30 April 2011: Pledge Drive Special (No Recording)

30 April 2011: Pledge Drive Special (No Recording)

Today Noon-1 PM Pacific Time on What’s This Called? Support KPSU and support Experimental Music in the daytime! I have some amazing Thank You Gifts fromLegong Gelato & Beta-lactam Ring Records, so you get even more for pledging than the great feeling of supporting free form college radio and eclectic programming (which really should be enough!)

Call 503-725-5945 or Message me via my Facebook page. Music (and some giveaways!) from Legendary Pink Dots, Tecumseh, Earthmonkey, Pepe Wismeer, Ilitch, Crank Sturgeon, Horaflora, Big City Orchestra and MORE!

Every Portlander (or anybody who plans on visiting) who pledges gets a free scoop at Legong Gelato in St. John’s. Ilitch – La Maïeutique de la Quantique CD with your $15 Pledge. 2 CD sets from Legendary Pink Dots, Earthmonkey, Pepe Wismeer, and Tecumseh all available with a $25 Pledge. A free pint of Gelato from Legong with your $25 Pledge.

Your support for KPSU is tax deductible and supports the station that has now been home for 6 years to the longest running experimental music show in the NW (since 1993!)

Call 503-725-5945 or message me on Facebook right away!

Apophis (edit) Tecumseh Music for Personality Disorder
B3 Le Cantique de la Quantique Ilitch La Maieutique de la Quantique (Quantum Meleutics)
Track 1 Horaflora Horaflora
Devilame (edit) Pepe Wismeer Between Sheep & Pigs
On Another Shore Legendary Pink Dots The French Collection
Nutshell Big City Orchestra Cockamame
Track 6 Crank Sturgeon & Lineland Other Occasions Not Minded
Mothership Earthmonkey Alms of Morpheus
Colony Collapse EET Danger Barn

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