14 May 2011: It’s After the End of the World

14 May 2011: It’s After the End of the World

Man On the Silver Mountain His Name Is Alive Always Stay Sweet
Outside the Trains Don’t Run On Time Gang of Four Solid Gold
No One is There Nico The Marble Index
Instruments of the Devil Artifact Shore Wiretapper 25
Death Dies Goblin Volume II 1975-1980
Escapades Sonic Youth SYR 9: Simon Werner A Disparu
Way Over the Rainbow Sun City Girls valentines from matahari
Fire and Smoke Taming the Outback 1986-1989
Heads Will Roll Echo and The Bunnymen Porcupine
Strange Phenomenon Jandek Living in a Moon So Blue
The Antigravitational Sense Of Nothingness my cat is an alien Wiretapper 25
We’ll Hang For That Swans Body to Body, Job to Job
Weeping Throbbing Gristle D. O. A.
Tenderness of Wolves Coil Scatology
Eggs In The Head (excerpt) Upside Down Umbrella Drinking The Goats Blood

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