7 May 2011: Pledge Drive Week 2 (No Recording)

7 May 2011: Pledge Drive Week 2 (No Recording)

Shows that play the kind of music you hear on What’s This Called? are rare even on college and community stations (and non-existent anywhere else). When a station has one it’s usually on at 3 AM sometime in the middle of the week.

NOT at KPSU though. For 6 years running, KPSU has been bold enough to let me doWhat’s This Called? on Saturdays at Noon Pacific Time, a slot most community station fill with the likes of Car Talk, bluegrass music, and Prairie Home Companion. Even in other time zones WTC is still on earlier than experimental music shows ever get to be (8 PM in merry old England for instance!) In broad daylight you get to hear the likes of Merzbow, Crank Sturgeon, John Cage, Sun Ra, Sun City Girls, and Marlo Eggplant, something unheard of practically anywhere else in the world. Nothing assures this continue more than when you pledge support to KPSU during or on behalf of What’s This Called?
Today, I am featuring scads of new and new-to-me music from the likes of Sonic Youth (SYR 9!), His Name is Alive, Taming the Outback and Sylvi Alli. I also have generous Thank You Gifts for those that contribute to keep the ship afloat including 2 CD sets from Beta-lactam Ring Records artists for a mere $25 pledge (choose from Legendary Pink Dots, Earthmonkey, Pepe Wismeer, and Tecumseh, or a single cd from Ilitch for a $15 pledge!) Plus anyone who pledges and is in or can visit Portland gets free gelato from Legong Gelato in St. John’s.
If anybody would like to claim one of those gifts NOW you can pledge right at http://www.kpsu.org, then just message my Facebook page with which cds you want!
Thanks to KPSU for giving the show a stable and dependable home since 2005, and thanks to YOU for making that possible!

Theme de Laetitia Sonic Youth SYR 9: Simon Werner A Disparu
Why People Disappear His Name Is Alive Always Stay Sweet
How to be a Werewolf Mogwai Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
Through the Veil Sylvi Alli Vessel
Crack in Your Brain (Westworld) Taming the Outback 1986-1989
Heart of Darkness Pere Ubu Datapanik in the year zero
I Did Crimes for You Deerhoof Vs. Evil
June Fifth Paco Jones Radio
Worlds Approaching Sun Ra Strange Strings

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