmare” [Journey To The Centre Of The Eye]
  11. Gunter Muller and Jim O’Rourke “a faster silence” [Slow Motion]
  12. Crème De Menthe “Plastique” [The Impossibility of Eroticism in the Suburbs]
  13. Bit Shifter “Hypervigilance” [Closed System Blues]
  14. Voices Of The Cosmos “Six Pulsars” [8th Annual Report (Mid Year Edition)]
  15. Sō Percussion “Swamp” [Treasure State]
  16. Hiperboreal “Tijuana For Dummies” [Nortec Collective: The Tijuana Sessions, Vol. 1]
  17. William Hooker w/ DJ Olive “Time (within)” [Armageddon]
  18. Sun Ra Arkestra “Somebody Else’s Idea” [Somebody Else’s Idea]
  19. Perrey and Kingsley “Computer In Love” [The In Sound From Way Out]
  20. Mark Trayle “Beach” [Etudes and Bagatelles]

1 October 2022

  1. Unwound “October All Over” [Leaves Turn Inside You]
  2. Broadcast “Our Darkest Sabbath” [Berberian Sound Studio]
  3. Yara Asmar “it’s always october on sunday” [home recordings 2018 -2021]
  4. Vladimir Ussachevsky “Incantation” [Pioneers Of Electronic Music]
  5. RA Washington / Jah Nada “Call to Prayer ” [In Search of Our Father’s Gardens ]
  6. Sun Ra “Dawn over Israel” [Sun Ra with Pharoah Sanders and Black Harold]
  7. Lori Carson and Anton Fier “Hera, Queen of the Universe” [Myth – Dreams of the World]
  8. Byron the Aquarius “New Beginning” [Ambrosia]
  9. Andreas Monopolis “Compact” [Anthology of Contemporary Music from Greece]
  10. Strangerous “Chant of the Vultures” [Chant]
  11. Kim Gordon “Hungry Baby” [No Home Record]
  12. Christiano Bocci “City Blur Walking” [Beyond the Dark]
  13. The Fall “Smile” [Perverted By Language (Expanded Edition)]
  14. Ben LaMar Gay “Jubilee” [Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun]
  15. Artifact Shore “Instruments of the Devil” [Instruments of the Devil]
  16. Anna Meredith “Miranda” [The Space Project]
  17. MKUltramegaphone “Transmission 1: (bird(s)ongs)*” [Seasonal Stereo Spread]
  18. Killing Joke “We Have Joy – Alternate Mix” [Revelations]

17 September 2022

Lennon & Ricardo tag team the expunkimental hits.


  1. Boyle “(Edit)” [Psych-Jazz Collage I]
  2. Exuma “Dambala” [Exuma, The Obeah Man]
  3. Einsturzende Neubauten “Ozean und Brandung” [Perpetuum Mobile]
  4. This Heat “A New Kind of Water” [Deceit]
  5. Plug “A Subtle Blend” [Drum ‘n Bass for Papa]
  6. Sweet Trip “Fruitcake and Cookies” [Velocity: Design: Comfort.]
  7. Hoang-Vúy “Lo’i Song Nui” [The Secret Museum Of Mankind, Vol. 1: Ethnic Music Classics (1925-48)]
  8. Squarepusher “Two Bass Hit (Dub)” [Budakhan Mindphone]
  9. Slint “Breadcrumb Trail” [Spiderland]
  10. Giles Corey “Blackest Bile” [Giles Corey]
  11. Meteoros Meteor “kiz taram ram” [ Anthology Of Contemporary Music From Greece ]
  12. Pril Smiley “Kolyosa” [Pioneers Of Electronic Music]
  13. Brian Eno “By This River – 2004 Digital Remaster” [Before And After Science]
  14. The Microphones “IV. Mount Eerie” [Mount Eerie]
  15. Memorie Elettroniche Sonore ” Luminescenze Del Deserto” [Memorie Elettroniche Sonore]
  16. It’s Not Night: It’s Space “Vibration Eater” [Space Rock: an Interstellar Traveler’s Guide]
  17. Modest Mouse “Make Everyone Happy / Mechanical Birds” [This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About]
  18. Unwound “Kantina” [Fake Train]

3 September 2022 (What’s This Metal? VI)

Asa joined me for an unofficial back to school metal show. I even played a couple sort of current things.


  1. Iron Maiden “Genghis Khan – 2015 Remaster” [Killers (2015 – Remaster)]
  2. Exodus “Exodus” [Bonded by Blood]
  3. Witch Mountain “Burn You Down” [Witch Mountain]
  4. Scorpions “Animal Magnetism” [Animal Magnetism]
  5. Conan “Ritual of Anonymity” [Evidence of Immortality]
  6. Cloven Hoof “Gates of Gehenna” [Cloven Hoof]
  7. Sigh “The Zombie Terror – Far East Gate in Inferno Compilation, 1994” [Eastern Darkness]
  8. UFO “Rock Bottom – Live in Columbus, Ohio 17/10/78” [Strangers In The Night [Deluxe Edition]]
  9. Witchfynde “Give ‘Em Hell” [Give ‘Em Hell]
  10. Motörhead “Iron Fist” [Iron Fist (Expanded Edition)]
  11. Wolves In The Throne Room “Mountain Magick” [Primordial Arcana]
  12. Anathema “Shroud of Frost – Live in Krakow 1996” [A Vision of a Dying Embrace (Live in Krakow 1996)]
  13. Metallica “The Wait (Remastered)” [The $5.98 EP – Garage Days Re-Revisited (Remastered)]
  14. Early Moods “Funeral Macabre” [Early Moods]
  15. Voivod “Volcano” [Infini]
  16. Iris Divine “Death By Consensus” [Mercurial]
  17. Judas Priest “Killing Machine” [Hell Bent For Leather]
  18. Captain Beyond “Raging River Of Fear” [Captain Beyond]
  19. Blue Öyster Cult “Hot Rails to Hell” [Tyranny And Mutation]
  20. Pentagram “Earth Flight” [First Daze Here (Reissue)]
  21. Raven “Don’t Need Your Money” [Rock Until You Drop]

20 August 2022

Postcards from a dying Earth…


  1. Alice Shields “The Transformation Of Ani” [Pioneers Of Electronic Music]
  2. Faust “Parasiten” [Space Rock: an Interstellar Traveler’s Guide]
  3. Absolutely Free “Earth I” [The Space Project]
  4. Sun Dial “Outer Limits to Your Brain” [Dave Brock Presents… This Was Your Future]
  5. Jackie O Motherfucker “Pray” [Liberation (Reissue)]
  6. Au Pairs “It’s Obvious – Single A-Side” [Stepping Out of Line – The Anthology]
  7. Sun Ra “World’s Approaching – Stereo” [Strange Strings]
  8. Otto Luening “Moonflight” [Pioneers Of Electronic Music]
  9. Pythius “BBT” [Abandon]
  10. Altered Images “Insects” [HAPPY BIRTHDAY]
  11. The Comet Is Coming “Final Eclipse” [Final Eclipse]
  12. T.A.C. “Deadly Nightshade” [Nyarlothotep – A Tribute to Howard Phillips Lovecraft]
  13. Leith Stevens “Rebel At Work” [The James Dean Story]
  14. M.I.A. “BirdFlu” [Kala]
  15. Experimental Audio Research “D.M.T. Symphony – Overture To An Inhabited Zone” [Mesmerised]
  16. Hot Pursuit Of Happiness “We Pay For This Service” [This Day’s Called Tuesday]
  17. Vladimir Ussachevsky “Piece For Tape Recorder” [Pioneers Of Electronic Music]
  18. Earth “A Bureaucratic Desire for Revenge, part 1” [A Bureaucratic Desire for Extra Capsular Extraction]

6 August 2022

Life vs. Time


  1. Shentov, Simitchiev, Lukanov “Laminar Flow” [Palimpsest ]
  2. Cheri Knight “No One’s Hands” [American Rituals]
  3. Moor Mother “Act 3 – Time of No Time” [Circuit City]
  4. Rita Morar “Meri Awaaz Suno (Hear My Voice)” [Meri Awaaz Suno (Hear My Voice)]
  5. The Tryp “The Lizard Sheds It’s Skin” [My Brain Collapsed (Expanded Edition)]
  6. Chrome “Insect Human” [Blood On The Moon]
  7. Don Haugen “Wire 1” [From Our House to Yours 2020 Music Exchange Collection]
  8. Soheil Shirangi “The Sounds of Life (For Fixed Media and Accordian)” [Vision of Darkness in Iranian Contemporary Music Vol. II ]
  9. The Diagram Brothers “We Are All Animals” [Shake the Foundations – Militant funk & the post-punk dancefloor 1979-1984]
  10. Michael William Gilbert “Unwinding” [Moving Pictures]
  11. If, Bwana “Mrs Laura” [Third Noise Principle: formative north american electronica 1975-1984]
  12. Earthling Society “Ea1729” [Space Rock: an Interstellar Traveler’s Guide]
  13. Transparent Aluminum “Vol. 5 Track 1” [Weekly Experiments Vol. 5]
  14. Miss Murgatroid “Time Theory 11:11 (Live on KAOS)” [KAOS Theory]
  15. Clodewerks “Rinse” [COVIDWerks]
  16. Buffy Sainte-Marie “Poppies” [Illuminations]
  17. Live Skull “Alive Again” [Dangerous Visions]
  18. Nels Cline “Isotropes” [Open the Door]
  19. Half Japanese “Charmed Life” [Charmed Life]

23 July 2022

mental mental radio radio


  1. Ah Cama​-​Sotz “Crawling Death” [ Drone Islands Volume I / II / III]
  2. Mouse On Mars “Funkytiste” [The Corners of the Mouth – A Benefit for the School of Sound]
  3. Bardo Pond “Pick My Brain” [Lapsed]
  4. Tunnels of Āh “Red Distribution” [ Drone Islands Volume I / II / III ]
  5. Scott Walker “Plastic Palace People” [Scott 2]
  6. The Kinks “Brainwashed – Stereo Mix” [Arthur (Deluxe Edition)]
  7. The Fall “Kicker Conspiracy” [Perverted By Language (Expanded Edition)]
  8. Multifungi “Hollow Humans” [Ladyz in Noyz 3]
  9. Melkor “Damavand” [Vision of Darkness in Iranian Contemporary Music Vol. II ]
  10. Marta SmiLga “Untitled 11” [Shape Platform 2019]
  11. Guru Guru “Spaceship – Edit” [Space Rock: an Interstellar Traveler’s Guide]
  12. Experimental Audio Research “As the Night Starts Closing In” [Phenomena 256]
  13. Rodion G.A. “Planeta Misterioasa” [Misiunea Spatiala Delta (Delta Space Mission)]
  14. Eet “Is There Life on the Earth?” [Danger Barn]
  15. AUBE “Gloriole” [The Corners of the Mouth – A Benefit for the School of Sound]
  16. Atomic Rooster “They Took Control of You” [Atomic Rooster]
  17. JayVe Montgomery & Drew Gowran “Reality Warping 4” [Reality Warping]
  18. Marlo De Lara “Stage One” [Pandemic Scores]
  19. Edward Ka-Spel “Concentration Street” [100 Seconds to Midnight]

9 July 2022

Psyche balancing begins at home.


  1. June Miller “Bad Brains” [Ups & Downs EP]
  2. Bad Brains “I Against I” [I Against I]
  3. Guru Freakout “Notre Dame (Mothership) – Edit” [Space Rock: an Interstellar Traveler’s Guide]
  4. Psychic TV “(Power Cut and Dialogue)” [Live in Paris]
  5. Psychic TV “Strange Affair” [Live in Paris]
  6. Black Rainbows “Hawkdope” [Hawkdope]
  7. Photek “Halogen” [Solaris]
  8. Gilli Smyth “O.K. Man, This Is Your World” [Mother]
  9. Liang YiYuan “Low Frequency Communication Disorder” [ Those That Die In A Dream. A twenty years retrospective ]
  10. Lee “Scratch” Perry “Bionic Rats” [The Best of Lee Perry]
  11. Tim Blake “Lighthouse” [Blake’s New Jerusalem]
  12. Conspiracy Therapists “Dragonfly Dune” [8th Annual Report (Mid Year Edition)]
  13. Kim Gordon “Murdered Out” [No Home Record]
  14. The Pattern Forms “Fluchtwege” [Peel Away the Ivy]
  15. Memorie Elettroniche Sonore “Luminescenze Del Deserto” [ Memorie Elettroniche Sonore]
  16. White Manna “We Pretend Space Isn’t There” [Temporary Lines]
  17. Laurie Anderson “Life on a String” [Life on a String]
  18. Poison Girls “Ideologically Unsound” [Hex]
  19. Flor “The Hunt” [Blackflakes]
  20. Cameron/Horne/Flaten/Thomson “How About Never” [Place Is the Space]
  21. Smegma “Stereo Action” [The Mad Enchantments, The Barbaric Pulsations, The Incomparable Rhythms of…]

25 June 2022

Summer at last! Fourteen year old Lennon joins his father in the DJ booth to pick songs and pitch for the Freeform Portland Summer Fundraiser!


  1. Tangerine Dream “Ultima Thule Part 1” [Space Rock: an Interstellar Traveler’s Guide]
  2. Alien Sex Fiend “In and Out of My Mind… – Version; Edit” [Maximum Security]
  3. Black Country, New Road “Basketball Shoes” [Ants From Up There]
  4. Tortoise “Along the Banks of Rivers” [Millions Now Living Will Never Die]
  5. Slint “Washer” [Spiderland]
  6. The Olsen Twins Ghostlight Ensemble “Session 2” [Live From No Fun]
  7. black midi “Sweater” [Sweater]
  8. The Great Old Ones “Born From The Nameless Mist” [Yog​-​Sothoth]
  9. Boris “Flood II” [Flood]
  10. Hot Pursuit Of Happiness “We Pay For This Service ” [This Day’s Called Tuesday]
  11. Built To Spill “Randy Described Eternity” [Perfect from Now On]
  12. Dark Buddha Rising “L” [Dakhmandal]
  13. The Microphones “II. Solar System” [Mount Eerie]
  14. Duster “Faint” [Capsule Losing Contact]

11 June 2022

SPLASH! Mini-Mutations vs. The Shat; b-Aluria from Brazil, Jandek, Lydia Lunch, Italian Post-Industrial Music, Patti Smith, William Hooker, everything that is stretched & saturated…


  1. Mini-Mutations “A Visible Spectrum” [The Study of the Universe]
  2. Mini-Mutations “Mercury, Venus, Earth & The Moon” [The Study of the Universe]
  3. Mini-Mutations “All Bound By Gravity” [The Study of the Universe]
  4. b-Aluria “mapas” [Monstera ]
  5. b-Aluria ” feiticeira vermelha (vermillion)” [caos com nome]
  6. Jandek “Carnival Queen” [Modern Dances]
  7. Low “Carnival Queen” [A Lifetime of Temporary Relief: 10 Years of B-Sides & Rarities]
  8. The Dead C “Alien to Be” [Eusa Kills]
  9. William Hooker w/ DJ Olive & Glenn Spearman “Flow – Rt. 1 (Awake)” [Mindfulness]
  10. Patti Smith “Radio Ethiopia” [Radio Ethiopia]
  11. Giant Sand “Saturated Beyond Repair” [Provisions]
  12. BAD SECTOR “EGO VIRGO Prologo 2 (Sweeps)” [Anthology of Post Industrial and Experimental Music from Italy]
  13. 8 Eyed Spy “Swamp” [Luncheon]
  14. 8 Eyed Spy “Run Through the Jungle” [Luncheon]
  15. Dead Hawk “System Failure” [Split C22]
  16. Green Milk from the Planet Orange “When Every Color Turns Black” [He’s crying “Look”]
  17. Tiptons Sax Quartet “Laws of Motion” [Laws of Motion]
  18. Ariel Kalma “Gongmo” [Osmos]

28 May 2022 (What’s This Metal V: Everyday Is Sabbath Day)

Doom is in the news to such a huge degree that the best your host could do was echo it. We will return to experimental music across genres next week and instead focus on the heavy stuff this show. Classic Metal, NWOBHM, Doom, Proto-Metal, Proto-Black Metal, Japanese Punk Metal, and LOTS OF SABBATH. Thanks to Ryan A. Ray for his help engineering and making sure the WTC speakers didn’t blow.


  1. Venom “Witching Hour” [Welcome to Hell]
  2. Iron Maiden “2 Minutes to Midnight – 2015 Remaster” [Powerslave (2015 – Remaster)]
  3. Boris “She is burning” [She is burning]
  4. Aragorn “Black Ice” [The Neat Singles Collection: Vol. One]
  5. Slough Feg “New Organon” [New Organon]
  6. Death Wish “Demon Preacher ” [NWOBHM New Wave of British Heavy Metal]
  7. Black Sabbath “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath – 2014 Remaster” [Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (2014 Remaster)]
  8. Black Sabbath “Megalomania – 2013 Remaster” [Sabotage (2014 Remaster)]
  9. Black Sabbath “E5150 – 2021 Remaster” [Mob Rules (Deluxe Edition)]
  10. Black Sabbath “The Mob Rules – 2021 Remaster” [Mob Rules (Deluxe Edition)]
  11. Black Sabbath “Trashed – 2004 Remaster” [Born Again (2004 Remaster)]
  12. Fleetwood Mac “The Green Manalishi” [Men of the World: The Early Years]
  13. Judas Priest “Sinner” [The Essential Judas Priest]
  14. Therion “Son of the Staves of Time” [Gothic Kabbalah]
  15. Sweet Savage “Killing Time” [Killing Time]
  16. Helloween “Back Against The Wall” [Rabbit Don’t Come Easy]
  17. Raven “Crazy World” [Rock Until You Drop]
  18. Motörhead “Dead Men Tell No Tales” [Bomber (Expanded Edition)]
  19. Blind Guardian “Valkyries” [At the Edge of Time]
  20. Blitzkrieg “Blitzkrieg – 1980 Demo” [The Boys from Brazil Street: The Archives, Vol. 1]
  21. Accept “Stalingrad” [Stalingrad]
  22. Metallica “The Four Horsemen (Remastered)” [Kill ‘Em All (Remastered)]
  23. Atomic Rooster “Death Walks Behind You” [Death Walks Behind You]

14 May 2022 (Female Voices)

In light of current events bringing reproductive rights into the national conversation this episode of What’s This Called? is a presentation of all female artists and female led groups.


  1. Linda Hoyle “Pieces Of Me” [Pieces Of Me / The Fetch]
  2. Moor Mother “Clock Fight” [Black Encyclopedia of the Air]
  3. Laurie Anderson “Statue of Liberty” [Live in New York]
  4. Ghost Bitch “Ridin’ (for Kathy Acker)” [Blood and Honey]
  5. M.I.A. “TELL ME WHY” [/\/\ /\ Y /\ (Deluxe Edition)]
  6. Dolphin Midwives “Break” [Body Of Water]
  7. The Shaggs “Philosophy of the World” [Philosophy of the World]
  8. Bikini Kill “Reject All American” [Reject All American]
  9. Kim Gordon “Get Yr Life Back” [No Home Record]
  10. Lydia Lunch “Summer of My Disconnect” [The War Is Never Over]
  11. Jane Weaver “Modern Kosmology” [Modern Kosmology]
  12. Bongwater “Birth” [The 20th Anniversary Of The Summer Of Love]
  13. Marlo De Lara “Feeding the Crocodile” [Women Take Back the Drone]
  14. Amy Denio “Lousy Wanker” [Tongues]
  15. Elise Baldwin “Heliograph” [Women Take Back the Noise]
  16. Myra Melford “Some Kind of Blues” [Live at the Knitting Factor Volume Two]
  17. Les Calamités “The Kids Are All right” [Encore ! 1983-1987]
  18. Buffy Sainte-Marie “The Vampire” [Illuminations]
  19. Siouxsie and the Banshees “Pure” [The Scream]
  20. Siouxsie and the Banshees “Jigsaw Feeling” [The Scream]
  21. Yoko Ono “She Gets Down On Her Knees (feat. Penguin Prison)” [Yes, I’m A Witch Too]
  22. The Slits “Trapped Animal” [Trapped Animal]
  23. Laurie Spiegel “Drums” [The Expanding Universe]
  24. Cyoakha Grace O’Manion “Feels Like Dying” [Unknown Music from Dream Quest of Kadath]
  25. Jennifer Robin w/ Spirit Duplicator “KITTENS (Live)” [Death Confetti]
  26. Cibo Matto “We Love Our Lawyers” [At Home With a Groovebox]

30 April 2022

now there are only 22 words left.


  1. Sarah Neufeld “Tumble Down The Undecided” [Detritus]
  2. Young Scientist “Ice Floe” [Third Noise Principle: formative north american electronica 1975-1984]
  3. Ben Vida + Lea Bertucci “Permanent Singularity” [Murmurations ]
  4. Tim Buckley “I Must Have Been Blind” [Blue Afternoon]
  5. Resina “Manic” [Speechless]
  6. The Electric Chairs “So Many Ways” [So Many Ways – Single]
  7. Explosions In The Sky “Human History” [Big Bend (An Original Soundtrack for Public Television)]
  8. Laurie Anderson “Love Among the Sailors” [Live in New York]
  9. Echoflex “Memoria” [Echoflex VII: Mythos]
  10. Bit Shifter “• •” [Closed System Blues]
  11. Sonic Youth “Campfire” [At Home With The Groovebox]
  12. Mechanical Bull “Signal Unearthed” [Reach Out & Touch It ]
  13. Cobra Killer “High Is The Pine” [76/77]
  14. Astrid Sonne “Strong, Calm, Slow” [Cliodynamics]
  15. Lisa Cameron & claire rousay “Spurn” [Vertices]
  16. No Sound “Tomb” [“Hippie”]
  17. Jad Fair “The Sound Of Music” [The Sound Of Music – An Unfinished Symphony In 12 Parts]
  18. Argumentix “Gus Van Sant’s Last Days” [Boss of Goth]
  19. The God in Hackney “Holt, Jarmara” [Cave Moderne]
  20. Clock DVA “Exercise in Magnetic Tape No 4” [Further Perspectives & Distortion: An Encyclopedia of British Experimental and Avant-Garde Music 1976-1984]
  21. The 012 “Asbestos Lead Asbestos” [Shake The Foundations: Militant Funk & The Post-Punk Dancefloor 1978-1984]
  22. Edward Ka-Spel “Trickster” [The Concrete Diaries]

16 April 2022 (Clean Yr. Volume Knobs)

It’s been a busy and frantic time on a personal level for your host Ricardo Wang this weekend, so we are just getting to sharing the recording of Saturday’s radio show on Freeform Portland! It’s the first time in years that What’s This Called? hasn’t run a show preview, but if you missed the live stream you can still listen below! Thanks once again to Ryan Ray for engineering assistance while we wait to see when the Freeform Portland studio might reopen.


  1. Mouse “Ashen Besher” [Lady Killer]
  2. Bill Nace “Boil First” [A-1238]
  3. Plug “3.41” [Plug EP 1]
  4. Helena Celle ” Real Time (Five Track Pentangle Edgelord Mix)” [ If You Can’t Handle You At Your Worst, Then I Don’t Deserve Me At My Best,]
  5. Dawn of Midi “Tale of Two Worlds” [First]
  6. Children of Osiris “Breathing” [Collective Discord]
  7. FJ Pangolin “Stalagmites were once support” [Damage to the Field]
  8. Mario Lino Stancati “Recall in the vacuum” [Vairagya]
  9. Sonic Youth “Dans Les Bois / M. Rabier” [Simon Werner a Disparu (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)]
  10. Hypersurface “Scribbles in the Sky at Night” [Hypersurface]
  11. Golden Death Music “Lost in Violence” [Ephemera Blues]
  12. Sun City Girls “Elvis On a Shoestring” [Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol 3: Superculto]
  13. Martina Testen “Afternoon: Panovec” [Biodukt]
  14. Fennesz “Happy Audio” [Endless Summer]
  15. Daniel Menche “From Here to Electricity (Granual Mix)” [From Here to Electricity]
  16. Owls Are Not “Broadcast from Nowhere” [Radio Tree]
  17. Sun Ra “Exotic Forest” [Nothing Is…]
  18. Bit Shifter “The Diving Bell” [Closed System Blues]
  19. The Legendary Pink Dots “Nirvana For Zeroes” [The Museum of Human Happiness]

Freeform Portland 6th Birthday Set!

In honor of Freeform Portland‘s 6th Anniversary! WTC proudly presents the following 1/2 hour audio birthday card. Other Freeform DJs are sharing theirs too all weekend long, so tune in!


  1. E-Roc “Horrorgoll” [Damaged Brains 2 (The Best Of Krautrock)]
  2. Bauhaus “Paranoia, Paranoia” [Singles]
  3. Tone Set “The Devil Makes the Loudest Noise” [Third Noise Principle: formative north american electronica 1975-1984]
  4. Lee “Scratch” Perry “Disco Devil” [Lee “Scratch” Perry Presents The Full Experience]
  5. The Fall “Eat Y’Self Fitter” [Perverted By Language (Expanded Edition)]

Freeform Evergreen Show

Program to air at some random future time when the need arises at Freeform Portland!

when is a bird a shadow and when is a shadow a bird?


  1. The Residents “99 Space Music” [Third Noise Principle: formative north american electronica 1975-1984]
  2. Nico “Vegas” [To The Outside Of Everything: A Story Of UK Post Punk 1977-1981]
  3. The Lounge Lizards “Bob And Nico” [No Pain For Cakes]
  4. This Heat “24 Track Loop” [This Heat]
  5. Amy Denio “Ballintubber Abbey” [Prodigal Light]
  6. Pere Ubu “Birdies” [The Art of Walking]
  7. UW Hypotheekavies “de magneet” [Nature or Nurture]
  8. Sonic Youth “Inhuman” [Confusion Is Sex (Plus Kill Yr. Idols)]
  9. Smegma “Quiet on the Set Rioux I” [Mirage]
  10. Comus “The Prisoner” [First Utterance]
  11. Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come “Triangles – 2021 Remaster” [Eternal Messenger: An Anthology 1970-1973]
  12. David Torn “The Mercury Grid” [Cloud About Mercury]
  13. Metamorphosis “Musak from Hawthorne Court” [The Elephant Table Album]
  14. Laurie Anderson “One Beautiful Evening” [Life on a String]
  15. Siouxsie and the Banshees “Hybrid” [Kaleidoscope (Remastered & Expanded)]
  16. Yoko Ono “No, No, No” [No, No, No b/w Nobody Sees Me Like You Do]
  17. Moodring “Khan” [Phoolan Devi]
  18. Lynn Vernon “Moon Rocket” [Music From Planet Earth Vol. 1 (Martians, Ray Guns, Flying Saucers And Other Space Junk)]
  19. Kluster “Kluster 1 (Electric Music und Texte)” [Klopfzeichen]

26 March 2022

uneasy listening


  1. Motörhead “Nightmare/The Dreamtime” [1916]
  2. Shaun Robert “RANDOM Portal” [Music For Tape and Radio]
  3. Paintings For Animals “Lesith” [Kristeater]
  4. Paulina Owczarek & Leo Suarez “Grounding Point” [I Can See Your House from Here]
  5. Machinefabriek “Somerset” [Marijn]
  6. Mortar Devotions “Cortical Systematics” [The Body Of Horror – Music Inspired By The Cinema Of David Cronenberg ]
  7. Sue P. Fox “Untitled Track” [Turbo’s Tunes]
  8. KK Null “Action XX” [Bora Scura Reimagined]
  9. Von Südenfed “Family Feud” [Tromatic Reflexxions]
  10. Kenji Ikegami “Access” [Anthology Of Experimental Music From Japan ]
  11. Tonesucker “Splatterstrum” [Wire Tapper 17]
  12. Digital By Birth “Blush Response (Live)” [live mini album]
  13. Black To Comm “Laccifer Lacca” [Rückwärts Backwards]
  14. Raganas Mācekle “Hollogramma” [ Lhetargija]
  15. xedh “acuphenos (vinduskarm)” [vinduskarm]
  16. Bill Laswell “Death Rattle” [Low Life / Last Exit]
  17. Antonello Perfetto & Greg Nieuwsma “Kamuy” [Hiyachuchi]
  18. Philippe Petit “In Tokyo Henry Spencer is Fine” [Philippe Petit Scores Henry: The Iron Man]
  19. Future Image “Music For Tones” [Electric Carpets]
  20. Replikants “Like a Droid to the Slaughter” [Slickaphonics]
  21. Electric Eels “Jaguar Ride” [Die Electric Eels (1975)]

12 March 2022

Songs of escape and no escape.


  1. M.I.A. “SPACE” [/\/\ /\ Y /\]
  2. David Torn “Previous Man” [Cloud About Mercury]
  3. Seth Andrew Davis “The Walk Out on the Wire” [Highways Jammed With Broken Heroes]
  4. Swell Maps “Robot Factory” [Jane from Occupied Europe]
  5. Desiderii Marginis “The Interzone” [ The Body Of Horror – Music Inspired By The Cinema Of David Cronenberg]
  6. INOYAMALAND “Bananatron” [Commissions: 1977-2000]
  7. DJ Krush “Le Temps” [Milight]
  8. KAZUYA ISHIGAMI “tomy​-​robo” [Anthology Of Experimental Music From Japan ]
  9. Einstürzende Neubauten “Boreas” [Perpetuum Mobile]
  10. The Pop Group “Amnesty International Report” [We Are All Prostitutes]
  11. Killing Joke “Turn to Red – Remastered” [Turn to Red 2020]
  12. Wire “Reuters – 2006 Remastered Version” [Pink Flag]
  13. Deep Feeling “Welcome For A Soldier” [Lullabies For Catatonics: A Journey Through The British Avant-Pop/Art Rock Scene 1967-74]
  14. SpizzEnergi “Soldier Soldier” [To The Outside Of Everything: A Story Of UK Post Punk 1977-1981]
  15. Johnny Warman “War of The Worlds” [Hour Glass]
  16. Motörhead “1916” [1916]
  17. Victoria Jordanova “Requiem for Bosnia (excerpt)” [The Composer-Performer]
  18. Blood Rhythms “Punctuated Lung” [Mirages Against Concrete]
  19. Smegma “Babylon 2000” [The Mad Enchantments, The Barbaric Pulsations, The Incomparable Rhythms of…]
  20. Greg Segal “Around the Healing Spring” [In Search of the Fantastic]
  21. Rational Youth “Dancing On The Berlin Wall” [Cold War Night Life (Expanded)]

26 February 2022

turn left at the streaming audio.

Mystery Drive


  1. Soft Machine “Chloe And The Pirates – Remastered 2006” [Six]
  2. Lee “Scratch” Perry “Free Up the Prisoners – 12″ Mix” [The Best of Lee Perry]
  3. Buffy Sainte-Marie “God Is Alive Magic Is Afoot” [Illuminations]
  4. Mosquito “AMB-01 Saturn” [Anthology Of Experimental Music From Japan ]
  5. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky “18 morceaux, Op. 72, No. 2. Berceuse. 18 morceaux, Op. 72: No. 2, Berceuse (Arr. For theremin and piano)” [Rachmaninov, S.: Vocalise / Saint-Saens, C.: Le Cygne / Falla, M.: El Amor Brujo / Achron, J.: Hebrew Melody (The Art of the Theremin)]
  6. Thinking Fellers Union Local #282 “Entoloma” [Hangin’ from the Devil’s Tree]
  7. Mortal Engines “Sugar Skull, part 4” [Sugar Skull]
  8. Scanner “My Lost Love Hunting Your Lost Face” [Delivery]
  9. Rapoon & Sonologyst “Ghosts of My Life” [Hauntology in UK]
  10. Witchy Poo “Bad Circulation” [Everybody Looks Good In a Helmet]
  11. Luna “Ides of March of the Trolls” [A Place of Greater Safety]
  12. SLW cc Watt “Lies Broken By The Truth” [Real Manic Time]
  13. Pye Corner Audio “Ganzfeld Effect” [Stasis]
  14. Hawklords “Free Fall” [25 Years On]
  15. Sun Foot “Recession Psychonaut” [Purple & Orange Memorial Record]
  16. Noggin “…and in the Spring of 1930” [North of Nowhere]
  17. Sun City Girls “Ruins of an Old Casino” [Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol 3: Superculto]
  18. Robert Fripp “Miniature” [The Cherry Red Records Singles Collection – Part 8]
  19. Fred Frith “The Boy Beats The Rams (Kluk Tluce Berany)” [Further Perspectives & Distortion: An Encyclopedia of British Experimental and Avant-Garde Music 1976-1984]
  20. The Raincoats “Fairytale in the Supermarket” [The Raincoats]
  21. Nurse With Wound “I Was No Longer His Dominant (Alternate Version)” [Further Perspectives & Distortion: An Encyclopedia of British Experimental and Avant-Garde Music 1976-1984]

12 February 2022

Experimental music you can come home to.


  • The Dream Syndicate “Dusting Off The Rust” [The Universe Inside]
  • Bauhaus “Rosegarden Funeral of Sores – Remastered 2008” [Singles]
  • Mosquito “AMB​-​0​.​1 Saturn” [Anthology Of Experimental Music From Japan ]
  • Will Sergeant “Scene X” [Further Perspectives & Distortion: An Encyclopedia of British Experimental and Avant-Garde Music 1976-1984]
  • Grey Frequency “Utopia Mix” [Hauntology in UK]
  • Tuxedomoon “Night and Day (Homage A Cole Porter)” [Third Noise Principle: formative north american electronica 1975-1984]
  • Philippe Petit & Friends “Succumbed to Gravity” [Wire Tapper 25]
  • Dolphin Midwives “Break” [Break]
  • Silzedrek “Gwen’s Pen” [I Stumble And Then I Fall]
  • Mass Ornament “Misunderheard” [Ladyz in Noyz 3]
  • Space Afrika “Strength (feat. LA Timpa)” [Honest Labour]
  • I-Roy “Space Flight” [Trojan Suedehead Box Set]
  • Amy Denio “Further Sadness” [Tongues]
  • Joan Tower “Petroushskates” [The Composer-Performer]
  • Beverly Glenn-Copeland “River Dreams” [Transmissions: The Music Of Beverly Glenn-Copeland]
  • Danava “One Mind Gone Separate Ways” [UnonoU]
  • Mission Of Burma “Einstein’s Day” [vs.]
  • Mary Ellen Childs “Wreck: Spirit Duet (after Kolokol)” [Mary Ellen Childs: Wreck]
  • Mark Perry “Death Looks Down” [Snappy Turns]
  • Jefferson Airplane “White Levis Jefferson Airplane” [1960s Psychedelic Radio Commercials]
  • Spacemen 3 “Hypnotized” [Recurring (Remastered)]

29 January 2022 (What’s This Metal? IV: A New Hope)

A long time ago (well 2020 anyway) in an undisclosed location far, far out of low power FM range, your host Ricardo Wang deviated from his normal non-genre oriented experimental music program to produce a series of specials for Freeform Portland during this age of Pandemic that feature a little something for the heshers. Because heshers gotta Pandemic too, dammit. But we digress.

What’s This Called? will return in two weeks with the usual unusual mix of drones, noise, ambiance, plunderphonics, musique concrete, post-punk, psych, and general weirdness. But right now, put your head between the speakers and use the Force!


  1. Dark “Zero Time” [I’m A Freak, Baby… A Journey Through The British Heavy Psych And Hard Rock Underground Scene 1968-72]
  2. Stargazer “Of the Sun” [The Scream That Tore the Sky]
  3. Judas Priest “Starbreaker” [Sin After Sin]
  4. Scanner “Warp 7” [Hypertrace]
  5. Budgie “Guts – 2013 Remaster” [Budgie (2013 remaster)]
  6. Metallica “Crash Course In Brain Surgery (Remastered)” [The $5.98 EP – Garage Days Re-Revisited (Remastered)]
  7. Budgie “Zoom Club” [In for the Kill]
  8. Djinn and Miskatonic “Doombringer” [Even Gods Must Die]
  9. UFO “Prince Kajuku – Remastered” [Flying – One Hour Space Rock (Remastered)]
  10. Skin Yard “1000 Smiling Knuckles” [1000 Smiling Knuckles]
  11. The Lord Weird Slough Feg “High Passage / Low Passage” [Traveller]
  12. James Gang “The Bomber A: Closet Queen B: Bolero C: Cast Your Fate To The Wind – Medley” [Rides Again]
  13. Girlschool “Bomber” [Hit and Run (Bonus Track Edition)]
  14. Motörhead “Iron Fist” [Iron Fist (Deluxe Edition)]
  15. Sepultura “Screaming For Vengeance” [Hell Bent Forever – A Tribute To Judas Priest]
  16. Soulfly “Ayatollah of Rock ‘N’ Rolla” [Savages]
  17. Iron Maiden “The Prisoner – 2015 Remaster” [The Number of the Beast (2015 – Remaster)]
  18. Tygers Of Pan Tang “Fireclown” [The MCA Years]
  19. Voivod “Chaosmongers” [Dimension Hatröss]
  20. Rush “Cygnus X-1 – Book One – The Voyage” [A Farewell To Kings]
  21. Witch Mountain “Mechanical World” [Witch Mountain]
  22. Melvins “Stump Farmer” [Tres Cabrones]

15 January 2022 (Requiem for Sandy)

The real life mother of your host Ricardo Wang, Sandy McAdams, was found deceased on December 28, 2021. Her last contact with the family was at Christmas. Lennon and I picked music to honor her in this program. It would be a lie to say that she was a fan of experimental music, yet she was very supportive of our endeavors (the boys’ and mine as well). We believe she would appreciate the statement. If you did not know her, we hope the great pieces of music we’ve chosen at least express the intensity of our love for and thanks to Sandy.

“ashes of a fallen moon”


  1. Spring Heel Jack “Church Music” [Songs And Themes]
  2. Tortoise “Dear Grandma and Grandpa” [Millions Now Living Will Never Die]
  3. Tim Buckley “Goodbye and Hello” [Goodbye And Hello]
  4. The Microphones “You’ll Be in the Air” [The Glow, Pt. 2]
  5. Bardo Pond “Tommy Gun Angel” [Lapsed]
  6. Duster “Stars Will Fall” [Transmission, Flux]
  7. Laurie Anderson “Slip Away” [Life on a String]
  8. my bloody valentine “To Here Knows When” [Loveless]
  9. Scott Walker “The Seventh Seal” [Scott 4]
  10. black midi “Diamond Stuff” [Cavalcade]
  11. Leaves of Autumn “Memento Mori” [7th Annual Report]
  12. Lovesliescrushing “Mandragora Louvareen” [xuvetyn]
  13. Adolph Deutsch “Lonely Room” [Jazz Noir 60 Menacing Masterpieces of Mystery, Murder & Mayhem]
  14. David Bowie “Sons of the Silent Age – 2017 Remaster” [“Heroes” (2017 Remaster)]
  15. Duster “Stratosphere” [Stratosphere]
  16. Einstürzende Neubauten “Dead Friends (Around The Corner)” [Perpetuum Mobile]
  17. Boris “Just Abandoned Myself” [Pink]
  18. The Rolling Stones “Time Waits For No One” [It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll]
  19. Curtis Mayfield “If I Were Only a Child Again” [Back to the World]
  20. Brian Eno “I’ll Come Running – 2004 Digital Remaster” [Another Green World]
  21. Big Star “Holocaust” [Third]
  22. The Legendary Pink Dots “Sterre” [Hallway of the Gods]
  23. Have A Nice Life “The Big Gloom” [Deathconsciousness]

1/1/2022 (New Year’s Wishes)

2021 has been a hard year for the What’s This Called? family, so hopefully 2022 will bring some new light. Have a listen below:


  1. Sun Ra & His Intergalactic Solar Arkestra “It’s After the End of the World” [Space is the Place: Music for the Film]
  2. Moor Mother “Made A Circle” [Black Encyclopedia of the Air]
  3. Moor Mother “Mangrove” [Black Encyclopedia of the Air]
  4. Dolphin Midwives “Temple IV” [Liminal Garden]
  5. Skin Yard “Throb” [Hallowed Ground]
  6. L.A. Lungs “Railcar Fracas” [Cryptic Snuggling]
  7. Blue Faces “Little Pinwheel” [Little Pinwheel]
  8. White Noise “The Visitation” [An Electric Storm]
  9. Laurie Anderson “Dark Time in the Revolution” [Homeland]
  10. Samson Stilwell “Sun Like” [Signals]
  11. Sarah Davachi “Border of Mind” [Antiphonals]
  12. Bill Horist “Remains of the Assiduous Diffidence” [Tastemaker Epics]
  13. King Buffalo “Eta Carinae” [Dead Star]
  14. Halfbird “From the Record of Past Problems” [Read to Me]
  15. Daniel Menche “Digital Ice Storm” [Homework – Year 2]
  16. Violent Vickie “Circle Square” [Division]
  17. Hans Castrup “Realness” [Constant Imbalances III]

Freeform Winter Solstice Challenge

Instead of our regularly scheduled two hour What’s This Called? we are participating in the weekend long Freeform Winter Solstice DJ Challenge! Our half hour mix of experimental, psych, and post-punk flurries should chill your shortest day and longest night. The show airs three times this weekend on Freeform Portland interspersed between other amazing Solstice DJ sets from Freeform all-stars. You may listen below at any time to the WTC contribution.


  1. The Membranes “Ice Age” [To The Outside Of Everything: A Story Of UK Post Punk 1977-1981]
  2. Tea & Symphony “Winter” [An Asylum for The Musically Insane]
  3. Nico “Frozen Warnings” [The Marble Index]
  4. Bauhaus “Exquisite Corpse” [The Sky’s Gone Out]
  5. Yoko Ono “Listen the Snow Is Falling ” [Wedding Album]
  6. Soft Machine “All White – Remastered 2006” [Fifth]
  7. The Flying Lizards “Summertime Blues” [The Flying Lizards]

4 December 2021

#ExperimentalMusic #PostPunk #Drone #Noise #Psych


  1. New Asia “Central Proposition” [To the Outside of Everything – A Story of UK Post Punk 1977-1981]
  2. Siouxsie and the Banshees “Pure” [The Scream]
  3. Siouxsie and the Banshees “Jigsaw Feeling” [The Scream]
  4. Gunter Muller & Jim O’Rourke “a faster silence” [Slow Motion]
  5. Psychic TV “Stark Powers” [Live in Paris]
  6. The Fall “Garden” [Perverted By Language (Expanded Edition)]
  7. Hawkwind Zoo “Hurry on Sundown – 1969 Mix” [Sunshine Special E.P.]
  8. The Orb “Spheres Side (feat. David Gilmour) – Stereo Version” [Metallic Spheres (feat. David Gilmour)]
  9. Sonologyst “Superluminal” [State of Flux]
  10. Ornette Coleman “Chronology” [The Shape Of Jazz To Come]
  11. Andreas Karperyd “Landfil” [Anthology of Electronic Music from Scandanavia]
  12. High Tide “Futilist’s Lament” [Sea Shanties]
  13. Zilmrah “Obelisk” [Hippocampus Obscura]
  14. The Pink Fairies “Walk Don’t Run” [What A Bunch Of Sweeties]
  15. Scott Walker “It’s Raining Today” [Scott 3]
  16. The Raincoats “Fairytale in the Supermarket” [The Raincoats]
  17. Nico “Vegas” [Janitor Of Lunacy (Live At The Library Theatre Manchester)]

20 November 2021





  1. Play Human “Indifference” [SaDo Damascus 2013 Winter Copulation]
  2. Bit Shifter “The New Normal” [Closed System Blues]
  3. Plankton Wat “Modern Ruins” [Future Times]
  4. Black Midi “Ascending Forth” [Cavalcade]
  5. M83 “Gone” [Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts]
  6. Rose City Band “Real Long Gone” [Summerlong]
  7. Bardo Pond “Flux” [Lapsed]
  8. Fennesz “Dheli Plaza” [Hotel Paral.lel]
  9. Wisp “Ptolemy Sphere” [Drinking The Goat’s Blood]
  10. Captain Beyond “Mesmerization Eclipse” [Captain Beyond]
  11. Siouxsie and the Banshees “The Rapture” [The Rapture (Remastered / Expanded)]
  12. Alan Licht & Brian Chase “Immediate Release” [We Thought We Could Do Anything]
  13. The Microphones “I’m Getting Cold” [Don’t Wake Me Up]
  14. The Microphones “I’ll Be in the Air” [Don’t Wake Me Up]
  15. Sun City Girls “Space Prophet Dogon” [Torch of the Mystics]
  16. The Legendary Pink Dots “Hallway” [Hallway of the Gods]
  17. Castana “Radiant Energy” [Anthology of Electronic Music from Scandanavia]
  18. Eet “RanierMaria” [Danger Barn]
  19. Swell Maps “Midget Submarines” [Sweep the Desert]

6 November 2021 (Give!Guide Kickoff)

Freeform Portland is in this year’s Willamete Week Give!Guide and this What’s This Called? show kicks off our participation in spreading the word. Sonicaly of course.


  1. Laurie Anderson “Let X=X” [Live in New York]
  2. Einstürzende Neubauten “Perpetuum Mobile” [Perpetuum Mobile]
  3. Jarl “Spectrum Confusion Part 2q” [Spectrum Confusion]
  4. The Legendary Pink Dots “The Saucers Are Coming” [Hallway of the Gods]
  5. Bardo Pond “Pick My Brain” [Lapsed]
  6. Perrey and Kingsley “Countdown At 6” [The In Sound From Way Out]
  7. Birdsongs of the Mesozoic “Somber Retiles” [The Fossil Record 1980-1987]
  8. Ben LaMar Gay “Gator Teeth” [Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun]
  9. Boredoms “Pukalee & Rikulee” [Stars Kill Rock]
  10. Matmos “…And Silver Light Popped In His Eyes” [Matmos]
  11. Moor Mother “Temporal Control Of Light Echoes” [Black Encyclopedia of the Air]
  12. Daniel Menche “Untitled-4” [Vent]
  13. Pan Sonic “Voima” [A]
  14. Band Of Susans “Two Jacks” [Here Comes Success]
  15. Spring Heel Jack “Garlands” [Songs And Themes]

23 October 2021 (Thee Halloweenesque Episode!)

This will be the closest What’s This Called? air date to Halloween this year so in traditional Spooktacular mode the following musical selections will hopefully send chills up our spine.



  1. Lustmord featuring Soriah “Grigori” [The Word as Power]
  2. Alien Sex Fiend “Dead And Buried” [The Best Of Alien Sex Fiend]
  3. Taphephobia & IDFT “Owl” [Kandu]
  4. Mind Beams “Ambitious Corpse” [Crone]
  5. Blue Öyster Cult “Subhuman” [Secret Treaties]
  6. Bauhaus “In Fear of Fear” [Mask]
  7. The Caretaker “An Autumnal Equinox” [Everywhere at The End of Time]
  8. Alice Cooper “Hallowed Be My Name” [Love It to Death]
  9. William Hooker “Ghost Dance” [Armageddon]
  10. Mary Ellen Childs “Wreck: Spirit Duet (after Kolokol)” [Mary Ellen Childs: Wreck]
  11. Four Dimensional Nightmare “Grave of Lillian” [Icicles]
  12. 400 Blows “Beat the Devil” [The Elephant Table Album]
  13. The Incredible String Band “Witches Hat” [Acid Folk]
  14. Sun City Girls “Ruins of an Old Casino” [Carnival Folklore Resurrection Vol 3: Superculto]
  15. Domotic “Le Demon (Theme)” [Le Demon Des Hautes Plaines]
  16. Unwound “Demons Sing Love Songs” [Leaves Turn Inside You]
  17. Fairport Convention “It’s Alright Ma, It’s Only Witchcraft” [Fairport Convention (Bonus Track Edition)]
  18. Parke “Three Ravens” [Sumer Is Icumen In: The Pagan Sound Of British And Irish Folk 1966-75]
  19. Wobbly “Wall of Blood” [Drinking the Goat’s Blood]
  20. C Cat Trance “Hypnotised” [Shake The Foundations: Militant Funk & The Post-Punk Dancefloor 1978-1984]
  21. Siouxsie and the Banshees “Sick Child” [The Rapture (Remastered / Expanded)]
  22. Edward Ka-Spel “Night Terrors” [The Victoria Dimension]
  23. Blue Sausage Infant “Sodom Is Risen – Original Mix” [Manitou]
  24. Einstürzende Neubauten “Z.N.S.” [Halber Mensch]

9 October 2021 (and Now Prime Time)

After 16 years of Saturday daytime programming, What’s This Called? is moving to the evening hours again, albeit Early Evening. The program will now be heard alternate Saturdays on Freeform Portland from 6-8 PM Pacific Standard Time. We’ll still be on all three Freeform terrestrial low power FM radio signals around Portland Oregon 90.3 FM, 98.3 FM, and 101.5 FM as well as streaming from: http://listen.freeformportland.org:8000/stream with the shows archived just prior to air each week right here at the Listening Center.

And Now 6 PM!:


  1. Hood “How Can You Drag Your Body Blindly Through” [The Cycle Of Days & Seasons]
  2. Teach Me Equals “Dictionary of Imaginary Places” [Knives in the Hope Chest]
  3. Sound Animal “Fountain of Artificial Dreams” [Soundcloud]
  4. Istvan Marta “Doom. A Sigh” [Black Angels]
  5. The Hafler Trio “A Thirsty Fish/The Dirty Fire” [Tyranny of the Beat]
  6. Tonga Boys w/ Doctor Kanuska Group “Maji Ndimoyo (Water Is Life)” [Umoyo Wa Muthempire (Live in the Temple)]
  7. Bill Horist “Hakurankai: Omatsuri Yarou” [Mutei – Music for Davida Monk’s Dream Pavilion]
  8. Glaxo Babies “Shake (The Foundations)” [Shake The Foundations: Militant Funk & The Post-Punk Dancefloor 1978-1984]
  9. Tortoise “Glass Museum” [Millions Now Living Will Never Die]
  10. Duke Ellington “Anatomy of a Murder – Stereo Single Version” [Anatomy of a Murder]
  11. Bad Girl “City of Dead” [The Beyond – Music Inspired by the Lucio Fulci Death Trilogy]
  12. Thrones “Googander” [Alraune]
  13. Chris & Cosey “Raining Tears of Blood” [Songs of Love & Lust]
  14. Blectum From Blechdom “Mummy Secret Storage” [Haus de Snaus]
  15. Wendy Carlos “Timesteps (excerpt)” [A Clockwork Orange Motion Picture Soundtrack]
  16. Jackie O Motherfucker “Something On Your Mind” [Liberation (Reissue)]
  17. Brunnen “Miranda” [The Beekeeper’s Dream (2014 Remaster)]