About Ricardo Wang

I began doing Public/Community/College radio at KUGS FM in Bellingham, WA in 1985 and was there until 1987. I spent 10 years at KAOS FM in Olympia, WA from 1993-2003 including a one year stint as Music Director. During that entire time, I did the What's This Called? program, at times for as long as 6 hours in a single night! The show ran at KPSU in Portland, from 2005 to 2018. I've been happily at Freeform Portland since October of 2018 and loving every second at this exciting freeform station! I started the Olympia Experimental Music Festival in 1995 and have been playing music off and on in the Dead Air Fresheners since 1997. I'm thrilled to be on the air and the internet at KPSU and part of such an exciting community of creative folks.

17 June 2017 (23rd Olympia Experimental Music Fest Preview!)

The 23rd Olympia Experimental Music Festival! runs Friday June 23rd through Sunday June 25th at Le Voyeur, Obsidian, the Brotherhood, and the Artesian Well: http://oemf.freehostia.com/category/festival-schedule/


2785459065_82fa5997ca_o (1)

Playlist: Artist – “Musical Piece” – Album/Source

L.A. Lungs – “Untitled I (edit)’ – Rrest;

King Tears Bat Trip – “Stolen Police Car (edit)” – King Tears Bat Trip;

Cyclopsycho – “Gazing the Blue” – Bandcamp single;

Dolphin Midwives – “(((prism)))” – Orchid Milk;

Hammer of Hathor – “Air Pain” – Vroom-Psycho;

Fischkopf Sinfoniker – “War Drums” – Music for a Revolution;

Existence Habit – “..” – Bandcamp single;

Angell – “Uriel (explanation version)” – (application for) A Thousand Tones;

Uneasy Chairs – “Piano Improvisation No. 2” – At the Chapel;

Cop Fetish – “Fire is Too Kind (edit)” – Soundcloud single;

Kole Gailbraith – “Alptraum (edit)” – Alptraum

10 June 2017


YOU Are the Camera.


Playlist: Artist/Sound – “Song/Piece/Sound” – Album/Source

Necrophorus – “Tre” – Labyrinth;

Earthmonkey – “New Cheese” – Alms of Morpheus;

Nasser Shamma – “The Moon Fades” – The Moon Fades;

Orbit Service – “Woke Up in the Fire” – Stereo Magic (Portal in 13 Parts);

Theoretical Girls – “U.S. Millie” – Theoretical Record;

Minoru Muraoka – “Soul Bamboo” – Bamboo;

The Megatons – “Isis” – Jungle Exotica;

Four Dimensional Nightmare – “Burned Out Gods” – Icicles;

Robert Fripp & Brian Eno – “Evening Star” – No Pussyfooting;

Meiko Kaji – “Flower of Carnage” – Shura No Hana;

The Residents – “Judas Saves” – Wormwood: Curious Stories from the Bible

3 June 2017

We are delivering: Brand New Moodring! http://www.silbermedia.com/moodring/ , Coil, The Zirkons, Twink, PBK, Nadja, Negativland, Marianne Faithful, The Hive Dwellers, the late great Mike Mahaffay and MORE!



Playlist in semi-Near Realtime – Artist/Sound/Thang – “Song/Track/Piece/Sound/Thang” – Album/Source/Thang

Moodring – “Of Metal and Burning” – Cottage Mess;

Nadja – “Skywriting (edit)” – Music for Personality Disorder;

Marianne Faithful – “Working Class Hero” – Broken English;

PBK – “Aftermath” – Macrophage;

Negativland – “Christianity Is Stupid” – Escape from Noise;

Coil – “Ubu Noir” – Scatology;

The Zirkons – “Congawa!” – Jungle Exotica;

The Hive Dwellers – “Daughters of the Revolution” – Moanin’;

Twink – “Pussycat” – The Broken Record;

Mike Mahaffay – “Reflections on a Symphony (edit)” – Interprets Charles Ives Universe Symphony;

Tangerine Dream – “Ressurection” – Electronic Meditation;

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “Helpless” – The Good Son;

Expo `70 – “The Gathering” – Sonic Messenger;

Moodring -“There is No Last Word” – Cottage Mess

27 May 2017 (The Last Days of May)



Playlist! Artist/Sound – “Song/Sound” – Album/Source:

(the) Melvins Lite – “Let Me Roll It” – The Melvins Lite;

William Hooker/Lee Ranaldo/Zeena Parkins – “Stamina (edit)” The Gift of Tongues;

Alvin Lucier – “Bird and Person Dyning (edit)” – Bird and Person Dyning;

Brian Eno – “Sky Saw” – Another Green World;

The Legendary Stardust Cowboy – “Standing in a Trash Can (Thinking About You)” – Songs in the Key of Z, Vol. 1;

Jandek – “Pending Doom” – “I Woke Up”;

vÄäristymä – “radiopurkaus” – minimalia nocturna;

Elliott Sharp – “Escalation E# – Radio Hyper-Yahoo;

Twink – “Unexpected Party” – The Lost Experimental Recordings 1970;

Urthquake – “Chaos Continuum” – 15 Years of Fury;

Blue Öyster Cult – “Then Came the Last Days of May” – Blue Öyster Cult


20 May 2017


An experimental music acknowledgment of the passing of Chris Cornell at noon, followed sounds to grow a new perspective.

33644539053_835394d3e6_o (1)

Playlist in Near RealTime: Artist/Thang – “Song/Sound” l- Album/Thang

The Sound Garden by Douglas Hollis – “A Sound Garden” = You Tube;

Soundgarden – “Incessant Mace” – Demo;

Iggy Pop – “American Valhalla” – Post-Pop Depression;

Pharoah Sanders – “Astral Traveling” – Thembi;

Linton Kwesi Johnson – “Reality Poem/Dub” – Reggae Britannia;

Palace Songs – “All Gone, All Gone” – Hope;

The Legendary Pink Dots – “Regression” – The Golden Years;

Steel Pole Bathtub – “Down All the Days” – The Miracle of Sound in Motion;

Ashtoreth – “Offering I (edit)” – Offering I;

Mudhoney – “Chain That Door” – Superfuzz Bigmuff;

XSIX – “Lost” – Visions of Darkness in Iranian Contemporary Music,

Tom Waits – “Closing Time” – Closing Time

13 May 2017

Sink in to this week’s What’s This Called?


Playlist: Artist – “Song/Track/Sound” – Album/Source:

Thurston Moore – “Turn On” – Rock N Roll Consciousness;

Iggy Pop – “Sunday” – Post Pop Depression;

Daphne Oram – “Episode Metallic” – Oramics;

AirOn GhostRadio – “Ghostships” – Our Lovely Bones;

Reza Solatipour – “Surviving the Darkness” – Visions of Darkness in Iranian Contemporary Music;

Boogie Down Productions – “My Philosophy” – By All Means Necessary;

Erkki Kurenniemi – “Electronics in the World of Tomorrow” – Electronics in the World of Tomorrow;

Amon Düül II – “Sandoz In The Rain (Improvisation)” – Yeti

06 May 2017 (2 Hr. Special!)

What’s more exciting than What’s This Called? returning from a one week absence with a totally loaded two hour special show? Why having world famous radio personality Tunacan Jones join us in the booth to demonstrate his legendary technique!

STREAM or DOWNLOAD 1st Hour Here!

STREAM or DOWNLOAD 2nd Hour Here!

Playlist: Artist – “Song/Sound” – Album/Source

Gil Scott-Heron – “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised;

Conformity Contortion – “Torture Mocks Once At Every Man’s Boredom” – Perception Management;

Death – “Politicians In My Eyes” – For the Whole World To;

SPK – “”SPK” – “In Flaganto Delicto” – The Tyranny of the Beat;

The 13th Floor Elevators – “Baby Blue” – Easter Everywhere;

The Hollywood Brats – “Sick On You” – The Hollywood Brats;

Swell Maps – “Our Swimmer” – The Tyranny of the Beat;

Erik B. and Rakim – “Paid In Full” – Paid In Full

Morgenstern – “Looking Down A Hill” – Sometimes Silence Is An Answer;

Kraftwerk – “Radio Stars” – Radio-Activity;

Susanna – “Burning Sea” -Triangle -;

Sonic Youth – “Making the Nature Scene” – Confusion Is Sex;

Nurse with Wound – “The Botom Feeder”- The Bacteria Magnet;

(the) Melvins – “Grinding Process” – 10 Songs;

Black Flag – “Rise Above” – Damaged;

Foetus- “Lust For Death” – White Knuckles;

Julie Cafritz – “dash dash dash” – 78 LTD;

The Hafler Trio – “A Thirsty Fish/The Dirty Fire” – Tyranny of the Beat;

Saint Abdullah – “Unforgotten Promises” – Visions of Darkness in Iranian Contemporary Music;

Ken Nordine – “You’re Getting Better” – The Best of Word Jazz;

The American Analog Set – “Dim Stars (The Boy in My Arms)” – The Fun of Watching Fireworks;

S​.​S​.​M​.​P. – “The Blue Chasm” – Visions of Darkness in Iranian Contemporary Music;

Amy Denio – “Dishwasher” – Uncaged (Tribute to John Cage);

The Library of Babel – “Branching” – Blue nineteen;

Nojan – “Revolution” – Visions of Darkness in Iranian Contemporary Music



22 April 2017

Spring is On the Air! (Click for Audio!)


Playlist in NearRealTIme tm:

Artist/Band/Thang – “Song/Piece/Track/Sound” – Album or other Filing System:

Conformity Contortion – “She Who Laughs Laughs, Laughs Laughs” – Perception Management;

Edward Ka-Spel – “Viictoria” – The Victoria Dimension;

Savant – “Falling at Two Speeds” – Artificial Dance;

Arthur Lyman – “Moon Over a Ruined Castle” – Taboo (The Exotic Sounds of Arthur Lyman);

Martyn Bates – “Track 3 Disc 2” – Migraine Inducers;

Electric Eels – “Agitated” – The Eyeball of Hell;

Mutifungi – “Hollow Humans” – Ladyz inNoyz 3;

My Disco – “1991” – Severe;

Xambuca – “lipeäkala” – Joulupukki;

Aleorta – “Chapter Twelve: Brideships And Gulls” – Waywords And Meansigns: Recreating Finnegans Wake (In Its Whole Wholume)

15 April 2017 (Bob Bucko Jr. Live!)

HEAR Bob Bucko Jr. Live on WTC HERE!

What’s This Called? is very excited to bring you a return LIVE engagement with Dubuque Iowa’s free guitar virtuoso Bob Bucko Jr! Bob mines the territory of ’80 psych/country-punk such as Meat Puppets and Giant Sand, infuses it with the out jazz of Sonny Sharrock and Derek Bailey, and weaponizes it further with an arsenal of noise music pedal tricks and contemporary drone technique. If this sounds schizoid, it isn’t, as BBJR is a smooth player who hypnotically ensnares the listener with every note.



08 April 2017

Ride the Proverbial Freaking Stream!


Playlist in Almost RealTime tm – Artist – “Song/Piece/Thang” – Album or Source:

Peter mcdada – “I’m A Zanti Misfit” – Soundcloud;

Dadakopf – “Black Marshes” – Soundcloud;

Bob Bucko Jr – “IMPROV 1 042614” – Crank Shaft;

Cabaret Voltaire – “Automotivation” – Tyranny of the Beat;

Human Bell – “The Singing Trees” – Human Bell;

Replikants – “Replikants Requiem” – Slickaphonics; S

Supersilent – “!3.3” – The Wire Tapper 40;

Lady of Situations – “I Wish Very Sweet of You Until Morning Fuck” – Ladyz in Noyz 3;

Yo La Tengo – “Friday I’m In Love” – Stuff Like That;

Black Happy Day – “How They Weep and Moan” – In the Garden of Ghostflowers;

L.A. Lungs – “Coupleskate (excerpt)” – Secret Limbic Systems


01 April 2017 (Fools Rush In…)


33609875652_6a01b65be6_oSpecial April Fool’s Day edition of What’s This Called? Jocularity, flippancy, and tomfoolery.

Playlist in Almost-RealTime! Artist – “Song” – Album/Source:

Bonzo Goes to Washington – “5 Minutes” – Bonzo Goes to Washington;

Palace Brothers – “Come a Little Dog” – Palace Brothers;

The Melvins – “Sesame Street Meat” – Hold It In;

Flipper – “Ha Ha Ha” – Love Canal 7″ version;

Steven Henry Fisk – “My Head Popped” – 999 Levels of Undo,

Amy Denio – “Muzak Blues” – Never Too Old to Pop a Hole;

Thollem McDonas & Andy Kaufman – “Zero Bottles of Beer on the Wall” – Always Put on Your Sincere Face;

Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston – “Fun and Games” – It’s Spooky;

The Residents – “Third Reich” – Third Reich ‘n Roll;

Crank Sturgeon – “Mutual RUBU” – dens-i-Spit;

Laurie Anderson – “Language Is a Virus (from Outer Space)” – Home of the Brave;

The Legendary Pink Dots – “Regression” – The Golden Age;

Ifsh – “Geriatric Dental Group” – Serums;

Sun City Girls – “Me and Mrs. Jones” – Horse Cock Phepner;

Little Roger & the Goosebumps – “Stairway to Giligan’s Island” – single;

The Dictators – “Teengenerate” – Go Girl Crazy

25 March 2017 (2 hour show!)

Experimental Music like Mom used to make!

Ride the Streaming Raindeer!


PLAYLIST: Artist/Group/Band/Performer/Your Mom – “Song/Piece/Track/Noise/Experience” – Album/Website/Filing System/Source

L.A. Lungs – “No Weary for the Wrestlers” – Cryptic Snuggling

Future Ex-Wives – “population III” – Ladyz in Noyz 3

Volcanic Pinnacles – “Infinite Waves” – Volcanic Pinnacles

My Boyfriend the Pilot – “In the Hall of the Radish” – Space is the Taste

GM Electronics – “Left Alone” – Demo03-2002

Overdose the Katatonic – “Quadruple Penetration (chapters 1-4)” – Feel the Frequency Norcal Noisefest 2015

Melt-Banana – “DIG Out!” – ScRaTcH or StiTcH

Daniel Menche – “Scourge (extract)” – Sometimes Silence Is an Answer

Olga Wojciechowska – “I’m Never Not Thinking of You” – Maps and Mazes

The Hafler Trio – “A Thirsty Fish/The Dirty Fire” – The Tyranny of the Beat

ALTO! – “Piece 7 (Excerpt)” – ALTO!

Kobi – “Track 2” – Earplugged

Royal Trux – “Fire Hill” – Pound Pound

CHROME – “ST 37” – Alien Sountracks

Surprise Pre-Game Show!

all kpsu cd library selections!


Hüsker Dü – “Reoccurring Dreams” – Zen Arcade

Tom Waits – “Clap Hands” – Rain Dogs

Sonic Youth – “Fire Engine Dream” – The Destroyed Room

Old Time Relijun – “Dark Matter” – Catharsis In Crisis

Sun Ra – “Images Incl. Over The Rainbow” – Disco 3000 -Complete Milan Concert 1978

Allen Ginsberg – “C.I.A. Dope Calypso” – Holy Soul, Jelly Roll (Poems and Songs)

AC/DC – “High Voltage” – High Voltage

Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians – “The Cars She Used to Drive (Live)” – Gotta Get This Hen Out

Nick Drake – “Things Behind the Sun” – Pink Moon


18 March 2017 (Listeners Choice!)

The Listeners’ Choice Today 12-1 PM PST on What’s This Called? @ KPSU.org!

Argentinian Celtic Music, Stockhausen, Orbit Service backwards, A wee bit of Tangerine Dream for the green folk, Is Celtic Frost Irish music??, The Late Severa Wires, Syd Barrett vs. LPD, Tunacan Jones reads the Bridges of Spokane County! “Bill Laswell’s Emerald Aether, though my wife hates it.” and MORE! All picked by YOU! or someone just like you…




Playlist that’s Almost Live! Artist – “Song/Piece/Track/Sound” – Album/Source

Burning Spear – “The Ghost” – 100th Anniversary;

Karlheinz Stockhausen/Arditti Quartet – “Helicopter String Quartet” – from A film by Frank Scheffer;

SkilTron – “Bagpipes of War” – The Highland Way;

Tunacan Jones – “The Bridges of Spokane County” – LIVE interspersals!;

Tangerine Dream – “Genesis” – Electronic Meditation;

Orbit Service – “A Painless End” – A Calm Note from the West;

The Late Severa Wires – “521.58 Hz R. 610.15 Hz” – The Late Severa Wires;

EMA – “Red Star” – Past Life Martyred Saints;

Celtic Frost – “The Ursurper” – To Mega Therion;

Syd Barrett – “Effervescing Elephant” – Barrett;

The Legendary Pink Dots – “Canta Mientras Puedas” – Canta Mientras Puedas;

Bill Laswell – “Dark Green” – Emerald Aether;

Scott Brazieal – “The Noise of Time” – Songs from the Empire;

Mathematical Impressions – “Change Ringing (edit)” – Simons Foundation

11 March 2017

Great ID and intro by Ricardo’s two sons Lennon and Asa, totally fitting with the graphic of them spinning on the merry-go-round.

Ride the Freaking Stream!


Playlist in Almost RealTime tm: Artist/Band/Group/Thang – “Song/Piece/Track/Thang” – Album/Source/Filing System/Thang:

Lungfish – “Necrophones” – Necrophones

Thollem McDonas & Andy Kaufman – “Nervous Nirvana” – Always Put On Your Sinere Face

Muslimgauze – “Turkish Speaker” – Sometimes Silence Is an Answer

Wisteriax – “Lucid Interval” – Women Take Back the Noise

Wett Nurse – “Spook It” – Worships the Devil

Snickers – “See You, Owczerek” – Wiretapper 40

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma – “Strange Dreams” – Sunshine Soup

Crank Sturgeon – “hot in the SAMP(k)” – densiSPit

Cabbage Patch Kill dolls – “From Your Dreams” – Cabbage Patch Kill dolls

Hieroglyphic Being & J.J.T.U. Ahn-Sahm-Buhl – “Civilization That Is Dying” – We Are Not the First

Jandek – “The Fantasy (edit)” – New Orleans Monday

4 March 2017

Enter the Audio Vortex that is What’s This Called?



Playlist: Artist/Band/Thang – “Song/Piece/Sound” – Album/Source

The Melvins – “Lovely Butterflies” – Electroretard

Fischkopf Sinfoniker – “Battle Hymn (featuring K. Ketzner)” & “War Drums”- Music for a Revolution

Thurston Moore – “Cease Fire” – single

Mahler Haze – “The Horned Gull Speaks From Afar (1st Mix – Master)” – Soundcloud

Sisto Palombella – “The second subversive trip (excerpt)” – Differences – visions of contemporary composition

Jandek – “The Fantasy (excerpt)” – New Orleans Monday

Marlo Eggplant – “Intimacy vs. Isolation” – Internal External

Sun Ra – “Exotic Forest” – Nothing Is

25 February 2017

Featuring experimental songs of innocence and experience.

Whistle With the Goat Footed Balloon Man! (Stream or Download…)


Playlist (Artist – “Song/Track/Piece/Sound” – Album/Source):

Quantic – “Time Is the Enemy” – The 5th Exotic

e. e. cummings – “In Just” – The Voice of the Poet

Grauzone – “Eisbaer” – Die Sunrise Tapes

Noisepoetnobody & Vance Galloway – “The Process of Enlightenment” – Uranium 238

Ashtoreth – “Waní Yetu” – Morana

Eric Muhs – “Fireflies” – Notochord an electronic wonderland

Pauline Oliveros – “Sound Patterns” – Extended Voices

The Birthday Party – “Mutiny in Heaven” – Mutiny

Eric Hausmann & Kamal Sabran – “Penewar” – 16 Degrees

CAN – “Bring Me Coffee or Tea” – Tago-Mago

Blowhole – “When Tom Brokaw Says Lozenge” – Billowing Sheen

Noggin – “Untitled” – Noggin

Sven Grünberg – “Valgusõis” – Hingus

Bad Brains – “The Regulator” – Attitude (The ROIR Sessions)

18 February 2017 (Tres Gone for Mike Mahaffay)

Featuring an hour of the music of the great Portland experimental improvisational group Tres Gone featuring Mike Mahaffay on acoustic, electronic, and electoacoustic percussion. R.I.P. P. Mike. Rest in Percussive Peace.

Playlist (All songs by Tres Gone)

1) Selection from Tres Gone live at Portland’s NoFest in St. Johns, September 6, 2014
Mike Lastra: theremin, samplers
Eric Hausmann: Roland Handsonic
Fred Chalenor: Bass
Mike Mahaffay: Korg Wavedrum
Scott Steele: Prepared guitar

2) Selection from Tres Gone live on What’s This Called? March 16th 2013, recorded, mixed, and engineered by Austin Rich.

3) Tracks 5 & 6 from Voodoo Too, with Tiffany Lee Brown, Feb 2015.

4) “Maple Blazer Blunts” from Live from Voodoo Doughnut, April 2004

5) “Lint Brush” by Jennifer Robin w/ Tres Gone, VOODOO II Record Release Party, released October 26, 2014

6) Selection 2 from Tres Gone live at Portland’s NoFest in St. Johns, September 6, 2014

Ride the Freaking Stream!


Image provided by Kate Steele.

Before the Tres Gone special, I played a psyched out Pre-Game show using only cds from the KPSU library. Mike was definitely on my mind as I spun the silver platters.

Listen to the Pre-Game Show!

Pre-Game Playlist: The Jimi Hendrix Experience – “EXP/Up from the Skies” – Axis: Bold As Love; The 13th Floor Elevators – “Dr. Doom” – Bull o fthe Woods; Bob Dylan – “Girl from North Country” – The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan; Chocolate Watch Band – “Lets Talk About Girls” – Best of…;The Velvet Underground – “All Tomorrow’s Parties (mono version)” – Selections from The Velvet Underground; 101 Strings – “Space Odyssey” – Astro Sounds from Beyond the Year 2000; The Beatles – “I’m Looking Through You” – Rubber Soul; Ravi Shankar – “Tabla Solo in Shinkar Tal” – Ravi Shankar in San Francisco; Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians – “My Wife and My Dead Wife” – Gotta Get This Hen Out; Neu! – “Fur Immer ( Forever )” – NEU! 2; John Coltrane _- “A Love Supreme Part 1 – Acknowledgement” – Gold: Television – “Guiding Light” – Marquee Moon

11 February 2017

This show is dedicated to Mike Mahaffay of Tres Gone/Gone Orchestra (get well soon!)

Ride the Freaking Stream!

Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Thang” – Album/Source

Mike Mahaffay – “Section Three” – Celestial Nursery: Riders of the Storm: Escape Velocity

Ffej – “Timegrinder” – Emulation Phase (EP)

Amy Denio – “Biopsy” – Bandcamp

Bing & Ruth – “In This Ruined House” – City Lake

Ashtoreth – “Channeling TAUUSK Forest” – Unexplained Sounds 2016 – the 2nd annual recognition test

My Boyfriend the Pilot – “An Excellent Disappointment” – Space Is the Taste

Hypercube – “Owl-eyed spike” – Unexplained Sounds 2016 – the 2nd annual recognition test

Ifsh – “Dirty Pillow” – Serums

Sun Ra – “Angels and Demons at Play” – Angels and Demons at Play

Deaf Society – “Impr#3” – Unexplained Sounds 2016 – the 2nd annual recognition test

Echo and the Bunnymen – “Porcupine” – Porcupine

Noiseman433 – “La Caccia (excerpt)” – Autumn: Four Seasons part 1


04 February 2017 (Orbit Service Live!)

Live musical guest Randall Frazier has been performing solo and in various band incarnations as Orbit Service since the 1990s, releasing no less than 5 brilliant moody albums since 2001. With beginnings in dark psych rock tempered by contemporary influences from Slint to Palace Brothers, the Orbit Service sound has increasingly moved outward into experimental realms. His most recent two albums on Beta-lactam Ring Records 2011’s A Calm Note from the West and last year’s Stereo Magic (Portal In 13 Parts) are steeped in musique concrete, electronic drone, and inner ear echoes. Randall’s haunting voice, however, is always floating atop the sonic wave machines, and somehow uses profound alienation to make the music more accessible. His collaboration with the Legendary Pink Dots called A Star Too Far released Saucers Over Lincoln another astounding album on BLR in 2015 that remarkably sounds more like Orbit Service than LPD.

Hear Orbit Service Live Here!



In anticipation of Orbit Service’s performance WTC host played a Pre-Game Show set of psych rock and punk tunes. That Pre-Game Show is also included below for your listening enjoyment.

Hear the Pre-Game Show Here!

Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Jam” – Album or Other Filing System

Meat Puppets – “Plateau” – Meat Puppets II

Syd Barrett – “No Good Trying” – The Madcap Laughs

Redd Kross – “Linda Blair” – Born Innocent

The Rasperies – “Go All the Way” – Greatest Hits

Black Flag – “Rise Above” – Damaged

Nick Drake – “Time Has Told Me” – Five Leaves Left

John Barry – “Dark Rider” – The EMI Years

Beat Happening – “Revolution Come and Gone” – Dreamy

Thurston Moore – “Blues from Beyond the Grave” – Psychic Hearts

Jimi Hendrix Experience – “I Don’t Live Today” – Are You Experienced

Psychic TV – “Message from Thee Temple” – Force the Hand of Chance

Donovan – “Eldorado” – Sutras

Big Star – “You Get What You Deserve” – Radio City

Smart Went Crazy – “I Liked You Better When You Were Sick” – Smart Went Crazy

Kaliedoscope – “Egyptian Gardens” – Egyptian Candy

13th Floor Elevators – “Earthquake” – Easter Everywhere

Sun Ra – “It’s After the End of the World” – Space Is the Place

28 January 2017

We’re all looking for signs of hope, and like bottled messages surviving the polluted open sea, a couple packages came to me in the oh so physical mail this week. That’s right, handmade home burned aluminum goodies just like back in the day. I told you the CD revival was coming. I told you all times are happening simultaneously.

Listen: Stream and/or Download HERE!


Playlist: Artist – “Musical Experience” – Filing System

Angel-11 – “The Vision of St. Christina”- NachtLicht

My Boyfriend the Pilot – “Cosmonnaise” – Space is the Taste

Mahler Haze – “Extended landfall” – You Tube

Teresa Barrozo – “fl-f_dB_ck” – A Thousand Tones

Icon template – “Unlocked perspectives” – Belgium experimental underground 017 survey

Orbit Service – “Woke Up in the Fire” – Stereo Magic

Remora (remix by Mudd Makr) – “My Bother’s Guns & Knives” – Tandan

Olive In Dreamland – “Melancholic Oscillation” – A Thousand Tones

SPACE GAMBUS EXPERIMENT – “Be Melting Snow and Wash Yourself of Yourself” – ??

Crank Sturgeon – “Your Old Blend, Man” – dens I sPit

Misantronics – “Leta” – Belgium experimental underground 017 survey

ARU – “Building the Ark” – Dub Plate Vol.3.5

Edward Ka-Spel – “cybersKapes (edit)” – cybersKapes

21 January 2017 (Tribute to National Women’s Marches)

In honor of the national and Portland Women’s Marches this edition of What’s This Called? featured all female artists and female led groups. With only an hour to fill, many, many, many artists I would have loved to fit in are not here. 



Playlist: Artist – “Song” – Album or Source

Miss Murgatroid – “Dolls Inside the Walls” – Myoclonic Melodies

Pauline Oliveros – “The Fool’s Circle” – Crone Music

Cyclopsycho – “Snatch” – Bandcamp

Emma Tricca – “Winter, My Dear” – The Wire Tapper 42

Mecca Normal – “Strong White Male” – Jarred Up

Teenage Jesus & the Jerks – “Race Mixing” – Everything

Motion Sickness of Time Travel – “Casting a Spell” – Ladyz in Noyz 3

Morgenstern – “Looking Down a Hill” – The Different Faces;

Cyoakha Grace O’ Manion – “Ride It ‘Til the End” – Unknown Music from Dream-Quest of Kadath

Hobby Knife – “Mew (Wisconsin)” Ladyz in Noyz 3

The Waiters – “Cast a Shadow in My Direction” – Before Using

Julie Ruin – A Place Called Won’t Be There” – Julie Ruin

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – “Everybody Needs a Hero” – Unvarnished

Angel-11 – “Heartbleeds” – SadoDamascus Winter Copulation 2016

Stereolab – “The Stars Our Destination” – Mars Audiac Quintet

Sea Charms – “Shift262” – SadoDamascus Winter Copulation 2016


07 January 2017 (Snow day)

Fearing white death from above (and also fearing our fellow Portlanders on the road as the minimal frosting of snow hit, seriously 1/2 an inch here = 2 feet anywhere else…) we opted to do What’s This Called? an hour early this week. Snowplows were literally pacing up and down the streets in anticipation.

Stream and/or Download the Snowy Show!


Playlist: Artist – “Thang” – Where From?:
Nocturnal Habits – “Back to Snowdonia” – New Skin for Old Children
ALTO! – “Piece Seven (excerpt)” – Tour Cassette
Derek M Johnson Love – “KPSU Set 1 (excerpts)” – Cello Sampler
Fischkopf Sinfoniker – “I’m Pretty Sick” – Soundcloud
Marlo Eggplant – “Identity vs. Role Confusion” – Internal External
Sun Ra – “The World of the Invisible” – Cymbals
LIquid Letters (China Star) – “Crystal Drone” – 12″
Can – “Oh Yeah” – Tago Mago
 La STPO – “IceMesAmis” (blrrrecords.com excerpt)” – Le Combat Occulte
Sudden Infant – “Beautiful Tile” – Psychotic Einzelkind

31 December 2016 (What’s This METAL?)


Longtime What’s This Called? cohost and webhost Austin Rich and his wife Marla suffered a horrible theft on Christmas day while moving and were robbed of several thousand dollars of possessions including computers and all of Austin’s recording equipment. I’ll post the link below to the fundraising site where our community is banding together to try to help recoup some small portion of their losses.

Meanwhile in What’s This Called? land, the show must go on, and I’ve decided to close out the grim reaper year of 2016 with a special tribute to Yet Another Pope Austin Rich called What’s This METAL? 

Stream or Download It Like an Axe Grinder, A Pile Driver…

And every time you bang your head click the link below and give a little: Austin and Marla’s Robbery Rescue Fund!

Playlist As The Hammer Fell: Band – “Song” – Album/Gig

Black Sabbath – “Into the Void” – Master of Reality

Diamond Head – “Helpless” – Lightning to the Nations

The Runaways – “Wasted” – Old Grey Whistle Test 1977

Judas Priest – “Victim of Changes (Live)” – Unleashed in the East

Accept – “Fast As a Shark” – Restless and Wild

Motorhead – “Overkill” – Overkill

Crazy World of Arthur Brown – “Fire” – The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Metallica (Cliff Burton) – “(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth” – Kill ‘Em All

Iron Maiden – “Wrathchild” – Killers

Budgie – “Crash Course in Brain Surgery” – Squawk!

Voivod – “Astronomy Domine” – Nothingface



24 December 2016 (Christmas Eve Listener Powered 2 Hour Special!)


You wanted the best, you got the best, the hottest Christmas carols handpicked by YOU the faithful, the experimental, the weirdoes, the real people who are anti-Reality thank you very much!

Rudolph with Your Nose So Bright Won’t You Click These Streams Alright?:

First Hour of Program

Second Hour of Program

Playlist:  Artist – “Song/Piece/Track/Thang” – Album or Whatevs

Joseph Byrd – “Carol of the Bells” – A Christmas Yet to Come; Bonfire Madigan Shive – “Mad Sounds: The Lion in Winter 3-5” – Mad Sounds: The Lion in Winter; Balto! – “Christmas Balls!” – Christmas 5; People Like Us – “Winter Wonderland” – Live at The Tate Modern, 18 December, as part of the Christian Marclay Exhibit – 2004; Tia Blake – “Jane Jane” – Folksongs & Ballads; Big Star – “Jesus Christ” – Sister Lovers; Tom Waits – “Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis” – Swordfish Trombones; Jimmy Jules & the Nuclear Soul System – “Xmas Done Got Funky” – Classic Spacefunk Radio; (the) Melvins – “Charmicarmicat” – Eggnog; Scanner – “Insulation Mix (after G.F. Handel’s Messiah)” – Messiah Remix; Chris Martinez – “Merry Christmas” – Contagion Original Movie Soundtrack; Attrition – “Dream #9 Recurring” – Winter Wishes; CAN – “Silent Night” – Silent Night – Rollerball – “Carol of the Bells” – Winter Wishes; The OF – “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus/Snow Miser Song” – Green Monkey Records Presents Merry Krampus; Chloedada – “Christmas isn’t Christmas (unless it’s year ’round) [slippery white wrap mix]” – Soundcloud; Peter Aldrich – “Christmas Dub Against Master” – Winter Wishes; U-men – “Blue Christmas” – Christmas ’84; Evolution Control Committe – “Christmas Wrong” – Christmas Wrong; Roland Kirk – “We Free Kings” – We Free Kings; The Tom & Jim Yuletide Contraption- “(All I Want For Christmas Is A) Big Black Eye” – Green Monkey Christmas VII; King Diamond – “No Presents for Christmas” – single; Locust Pudding – “Santa Clause, He’s My Friend” – I Am the Mighty Santa; Fate Signals – “Santa Is Fat” – The Rest of Wolf/Judy/Gug; Sonic Youth – “Santa Doesn’t Cop Out On Dope” – Just Say Noel; ‘All I Want For Cristmas is a Goat’ – “Oh Holy Night (Goat Version)” – All I Want For Cristmas is a Goat.


17 December 2016 (Arrington de Dionyso)

rIn an on-air interview with your host Ricardo Wang, artist/musician Arrington de Dionyso brings us up to speed on his recent targeting by alt-right trolls at best very confused by his art. Featuring music from his bands Old Time Relijun, Malaikat dan Singa, and Ten Thousand Tigers!

Stream Here (You may “Save As” to Download too!)


Songs Included in the Program:

“Witchcraft Rebellion”  Old Tim Relijun  Witchcraft Rebellion

“Cold Water”   Old Tim Relijun  Lost Light

“I Feel the Quickening”  Malaikat dan Singa  Open the Crown

“Ecstatic Abundance” Ten Thousand Tigers (w/ Thollem McDonas)   Ten Thousand Tigers

See Arrington Live in Portland January 12th at Lola’s Room!


10 December 2016 (Goodbye 2016)

A special 2 hour bittersweet What’s This Called?


We say Goodbye to 2016, a year that was itself 365 days full of goodbyes.

Goodbye Joey Casio. Goodbye David Bowie. Alan Vega. Pauline Oliveros. Leonard Cohen. Gilli Smyth (Mother Gong). Bernie Worrell. Richard Lyons (Negativland). Goodbye to more great musicians than we can honor in one show…

Hear the First Hour Here!

Hear the Second Hour Here!

In addition to paying tribute to those that have left us, the show features sounds created and released by artists in 2016. Artists who last checked are still with us, including: Uneasy Chairs, Thollem McDonas, Age Coin, Sea Charms, Nocturnal Habits, Azalia Snail, Zach Zinn, Big Business, Kim Gordon, Fischkopf Sinfoniker, Yoko Ono, Bob Bucko Jr


Playlist:  Track   Artist   Album

Daybreak   Joey Casio   Daybreak

I Can’t Give It All Away   David Bowie   Blackstar

New Skin   Nocturnal Habits   New Skin for Old Children

It Was Not Meant For Man’s Eyes To See   Fischkopf Sinfoniker   Soundcloud

The Mystery Beyond Matter   Quiet Music Ensemble/Pauline Oliveros   The Mysteries Beyond Matter

Red Sliders   Pauline Oliveros   Blanton Museum of Art

Ghost Rider (Live)   Suicide   London 2005 at the Electric Ballroom

Father’s Day   Big Business   Command Your Weather

Warm Cornish Room   Uneasy Chairs   Bandcamp

Raptor   Age Coin   Performance

10 minutes with Bernie Worrell   Bernie Worrell   MoogFest Pop-Up Shop May 20, 2016

Freedom Hoarders   Thollem McDonas   Machine in the Ghost

Hell Car   Negativland   Over the Edge Vol. 2 Pastor Dick

A Spell to Keep You Warm   Orbit Service   Stereo Magic (Portal in 13 Parts)

You Want It Darker   Leonard Cohen   You Want It Darker

Walking On Thin Ice   Yoko Ono   Yes, I’m a Witch Too

Field Rep   Azalia Snail   for Standing Rock

That Pale Light   Zach Zinn   Unexplained Sounds 2016 – the 2nd annual recognition test

Quantum   Gilli Smyth   Mother

Live at the DAAC Ruix Space (excerpt)   Bob Bucko Jr.   November 2015

Game Show IL   Sea Charms   Midwest Tour (Live) 2016

Murdered Out   Kim Gordon   single, Matador

Chemical Playschool Vol. 18 Side 2 (excerpt)   Legendary Pink Dots   Chemical Playschool Vols. 16 & 18



3 December 2016 (Four Dimensional Nightmare Live!)

Join us Saturday, December 3rd 2016 from Noon to 1 PM Pacific Standard Time for a return engagement of Federal Way’s electronic reconstructor Four Dimensional Nightmare on the What’s This Called? program at KPSU.org

Tom Nicol AKA 4DNM who first performed on What’s This Called? in March of 2013 with a noise-guitar oriented set promises this time to build a wall of modular synthesizers, the kind of wall we LIKE to see built.


Ride The Freaking Stream!

While Four Dimensional Nightmare was soundchecking, your host Ricardo Wang did a special Pre-Game Show featuring music by The Residents and Pere Ubu.

Hear the Pre-Game Show Here!

Playlist: Track –Artist – Album
Swastikas On Parade   The Residents   Third Reich ‘N Roll
Hitler Was a Vegetarian   The Residents   Third Reich ‘N Roll
My Friend Is a Stooge for the Media Priests   Pere Ubu   Raygun Suitcase
Final Solution  Pere Ubu   Terminal Tower
Vacuum in My Head   Pere Ubu    Raygun Suitcase
Non-Alignment Pact   Pere Ubu   The Modern Dance
Down By the River II   Pere Ubu   Raygun Suitcase


26 November 2016 (Goodbye Pauline Oliveros)

Damnit 2016, stop already! We weren’t planning on doing a special memorial show on What’s This Called? this week, but how can we fail to note the passing of one of the great experimental musicians of our era? So we’ll expand the show this week and start at 11 AM Pacific Time on KPSU.org and run all the way to 1 PM with an hour of music by the great Pauline Oliveros followed by the mix intended before the sad news.

Download And/Or Stream the 1st Hour Here!

Playlist: Track – Artist – Album

Bye Bye Butterfly   Pauline Oliveros   Bye Bye Butterfly

The Difference Between Hearing and Listening   Pauline Oliveros   TED Talks

Alien Bog   Pauline Oliveros   Alien Bog/Beautiful Soop

A Love Song   Pauline Oliveros   The Well and the Gentle

Download And/Or Stream the 2nd Hour Here!

Playlist: Track – Artist – Album

The Mystery Beyond Matter   Quiet Music Ensemble/Pauline Oliveros   The Mysteries Beyond Matter

Metal Machine Music Pt. 1 (excerpt)   Lou Reed   Metal Machine Music

Diagram 1   Splitter Orchestra  Shine on You Crazy Diagram

Candy Store Approach   Crank Sturgeon   dens I spit

King Subliminal   Unwashed   Unwashed

Blanket (excerpt)   Bedtime for Robots   Meditation Room

Heat Mirage   ARU   DPV3.5

Something Beautiful   Abiodun Oyewole   by Vagabond, with DP Jeff “AK” Akers

Raptor   Age Coin   Performance

I Want to Boogie With You   Lou Reed   The Bells




19 November 2016 (EZ Listening vs. Noise)

Somewhere between the extremes lies the perfect alignment of soft and harsh.



Playlist:    Track   Artist   Album

Cry Baby Cry  Ramsey Lewis   Mother Nature’s Son

A Finger to Hackle   Melt-Banana   ScRaTcH or StiTcH

Taboo   Arthur Lyman   Taboo, The Exotic Sounds of Arthur Lyman

See You Are (Recorded Live at the Factory , Manchester in May 1979)   Throbbing Gristle   Tyranny of the Beat

Midnight Cowboy   Ferrante & Teicher   Midnight Cowboy

Dead Dream  Overdose the Katatonic   Create Evil

Wind Parade   Donald Byrd   Look into the Flower (Trip on Psychedelic Grooves with Blue Note)

Midnight Confession #2   Skunk Puppet   Feel the Frequency (Norcal Noisefest 2015)

Gopher Mambo   Yma Sumac   Mambo!

2.1   Martyn Bates   Migraine Inducers / Antagonistic Music

Smiling Faces Sometimes   Bobbi Humphrey   Look into the Flower (Trip on Psychedelic Grooves with Blue Note)

Burned Out Gods   Four Dimensional Nightmare   Icicles

Listening to Music with the Vacuum Cleaner On   Nebel    Out of the Tangled Years

Blank (Intentional)   Crank Sturgeon   dens/i/spit

Sexopolis   Jean Pierre Mirouze   Le Mariage Collectif

Fly Me to the Moon   Astrud Gilberto   The Shadow of Your Smile

Shredder   GM Electronics   demo03 2002

Shooting Star” & Moonscape   Les Baxter   Space Escapade

Gartenmusic 1999 (edit)   Marko Ciciliani   CDR

Chase Scene   ARU/Bbjr   Deadly PA

This Guy’s in Love with You   Frank Chacksfield Orchestra   Redemption

Track 1 (edit)   Kobi   Kobi

12 November 2016 (Goodbye Leonard Cohen)

R.I.P. Leonard Cohen and other moody songs and sounds from the week of “What Happened?!”

Hear the Show NOW!

Canadian singer and poet Leonard Cohen i

Playlist:  Track   Artist   Album

Halleluja   Leonard Cohen   Various Positions

You Want It Darker   Leonard Cohen  You Want It Darker

Lazarus   David Bowie   Dark Star

Limerick   Bardo Pond   Amanita

Broken Arrow   The Album Leaf  Into the Blue Again

21 VIII 76 NYC Raga Malkauns (edit)   Pandit Pran Nath   You Tube

Wall of Speed   His Name Is Alive   Stars on E.S.P.

Sorrow Tears and Blood (edit)   Fela Kuti   The Best of the Black President 2

We Don’t Need Freedom   Saccharine Trust   Paganicons


05 November 2016 (AirOn Ghostradio Live!)

AirOn Ghostradio is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, rendering uniquely enchanting folk and jazz acoustic guitar riffs or electronic ramblings behind haunting vocals, weaving a tapestry of words to wisk you away to other ages and dimensions. Step into the speakeasy or float in inner space, while this femme fatale charms you with the unearthliness of her sultry refrains.

Hear EMF/EVP Streaming Vibrations Here Now!



Track   Artist   Album

Field Rep   Azalia Snail   Standing Rock Support Benefit

No Good Trying   Syd Barrett   The Madcap Laughs

LIVE   AirOn Ghostradio  On What’s This Called?

Time Has Told Me   Nick Drake   Five Leaves Left

Interview   AirOn Ghostradio   On What’s This Called?

Nibelungen   Nico   The Marble Index

LIVE   AirOn Ghostradio   On What’s This Called?


29 October 2016 (Halloween Collage)

This episode of What’s This Called? was crowdsourced for Halloween themed sounds and songs to create an hour long collage of spookiness. Thanks to Patti Braimes, Austin Rich, Kristina Cox, Jeremy Benton Oliveria, Robert Shepard, Nomy Lamm, Ryan A Ray, Tunacan Jones, Paul Pearson, Josh Baker, Patrick Neill Gundran, Kevin McCabe, Zach Zinn, David Fraser, Joe Mabel, Julián Orduña, Fischkopf Sinfoniker, Kelly Bloom, Gabriele Marras, John A Hodgson, Ashley Shomo, and Mare Turtletaub for their chilling contributions and spooky suggestions!

Ride the Freaking Stream! …If you dare.

This playlist is approximate as most of the tracks were played simultaneously in edited chunks and frequently looped.4170267273_e839f5fe12_o


Halloween Sound EffectsWalt DisneyChilling Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted HouseFrankensteinEdgar Winter GroupLive 1973Zombie CompromiseShadowy Men on a Shadowy PlanetSavy Show StoppersThe Ways of GhostsAustin RichReads Ambroce BierceJourney Into SpaceAustin Rich vs. Ricardo WangWhat’s This Called? 10/10/15Enter SandmanSHELJust Crazy EnoughThe Beast of Sunset StripEddy DurantHalloween Nuggets: Monster Sixties A Go-GoElephant CoatrackFate SignalsSoundcloudCommercial 1971Frankenberry/Count ChoculaYou TubeOpening TV ThemeThe Addams FamilyYou TubeVampire BluesNeil YoungOn the BeachThe SeanceRyan A. RayYou TubeThe Skeleton DanceSuper Simple LearningSuper Simple SongsWerewolf Bar MitzvahTracy Morgan30 RockDarkness (Plague of Locusts)Scott WalkerPlague SongsMy WallSunn O)))White1Busk #3Uneasy ChairsCapitol Hill Light Rail StationVeterans of the Psychic Wars [LIVE]Blue Oyster CultExtraterrestrial LiveMental InsaneToxic ChickenTRASHAirport RoarGodzilla 2014You TubeCharnel Ground DancersZach ZinnTen Moon SongsLove’s Secret DomainCoilLove’s Secret DomainSlurCoilHorse RotovatorThe Killing MoonEcho & the BunnymenOcean RainHalloweenGermanotta Youth10″ split w/ Joy As a ToyIt Was Not Meant For Man’s Eyes To SeeFischkopf SinfonikerIn ProgressThe Tenth KeyPacific 23119 Keys, 19 BandsThe Lions and the Cucumber tonwichManfred HublerVampyros LesbosThe House on the HillThe MummiesPlay Their Own RecordsHalloween Trick or Treat for UNICEFPSAYou TubeDance of the SkeletonsLiberaceYou TubeTheme SongCasper the Friendly GhostYou TubeCasper the Friendly GhostJad Fair & Daniel JohnstonIt’s Spooky!Killing of the WitchMort GarsonThe Wozard of Iz: An Electronic OdysseyHaunted HutchCyclopsychoBandcampSkeletonsInflatable Boy ClamsYou TubeCount Floyd Is BackCount FloydCount Floyd Mini-LPSuspira Sountrack SectionsGoblinSuspira Sountrack



Time to get seasonal on this week’s What’s This Called? at KPSU.org as your host Ricardo Wang is joined by special guest star disc-jongleur Tunacan Jones of the Top Dollar Hour direct from Spokane WA. These forces join to bring you an hour of spooky sounds and horrific dj booth antics.

Ride the Freaking Stream!


Playlist:  Track  Artist   Album

Internal Spin   Sonologyst   Electrons – A Scientific Study
Lazy Ghosts Lounge in the Hallway   Noisepoetnobody   Epos Nemo Latrocinium (Iter Itineris I)
It’s Spooky   Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston   It’s Spooky
Flowers Don’t Grow In Hell   U-men   Solid Action
Spider Rope   Teach Me Equals   Knives in the Hope Chest
She Creatures   Implog   New York Noise Vol. 1
Dolls Inside the Walls   Miss Murgatroid   Myoclyonic Melodies
Murder Mystery   The Velvet Underground   The Velvet Underground
Troll Lullaby   Jarboe   Sacrificial Cake
Dead On Arrival   Throbbing Gristle   D.O.A. the Third and FInal Report of…;
Fearless Vampire Killers   Bad Brains   Attitude – The ROIR Sessions
from a Haunted House   Bronze Eye + LD   Adventures In Love and Culture: ONCEABILITY
Pull a Single Thread   Premature Burial   factions
Let There Be More Darkness   Robyn Hitchcock   Invisible Hitchcock


15 October 2016 (2 Hr. Special!)

There was lots of talk in the news of a historic storm and there was word that the station might be closed if things got bad (especially if power went out of course). We arrived to find that the station had encountered a sewer leak and there were men with headlamps working on it, but they let us stay with the door to the booth closed. Weird, weird, show!




Track   Artist   Album

Sailing to Celephais   Cyoakha Grace O’ Manion   Unknown Music from Dream-Quest of Kadath

Thinkin’ One Thing and Doin’ Another   Miles Davis   On the Corner

Subterranean   Eric Muhs   Notochord

Volume 18 Part 1   Legendary Pink Dots   Chemical Playschool Vols. 16 & 18

Riverside Art Museum   Portland Bike Ensemble   You Tube

Highest Death Scale On Top   Dead Air Fresheners   Fast Radio Bursts

Still Rain Fell   Hood   Outside Closer

Preparation   Cyclopsycho   As is…

Kingdom Without Weather   Mecca Normal   The Eagle and the Poodle

Oh Yeah!   Can   Tago Mago

Of the Wind and Loneliness   Black Happy Day   In the Garden of Ghostflowers

Machine in The Ghost   Thollem McDonnas   Machine in The Ghost

Cherry Blossom Storm   Blowhole   Billowing Sheen

A Spell to Keep You Warm   Orbit Service   Stereo Magic

Remember I Was Vapour (Live)   Gary Numan   The Pleasure Principal

Slomono (Z’Ev Remix)   Sudden Infant   Psychotic Einzelkind

Way Over the Rainbow   Sun City Girls   Valentines from Matahari

Fugata   Astor Piazzolla   La Camorra

The Sound of The City Seems Not To Disappear   La STPO   Tranches de Temps Jete

My Brother the Wind   Sun Ra   My Brother the Wind Vol. 1

You Are Like a Hurricane   The Walkabouts   New West Motel

Rain in Madison   Jandek   Glad to Get Away


1 October 2016 (What’s This Rawk?)


Saturday October 1st from Noon to 1PM Pacific Time, we’re getting the Rawk out on What’s This Called? While there may be some of the experimentation you’ve come to expect during the program, your host Ricardo Wang‘s focus will be on rawking you like a hurricane.


Smash things along to the beat!  October is traditionally a month of costumed mayhem and rawking hard.


Track   Artist   Album
Teenage Werewolf   The Cramps   Gravest Hits
Set It On Fire   The Melvins   Everybody Loves Sausages
Good Grief   Nocturnal Habits   New Skin for Old Children
Hard to Grow Up   Joan Jett and the Blackhearts   Unvarnished
Gonna Find a Cave   Girl Trouble   Sub Pop 200
Lights Out   UFO   Lights Out
Death Machine   Motorhead   Aftershock
Track 3   Marissa Magic   Homemade CDR
Burning Rubber   Teenage Jesus & the Jerks   Everything
I Wanna Be Your Dog   The Stooges   The Stooges
Swallow My Pride   Fastbacks   Sub Pop 200
Johnny Thunder   The Kinks   Are the Village Green Preservation Society
Born to Lose   Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers   LAMF
Part of My Plan   Half Japanese   Hot
Murdered Out   Kim Gordon   ??
Pattern Recognition   Sonic Youth   Sonic Nurse
Sex God Missy   TAD   Sub Pop 200


24 September 2016



Playlist:   Track  Artis  Album

Coupleskate (edit) L.A. Lungs Secret Limbic Systems

Pajama Party in a Haunted Hive Beat Happening Sub Pop 200

Macho (alternate version) Gabor Szabo Macho

Bacchanale @c Portugal experimental underground 016 survey

Jesus Alone Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree

Chelsea’s Kiss Thurston Moore Blank Editions

In the Mood Soheil Soheili Iran experimental underground 016 survey

Hamblechia Ujjaya The Landing Zone


29 August 2015: Big City Orchestra, Live

11949514_1075295742511327_4555724034935784959_n29 August 2015: Big City Orchestra, Live

Hard to believe it’s been nearly 5 years since the long running Bay Area experimental pioneers Big City Orchestra played on What’s This Called? but it really has!

BCO ended up enlisting some unmasked members of Dead Air Fresheners to help them play the KPSU studio with contact mics and processors.

Big City Orchestra, Live:

Track * Artist * Album

First Dream * Big City Orchestra * Daydreams of Night
Live on What’s This Called? * Big City Orchestra * KPSU
Interview * Big City Orchestra * KPSU
Church of the Sub Species (edit) * Big City Orchestra * Church of the Sub Species
Live on What’s This Called? * Big City Orchestra * KPSU

24 May 2014: Sun Ra stravaganza!

24 May 2014: Sun Ra stravaganza!

In celebration of Sun Ra’s 100th birthday just two days before the show, Ricardo Wang was not himself.  Another incarnation of the Wang was in the KPSU studio playing recordings of the Ra.

From the Other Side:

1.Sun Ra Interview Excerpt (explains first trip to Egypt) (4:16) 2.Spacemen 3 – Starship (11:28) 3.Elephant 6 Orchestra – Enlightenment (Sun Ra Cover) (11:14) 4.Yo La Tengo @ The Trocadero – 12011 – Someone’s In Love (Sun Ra cover) (2:05) 5.NRBQ Rocket #9 (3:14) 6.Wynonie Harris with Sun Ra- Dig This Boogie (Bullet 78 rpm) (2:49) 7.Sun Ra – Best Answer on Music (2:21) 8.Sun Ra – Nidhamu (13:12)