About Ricardo Wang

I began doing Public/Community/College radio at KUGS FM in Bellingham, WA in 1985 and was there until 1987. I spent 10 years at KAOS FM in Olympia, WA from 1993-2003 including a one year stint as Music Director. During that entire time, I did the What's This Called? program, at times for as long as 6 hours in a single night! The show ran at KPSU in Portland, from 2005 to 2018. I've been happily at Freeform Portland since October of 2018 and loving every second at this exciting freeform station! I started the Olympia Experimental Music Festival in 1995 and have been playing music off and on in the Dead Air Fresheners since 1997.

16 & 17 February 2019 (Pre$ident$ Day $ale)

What’s This Called? happened Saturday 2/16 in it’s usual time at Freeform Portland from 2-4 PM Pacific Standard Time. However, we are also substituted for Unclaimed Baggage on Sunday 2/17 4-6 PM PST. 4 hours of strange, noisy, droney, plunderphonic, psychedelic, post-punk, outsider music! And the national emergency has declared a national emergency!

It’s time to declare the What’$ Thi$ Called? 3 Day Pre$ident$ Day $ale! Imagine a sale where you don’t have to buy anything, where the sounds are Free, and the drinks are on the house (because you are probably at home!)







  • Ken Nordine “The Sound Museum” [You’re Getting Better: The Word Jazz – Dot Masters]
  • Peter Brotzmann & Bill Laswell “Death Rattle” [Low Life]
  • Blonde Redhead “Harmony” [La Mia Vita Violenta]
  • Healer Oran “TaP{-“ [Anthology of contemporary music from Africa continent]
  • The Beach Boys “Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) – Remastered” [Pet Sounds (Original Mono & Stereo Mix Versions)]
  • The Late Severa Wires “Live at the Olympia Experimental Music Festival” [My Space single]
  • Beat Happening “I Spy” [Beat Happening]
  • Sonic Youth “Madonna, Sean, and Me” [Evol]
  • Chester Hawkins “Magnetisk Nord (edit)” [Magnetisk Nord]
  • FRKTL “Hverfa at himni heioar stjornur” [Anthology of contemporary music from Africa continent]
  • Jerry Murad’s Harmonicats “Peg O’ My Heart” [Selected Favorites]
  • Yo La Tengo “Dreaming” [Freedom Of Choice: Yesterday’s New Wave Hits As Performed By Today’s Stars]
  • My Bloody Valentine “When You Sleep” [Loveless]
  • Suicide “Keep Your Dreams – 1998 Remastered Version” [Suicide (1998 Remastered Version)]
  • Big Black “Heartbeat” [Heartbeat (Remastered)]
  • No Safety “Discuss It” [Live at the Knitting Factory New York City volume 3]
  • Sonologyst “Nocturnal Anomalies” [Silencers: The Conspiracy Theory Dossiers]
  • Sun Ra “Rocket Number Nine Take Off For The Planet Venus” [Marshall Allen presents Sun Ra And His Arkestra: In The Orbit Of Ra]
  • Bardo Pond “White Turban (Live)” [All Tomorrow’s Parties 1.1]
  • Windsor For The Derby “Slow Death +” [Minnie Greuzfeldt]
  • Negativland “Christianity Is Stupid” [Escape From Noise]
  • The Replacements “I Hate Music” [Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash!]
  • L7 “American Society” [The Big One]
  • Slackhog “6ix” [Will Eat Your Brain]
  • Sotoru Wono “Ovurture” [Lulluby For Sure]
  • ALTO! “Piece 1-3” [ALTO!]
  • Tuxedomoon “Atlantis” [Ship Of Fools]
  • Shalloboi “Flowers For Kara” [Learning How to Crawl]
  • FJ Pangolin “Damage to the Field” [Damage to the Field]
  • Negativland “Helter Stupid Pt. 2” [Helter Stupid]
  • Unwound “Behold the Salt (Live)” [All Tomorrow’s Parties 1.1]
  • Imagine “rx” [Internet Single]
  • Will Oldham “Every Mother’s Son” [Guarapero / Lost Blues 2]
  • Fugazi “Reprovisional (Live)” [International Pop Underground Convention]
  • The Tape-Beatles “Desire” [Steal This Lick]
  • Steel Pole Melvins Task Force “Hardball” [The Big One]
  • Kronos Quartet “Dreams” [Landfall]
  • Animal Collective “Bat You’ll Fly” [Spirit They’ve Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished]
  • Big City Orchestra “tbn” [round eYe]
  • Badaseck “Nguewei” [Streets of Dakar]
  • Stereolab “Old Lungs (Live)” [All Tomorrow’s Parties 1.1]
  • David Sylvian “A Fire In The Forest” [Blemish]

2 February 2019

Watch out Roadrunner!





  • Bill Horist “The Imperatives of Subsequence” [Covalent Lodge]
  • Zilmrah “Now Is Never” [Hippocampus Obscura]
  • Driftmachine “Dogov Godov” [Colliding Contours]
  • Hans Castrup “Uncertain Memory” [Shadowplay]
  • BOAR “Tapephobia” [Evilovers]
  • Leafcutter John “Mandolin Work” [The Housebound Spirit]
  • Jessica Lurie Ensemble “Bells” [Megaphone Heart]
  • Moodring “Grip & Sway” [Phoolan Devi]
  • Ben LaMar Gay “Swim Swim” [Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun]
  • Arthur Russell “You Have Did The Right Thing When You Put That Skylight In” [Springfield]
  • Savage Republic “Exodus” [Tragic Figures]
  • UW Hypotheekadvies “De Kandidaten” [Nature or Nurture]
  • To Rococo Rot “Miss You” [Hotel Morgen]
  • Pilesar “Drastic Measures” [District of Noise Vol. 3]
  • Tzesne “Exploraclones (edit)” [La Carne]
  • Trauma Terrestrial “Rituals” [Sound Space – the 4th Annual Report]
  • ILITCH “But Nothing Happen” [Un Jour Comme Tant D’Autres]
  • Them Use Them “Able” [The Wire Tapper 21]
  • Daniel Johnston “Some Things Last A Long Time” [1990]
  • The Youngsters “Zebra” [Jungle Exotica]
  • Liars “Grown Men Don’t Fall In The River, Just Like That” [They Threw Us All In A Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top]

31 January 2019 (Subbing 4 My Lil Underground)

Much later than you are used to WTC! Ricardo too! He opened with “Computer Love” by Kraftwerk, but the servers weren’t having it and proceeded to crash anyway. You promise people radio on the fly and sometimes you get to fly on the ground! The set prevails.




  • Kraftwerk “Computer Love – 2009 Remastered Version” [Computer World (2009 Remastered Version)]
  • Alec Empire “DF 02” [Miss Black America]
  • Pere Ubu “Dub Housing” [Dub Housing]
  • Yoko Ono “Walking On Thin Ice” [Yes, I’m A Witch]
  • Suicide “Ghost Rider – 1998 Remastered Version” [Suicide (1998 Remastered Version)]
  • Steel Pole Bath Tub “Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride” [The Miracle of Sound in Motion]
  • Soup Purse “Self Replicating Nanostars” [Nanopocalyptic Profizzy]
  • Volume Ghost “Sleeping on Camera” [Crackhouse is a Name You Can Trust]
  • Animal Collective “Brother Sport” [Merriweather Post Pavilion]
  • Amy Denio “Slugs – Gymnosalyagi” [Tongues]
  • David Lynch “In Heaven (Lady in the Radiator Song)” [Eraserhead Soundtrack]
  • Poison Dwarfs “Oh, Yes” [Labil]
  • Overdose the Katatonic “Scrambled Brains” [Sum Older ODtK Trax!]
  • Don Gere “Werewolves on Wheels” [Action! 15 Cult Movie Classics]
  • Bert Jansch “Wild Mountain Thyme – Live at McCabe’s Guitar Shop” [Heartbreak / Live At McCabe’s]
  • The Last Poets “Wake Up, Niggers” [Performance – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
  • Unwound “Go to Dallas and Take a Left” [Repetition]
  • Mattress “Forbidden Fruit” [Who Do You Lust?]
  • Phantom Market “Lila Shroud with Power Circus” [Bogville, Official Soundtrack]
  • Wire “A Touching Display – 2006 Remastered Version” [154]
  • Miles Davis “Directions – Live” [Live At The Fillmore East (March 7, 1970) – It’s About That Time]


19 January 2019

Scads of new sounds abound!





Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Track” – Album: 

Kraftwerk – “Kometenmelodie 2” (“Comet Melody 2”) – Autobahn;

Still House Plants – “Fist Fight” – Long Play;

Azalia Snail – “Cherry Blossom” Neon Resistance;

Sigur Rós -“All Alright” – Inni;

Kinga Toth – “The Prayer of Mariamachina” – Shape Phantom;

Robert Poss – Feed Forward” – Settings – Music for Dance, Film, Fashion and Industry;

The Ebb-Tides – “Seance” – Halloween Nuggets;

Chester Hawkins – “The Brood” – Semisolids;

The Space Lady – “Street of Dreams” – On the Street of Dreams;

Joanna Brouk – “Lifting Off”- Hearing Music;

Ben Lamar Gay – “Music for 18 Hairdressers” – Downtown Castles Can Never Block the Sun;

David Bowie – “Chant of the Ever Circling Skeletal Family” – Diamond Dogs;

Terretektorh – “Vision” – ACTIVE NOISE AREA;

Goblin – “Profundo Rosso – M31” – The Goblin Collection1975-1989;

BECUZZI – LYKE WAKE – NOISEDELIK – SSHE RETINA STIMULANTS – UNCODIFIED – “A Stranger in My Mirror Reflection” – A Posionous, Black & White Explanded;

Broadcast – Dead the Long Year” – The Noise People Make;

Hifiklub + Lee Ranaldo w/ Ikue Mori – “Someone Drifted Over the Edge” – In Doubt, Shadow Him;

Thollem/Clouser/Chase – “Cell Rejuvenation” – Dub Narcotic Session Vol. II;

Grover – “Monster in the Mirror” – Songs from Sesame Street, 35 Years of Music;

Randall Dunn – Something About That Night (edit) – Wiretapper 48;

The Abstracts – “Nightmare” – Halloween Nuggets;

Nocturnal Emissions – “Earthlights” – Futurist Antiquitarianism;

Kraftwerk – “Airwaves” – Radio-Activity

6 January 2019 (Surprise Sunday Night Subbing Special!)


Stonebunny was supposed to sub for Chronophage as Swintronix was otherwise engaged, but she too fell ill, and Ricardo Wang stepped in.




  • Hüsker Dü “Real World – Live” [Savage Young Dü]
  • Tracy + The Plastics “Cut Glass See Thru” [Culture For Pigeon]
  • Azalia Snail “Moral Chemist” [Neon Resistance]
  • The Residents “Horrors of the Night” [The Ghost Of Hope]
  • Penguin Cafe Orchestra “Telephone And Rubber Band – 2008 Digital Remaster” [Penguin Café Orchestra]
  • Goblin “L’alba dei morti viventi – Originale” [Zombi]
  • Yoko Ono “Sleepless Night – Remastered 2010” [Milk And Honey]
  • Mini-Mutations “Your Newsfeed” [Confessions of a Social Network Junkie]
  • Lee Hazlewood “If It’s Monday Morning” [Requiem for an Almost Lady]
  • Sun Ra “Rocket Number Nine Take Off For The Planet Venus” [Marshall Allen presents Sun Ra And His Arkestra: In The Orbit Of Ra]
  • The Chocolate Watchband “Dark Side Of The Mushroom” [No Way Out]
  • The Orb “Sky’s Falling” [Pop Ambient 2018]
  • Blue Man Group “Drumbone” [Audio]
  • Chester Hawkins “Magnetisk Nord (edit)” [Magnetisk Nord]
  • Joanna Brouk “Fire Breath” [Hearing Music]
  • Gordon Mumma “Medium Size Mograph 1964” [Music of David Tudor And Gordon Mumma]
  • Leon Russell “This Masquerade” [Carney]
  • The Pointer Sisters “Pinball Number Count” [Sesame Street: Songs From The Street, Vol. 3]
  • Arthur Russell “Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun/Let’s See” [World Of Echo]
  • Bata Katu “Osain/Osanyin” [Rough Guide to Voodoo]
  • Turtle Island Orchestra “All Along the Watchtower” [Have You Ever Been…?]


5 January 2019 (Vern Rumsey & Kento Oiwa Live!)

Red Rumsey AKA Vern Rumsey of Unwound and Long Hind Legs and Kento Oiwa of IQU AKA Malaise each perform solo sets in the second hour of this program. Ricardo Wang was late due to car trouble and Freeform Portland’s DJ Tock covered for the first half hour. An unusual plethora of new recordings surrounded the fresh live sounds.




  • Love “Alone Again Or – 2015 Remastered Version” [Forever Changes (2015 Remastered Version)]
  • Love “A House Is Not A Motel – 2015 Remastered Version” [Forever Changes (2015 Remastered Version)]
  • Love “Andmoreagain – 2015 Remastered Version” [Forever Changes (2015 Remastered Version)]
  • Love “The Daily Planet – 2015 Remastered Version” [Forever Changes (2015 Remastered Version)]
  • Eno • Hyde “Return” [High Life]
  • Welttraumforscher “Deine Allerschönsten Dinge – Barbara Morgenstern Remix” [21 Weltraum-Standards]
  • Welttraumforscher “Toter Mann – Neoangin Remix” [21 Weltraum-Standards]
  • Bob Bucko Jr. “A Loving Cup” [Did What I Could With What I Have]
  • Azalia Snail “I Am the Night Sky” [Neon Resistance]
  • Chester Hawkins “Proximity Fuse” [Semisolids]
  • Kento Oiwa “Live on What’s This Called?” [Freeform Portland]
  • Dan West “Signal Path” [L’ogic]
  • SONOLOGYST “Russian freq. 6525 kHz” [Active Noise Area]
  • Thollem/Clouser/Chase “It’s a Drab” [Dub Narcotic Session I]
  • Sarah Mega-Hertz “Synopsis” [Active Noise Area]
  • Vern Rumsey “Live on What’s This Called?” [Freeform Portland]
  • Tracy + The Plastics “Cut Glass See Thru” [Culture For Pigeon]
  • Ennio Morricone “Muchio Selvaggio” [Action 15 Cult Movie Classics]
  • Tracy + The Plastics “Oh Birds, This Is Dog-City” [Culture For Pigeon]
  • Blue Sausage Infant “Subferal” [Negative Space]
  • Circuitnoise “Live from Hawaii (Honolulu Airport) via Klirrphone “ [Active Noise Area]
  • The Sesame Street Kids “Somebody Come and Play” [Sesame Street: Songs From The Street, Vol. 2]



8 December 2018

What’s This Called? is joined by legendary Portland dj Leo Daedalus for a special 4 hour show (including two hours substituting for Turtles Have Short Legs). It is the Freeform Portland Donor Drive and a great time to show support of the program and it’s amazing new home: https://www.freeformportland.org/donate/

We strove to make the show fun to listen to, with a smattering of tracks from Lux Interior’s X-mas mixtape, samples of KRAB in the 1970s and TESC in the 1980s, an 18 minute Can opus, and discussions about fundraising that somehow incorporated Phillip K. Dick’s VALIS novel and Exegesis!







  • Jack Scott “There’s Trouble Brewin'” [Best Of The Rockabilly Years]
  • Robert Poss “You’ll Curse the Day” [Frozen Flowers Curse the Day]
  • Zilmrah “Cellophane Owl” [Hippocampus Obscura]
  • Tiroteio Lampeao de Serra Grande “Pernambuco” [Missao de Pesquisas Folcloricas]
  • Mehmet Ali Sanlikol “Dirmilcik’ten gelir” [ A Story of The City: Constantinople, Istanbul ]
  • Horace Silver “Acid, Pot Or Pills – Ron McMaster 24 Bit Mastering; 2004 Digital Remaster” [The United States Of Minds]
  • Kookie “Yulesville” [Jeezus Fuck It’s Christmas]
  • Squarepusher “Fly Street” [Budakhan Mindphone]
  • Swans “Lunacy” [The Seer]
  • Silver Mt. Zion “Stumble Then Rise On Some Awkward Morning” [He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corner Of Our Rooms]
  • Aiden Baker “Second Selves” [Songs of Flowers & Skin]
  • Johnny Guarnieri “Santa’s Secret” [Savoy Christmas Blues]
  • Nels Cline “Fistful of Aliens” [Dirty Baby]
  • Nels Cline “Vegetation Made Public” [Dirty Baby]
  • Terry Setter “Aphorism 3; Like A Coat Or A Mask” [The Aerial #1 (Winter 1990)]
  • Bert Jansch “The Time Has Come – 2015 Remaster” [Bert & John]
  • Liars “Grown Men Don’t Fall In The River, Just Like That” [They Threw Us All In A Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top]
  • Nadja “SUNJaguar” [Under the Jaguar Sun]
  • unknown “KRAB radio mystery track” [KRAB radio mystery selections]
  • Sagan “Jabpunplusone” [The Wire Tapper 09]
  • Thorrific “Independence Ghetto” [Invisible Mountain]
  • CAN “Cutaway (March 69)” [Unlimited Edition (Remastered Version)]
  • Marquees “Christmas in the Congo” [Jeezus Fuck It’s Christmas]
  • Jason Robinson & Michael Dresden “Synchronous Aether” [25 Accretions]
  • Andrea Borghi “Omaggio a Gelmetti” [Translations of Opacity – for Michelangelo Antonioni]
  • Salted Slugs “Nightwash” [Sewer Goo]
  • Joey Baron “Pause of the Clocks” [Live at the Knitting Factory New York City volume two]
  • ARU “Ripples In Your Scotch” [Abstruction]
  • Juan Hidalgo “Tamaran” [Fluxus Anthology]
  • ARU “Locked Groove Does the De-Lay” [Abstruction]
  • Selling Expectations “Nick Grey & the Random Orchestra” [Spin Vows Under Arch]
  • John Fahey “Red Cross, Disciple Of Christ Today” [Red Cross]
  • The Youngsters “Christmas in Jail” [Jeezus Fuck It’s Christmas]
  • Jimmy Butler “Trim Your Tree” [Savoy Christmas Blues]
  • Fork “Tomtarnas Julnatt” [So… This Is Christmas?]
  • Pulseprogramming “Becomes Eventually” [Tulsa for One Second]
  • James Brown “Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto” [The Complete James Brown Christmas]
  • Klezmonauts “Oy to the World” [To The World: A Klezmer Christmas]
  • Syd Barrett “Lanky, Pt. 1” [Opel]
  • Ernest Tubb “Merry Christmas Y’all” [Jeezus Fuck It’s Christmas]


25 November 2018

HEAR the 1st hour HERE:

HEAR the 2nd hour HERE:

46801480_2947792805261602_2989497319067484160_o (1)


  • Hawkwind “Orgone Accumulator (Live)” [Bring Me The Head Of Yuri Gagarin: Welcome To The Future, Vol. 2 (Live)]
  • Off World “Scrubdown” [2]
  • Hans Castrup “Prophecy I/o” [Shadowplay]
  • The Pink Fairies “Do It! (1970 Demo)” [Fuzz Freakout 1970-1971]
  • CAN “Mother Upduff (May 69)” [Unlimited Edition (Remastered Version)]
  • David Bowie “Lazarus” [Blackstar]
  • Opal “Soul Giver “ [Happy Nightmare Baby]
  • Christian Marclay, Samm Bennett “Silver Lining” [Live at the Knitting Factory New York City volume two]
  • Supersilent “13.3” [13]
  • Yo La Tengo “I Heard You Looking” [Extra Painful]
  • Be Be See “BBC1” [Single]
  • Philip Glass “Streets of Berlin” [Ute Lemper – Punishing Kiss]
  • Rebecca Moore “Fantasy” [Home Wreckording 1997-1999]
  • Lou Reed “How Do You Think It Feels” [Berlin]
  • My Disco “1981” [Severe]
  • Tiptons Sax Quartet “Strange Flowers (Piacere Alveare)” [Strange Flower]
  • Zilmrah “Sun Ray” [Hippocampus Obscura]
  • Mangled Bohemians “Psychic Mumbles” [At the Edge of Earth]
  • Death “Politicians In My Eyes” […For The Whole World To See]
  • Shalloboi “Invisible Against The Sun” [Invisible Against The Sun]
  • dwavehed “Alive” [Single]
  • Onyx (of Olympia) “Woodstoves” [Single]

24 November 2018

HEAR the first hour HERE:

HEAR the second hour HERE:



  • Measuring the Stones of Light with Primitive Wooden Tools “noisepoetnobody & Vance Galloway” [Uranium 238]
  • Doug Theriault “Pragmatic Sparse sense of deinitite parsnips” [Momentus Pickoramus]
  • Liars “Grown Men Don’t Fall In The River, Just Like That” [They Threw Us All In A Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top]
  • Jessica Lurie “Baba Yaga’s Seven League Boots” [Licorice & Smoke]
  • Robert Poss “The Test Pattern Setting” [Frozen Flowers Curse the Day]
  • Old Time Relijun “Fig” [Songbook, Vol. 1]
  • Bill Horist “The Psoriasis Coast” [25 Accretions]
  • Counter Culture Consortium “CCC Breakz the Program” [Single]
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers “Rebel’s Hop” [Bob Marley – The King Of Reggae (89 legendary tracks including original tunes, tributes from reggae stars and an exclusive Marley family live at Central Park)]
  • Nels Cline “DIRTYBABY: Part III” [Dirty Baby]
  • Charmaine Burnette “Make It With You” [Best Of Reggae Volume 19]
  • Squarepusher “Fly Street” [Budakhan Mindphone]
  • Leafcutter John “Mandolin Work” [The Housebound Spirit]
  • EarthMonkey “Ten of Your Earth Minutes” [Pharmacy Fields]
  • Aphex Twin, Nobukazu Takemura “Let My Fish Loose, Aphex Twin Remix” [26 Remixes for Cash]
  • Amon Tobin “El Wraith” [Out From Out Where]
  • Bert Jansch “Jack Orion” [Jack Orion]
  • A Star Too Far “World War 4” [Saucers Over Lincoln]
  • Yoko Ono “Watching the Rain” [BETWEEN MY HEAD AND THE SKY]
  • Bob Humphrey “Smiling Faces Sometimes” [Look Into the Flower]
  • FaTaGaGas “Objects In Mirror” [Single]

23 November 2018 (Special Black Friday Night Show!)

What’s This Called? substituted for the Freeform Portland regular program On Stage Tonight on Friday November 23rd from 6-8 PM PST. As the regular show features live performances, we followed suit and provided two hours of live experimental recordings, including several from the WTC exclusive vault.

HEAR the first hour HERE:

HEAR the second hour HERE:



  • Vulgaricus (Daniel Menche vs. Daniel Menche mash-up) “Daniel’s Static Field” [Burning Man ’08 Noise Mash-Ups 2]
  • Robert Poss “The Pleasure of Stillness (For Sally Gross) – Live Excerpt” [Poss: Settings – Music for Dance, Film, Fashion and Industry]
  • Miss Murgatroid “Time Theory 11:11 (live)” [KAOS Theory]
  • Derek M. Johnson Love “KPSU Set 1” [Cello Sampler]
  • Soup Purse “Drink Their Due” [Best of No.Fest 2008/2009]
  • Crank Sturgeon/Soup Purse “Live on What’s This Called? 4/28/2007 (excerpt)” [Live Radio Performance]
  • Mini-Mutations “Sponsored Post” [Confessions of a Social Network Junkie]
  • Jandek “New Orleans Monday (excerpt)” [New Orleans Monday (excerpt)]
  • The Legendary Pink Dots “Madame Guillotine (live)” [The French Collection]
  • Irving Klaw Trio “Mogwai (live)” [KAOS Theory]
  • Lou Reed “Rock ‘n’ Roll – Live in New York – Transformer tour 1972” [American Poet]
  • David Tudor “Rainforest 1969 (excerpt)” [Music of David Tudor And Gordon Mumma]
  • William Hooker “Stamina (excerpt)” [The Gift of Tongues]


19 November 2018 (Special Monday Night Show!)



Monday Night Special


  • Thomas Dolby “One of Our Submarines” [The Golden Age of Wireless]
  • Aphex Twin, Phillip Glass, David Bowie “Heroes (remix)” [26 Remixes for Cash]
  • Lou Reed “White Light White Heat – Live in New York – Transformer tour 1972” [American Poet]
  • The Dream Syndicate “Until Lately” [The Days of Wine and Roses]
  • Robert Poss “Time Frames Marking Time” [Frozen Flowers Curse the Day]
  • Genesis “The Waiting Room – 2007 Stereo Mix” [The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway]
  • L.A. Lungs “Hell Is a Quiet Place” [Letting It All Bunch up]
  • Midday Veil “Mysterium Tremendum” [Subterranean Ritual]
  • Big Star “Dream Lover” [Sister Lovers]
  • Merzbow + Carlos Giffoni “Synth Destruction (edit)” [Synth Destruction]
  • Yuichiro Fujimoto “Old Bird Tape” [Kinoe]
  • Tangerine Dream “The Big Sleep In Search Of Hades – 1995 Remaster” [The Virgin Years: 1974-1978]
  • Kajumars “Dead Men Walking” [MP3 single]
  • Leonard Cohen “You Want It Darker” [You Want It Darker]
  • Manna/Mirage “Alchemist in the Parlor” [Rest of the World]
  • Chica X “1, 2 Step” [Ladyz in Noyz 3]
  • Flying Lotus “Dream To Me” [Until The Quiet Comes]
  • Stars Of The Lid “Sun Drugs” [The Ballasted Orchestra]
  • Bert Jansch “Dreams of Love” [Bert Jansch]
  • Golden Death Music “Endless Dreams” [Ephemera Blues]
  • Robert Poss “The Structure” [Settings}

10 November 2018

Corroborations with Russian sources and songs with Nothing or No Thing in the theme among other things.

#ExperimentalMusic #Drone #Noise #PostPunk #Ambient #NoiseRock#Psych #StrangeMusic #Weird #KeepPortlandWeird

TERRESTRIAL RADIO: 90.3 FM in NoPo Near PCC 98.3 FM Surrounding PDX





  • Sounds and Songs of the Humpback Whales “Sounds and Songs of the Humpback Whales”[Sounds and Songs of the Humpback Whales]
  • Flying Lotus “Until The Quiet Comes” [Until The Quiet Comes]
  • Tiptons Sax Quartet “Sheltering Storm” [Strange Flower]
  • Paintings For Animals “Nobody” [Taosian Cellar]
  • Mattress “Forbidden Fruit” [Who Do You Lust?]
  • FaTaGaGaS “Aging Saramayan” [MySpace Single]
  • Savage Republic “Next to Nothing” [Tragic Figures]
  • Intergalactic Wizard “The Rising of the Phoenix Star” [Psidronic 3]
  • The Boston Typewriter Orchestra “Customer Confidentiality” [The Revolution Will Be Typewritten]
  • Rubina Badar “Rita Main Nasha Mein Hoon” [I Hear a Modern Girl]
  • Tangerine Dream “Stratosphere” [Stratosphere]
  • Greg Segal & Charles Rice Goff III “”Russian Untranslated”” [Visible]
  • Mini-Mutations “They’re Following You” [Confessions of a Social Network Junkie]
  • Sante Sagre “La Viaje Mystical” [Bastardo America]
  • xedh “acuphenos (vinduskarm)” [vinduskarm]
  • Moscow Improvising Trio “Natural Selection” [Document – New Music From Russia (The ’80s)]
  • Fj Pangolin “The Maidenhead Graph” [single]
  • Low Frequency “Helmholtz” [Analogue Machinery]
  • The Books “There Is No There” [The Lemon of Pink]
  • Lou Reed “I’m Waiting for My Man – Live in New York – Transformer tour 1972” [American Poet]

3 November 2018 (Special Nighttime Show!)

Subbing for Davy Jones’ Locker on FreeForm PDX, from 10 PM to Midnight, a very rare nighttime What’s This Called?





  • Seven That Spells “Space of Eight” [Cosmoerotic Dialogue With Lucifer]
  • Soup Purse “We Make” [Nanopocalypitic Profizzy]
  • Spacemen 3 “Spacemen Jam” [Dreamweapon]
  • His Name is Alive “Man on the Silver Mountain” [Always Stay Sweet]
  • Gary Lucas “Ghosts (live)” [Live at the Knitting Factory New York City volume two]
  • Wire “Outdoor Miner” [Outdoor Miner]
  • Long Hind Legs “Arranged For Viewing” [Jackson’s Jukebox]
  • Earth “Seven Angels” [Earth 2]
  • Sonic Youth “Escapades” [Simon Werner a Disparu (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)]
  • Shalloboi “Surprise, Surprise” [Learning How To Crawl]
  • Overdose the Katatonic “Important Hospital Machines Fritzin” [Sum Older ODTK Trax]
  • Ogo Eion “Storm Sermon” [Bogville – Exclusive Soundtrack]
  • Replikants “Climax of Wizardry” [This Is Our Message]
  • Huun-Huur-Tu “Ancestors” [Ancestors Call]
  • Marlo Eggplant “Latent” [Psidronic 3]
  • Bob Bucko Jr. “We Are Fredom Cats” [Volte Face]
  • Argumentix “Victim of Your Life” [Boss of Goth]
  • Steele Pole Bath Tub “Exhale” [The Miracle of Sound in Motion]
  • Nurse With Wound/Jim O Rourke “Side 2 (edit)” [Angry Electric Finger 1]

27 October 2018

Get out your carving knives!





  • Kimmo Pohjonen, Samuli Kosminen, and Kronos Quartet “Sarma” [The Rough Guide To The Music Of Scandinavia]
  • Volume Ghost “Sleeping On Camera” [Crackhouse is a Name You Can Trust]
  • Masonique “Status Erratus” [Island of Disbelief]
  • Mini-Mutations “Vanished Pt. 4” [Vanished]
  • Arvo Zylo & Marlo Eggplant “Arvo (remix)” [333REDUX]
  • Thai Elephant Orchestra, Dave Soldier & Richard Lair “Swing Swing Swing” [Thai Elephant Orchestra]
  • Yo La Tengo “Big Day Coming” [Painful]
  • A Hawk And A Hacksaw “Goodbye Great Britain” [Darkness at Noon]
  • Steel Pole Bath Tub “Bozeman” [The Miracle of Sound in Motion]
  • Jad Fair “Casper The Friendly Ghost” [It’s Spooky]
  • Gowns “Feathers” [Gowns]
  • Uladat “Rusalka” [single]
  • Nadja “SUN4flood” [Under the Jaguar Sun (disc 1 Teczcatlipoca DARKNESS)]
  • Two or the Dragon “Live at Metro June 2018” [ELECTROFRAMEWORK]
  • Eet “Colony Collapse” [Danger Barn]
  • The Legendary Pink Dots “Crushed Velvet (live)” [Crushed Velvet]
  • Deathwalk “Supreme Acaussal Rituality” [Decay, Death, and Darkness: Aural Visions of Bakinski’s Art]
  • múm “Guilty Rocks” [Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy]
  • The Sheiks “Baghdad Rock” [Jungle Exotica]
  • Wimme “Texas” [Cugu]

13 October 2018 (First FreeForm PDX Show!)

After 13 years deep underground we were baptized by the bright sunlight of an unseasonably warm October afternoon for our first What’s This Called? outing at our new time and station, FreeForm Portland! The show sounds a little bit like new fingers reaching for new equipment. The 2nd hour is certainly smoother than the first but this is live radio, not a perfectly overdubbed podcast, and we hope every hour to come is subsequently that much smoother still!



WTC Grand Re-Opening

PLAYLIST – Artist “Song/Track/Piece” [Album or Source]

  • David Bowie “The Next Day” [The Next Day]
  • Miss Murgatroid “Dolls Inside the Walls” [Myoclonic Melodies]
  • Von Helwig “Jungle Fever 1” [Jungle Fever]
  • Sonologyst “Dahomey Kingdom” [ELECTROFRAMEWORK]
  • The Hafler Trio “All Largely Propoganda” [Bang! An Open Letter]
  • Hawkwind “Adjust Me – 1996 Remastered Version” [In Search Of Space]
  • Mt. Borracho “4” [Bandcamp]
  • Ffej “Numph” [Patterns in the Storm, Vol. I]
  • His Name Is Alive “How Ghosts Affect Relationships” [Always Stay Sweet]
  • Psionic Asylum “World of Bones” [Decay, Death and Darkness – Aural visions of Beksiński’s art ]
  • Edward Ka-Spel “Limburgia” [The Victoria Dimension]
  • Cyoakha Grace O’Manion “Feels Like Dying” [Unknown Music from Dream Quest of Kadath]
  • Scott Walker “Fetish” [Soused]
  • Conformity Contortion “Torture Mocks Once At Everyman’s Boredom” [Perception Management]
  • Meredith Monk “Disequilibrium” [Impermanence]
  • Uneasy Chairs “Total Massacre” [Feel the Frequency: 2015 Norcal Noisefest Audio Compilation Document]
  • Giovanni Verga “Cappella” [ELECTROFRAMEWORK]
  • Bugskull “Vacancy” [Distracted Snowflake]
  • NEU! “Sonderangebot” [NEU!]
  • Motions Sickness of Time Travel “Casting a Spell” [Ladyz in Noyz]
  • Wizard Apprentice “I Am Invisible” [I Am Invisible]
  • Einstürzende Neubauten “Sand” [Halber Mensch]
  • Sinda Koslika “Victim of Demons That Haunt for…” [Balls of Hair Tossed About]
  • Tarantula Ghoul & the Gravediggers “King Kong” [Jungle Exotica]
  • Nuno Velga “Boa Morte” [Decay, Death and Darkness – Aural visions of Beksiński’s art]
  • Marc Bolan “Cat Black” [Cat Black ]

22 September 2018 (LAST KPSU Episode – 2 hrs!)

After 13 years in the sub-basement of Smith Student Union at PSU, What’s This Called? is leaving KPSU for FreeForm Portland 90.3 FM!  The program will air alternating Saturdays from 2-4 PM and our first episode will be Saturday, October 13th. Here is the very LAST episode at KPSU for your listening enjoyment!



8 September 2018 (Nofest XI Interview!)

An outsider driven volley of experimental drones from your host Ricardo Wang’s personal collection of rare physical recorded relics pull us into the show and remain as the backdrop. St. John’s Nofest founder and organizer J.d. Helwig called in for an in depth yet off the cuff interview about this year’s Nofest XI at an all new location.


Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Track” – Album

LPD Chemical Play Skool Vol. 16 Pt. 2 (edit)

Tempered Steel – “The Secret Factory” – Tempered Steel

Ffej – “In Pursuit of the Signal” – Signal Gone Astray

Yellow Swans – “Track Two (live WTC remix)” – Drift

Dead Man’s Lifestyle – “Titled” – Hinterland

ALTO! – “Piece 5 (H.F.F.L.)” – ALTO!

Nofest XI/J.d. Helwig Interview (interspersed with all music henceforth in the program).

Beauty School – “Mayday” – Feel the Frequency 2015 Norcal Noisiest Audio Compilation Document

Sudden Infant – “Somniphobia” – “Psychotic Einzelkind”

Royal Trux – “Blind Navigator” – Pound for Pound

Royal Trux Backwards Extro…

Blues Magoos – “Ain’t Got Nothing Yet” – Psychedelic Lollipop


1 September 2018


With continued lack of online access for the show in the KPSU booth, we have delved even deeper into my own collection of handmade CDRs and other micro-indie releases (and a Coil disc, just cuz…) to bring you a show of WTC classics! “The idea is mightier than the Tsunami” – BCO.


Playlist – “Song/Track/Piece” – Album

Eet – “Soldier Swordfish” – Danger Barn

Paco Jones – “Saturdays With My Son” – Saturday Songs on Sunday

Sobou Shuu – “NerdGOREz” – Beaver Moon

Volume Ghost – “The Next Thing You Know Is What I’m About To Tell You” – Crackhouse Is a Name You Can Trust

(expletive deleted) – “LSD Arcade” – Reek of Influence

Toiletooth – “Disappointed Hummingbird” – My Favorite Food

Analog Suicide/Daruin – “(excerpts)” – split CDR (collaboration?) interwoven with…

…Coil – “Teenage Lightning II” – Love’s Secret Domain

…Big City Orchestra – “Raga” – Cockamame




25 August 2018 (25th Anniversary Show!)

25 years ago in August of 1993 I arrived in Olympia, Washington and began a new radio show at KAOS 89.3 FM centered around experimental music and named What’s This Called? The show would run for a decade at that station until I moved to Portland in 2003. It then took me two years to find a new home at KPSU where it has now lived for another 13 years. While the Olympia show was a late night affair, What’s This Called? at KPSU has always been on Saturdays from Noon to 1 Pacific Standard Time.

This episode was an all cd affair, just like it was when it launched in ’93!


Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Track” – Album

Noggin – “Love Song” – Hajex from the Light

Greg Segal -“Part IV” – 33

Sun City Girls – “At The Base Of The Mountain Of Noise” – Piasa…Devourer of Men

Chrome – “Future Ghosts” – Third from the Sun

Sun Ra – “Somebody Else’s World” – My Brother the Wind Volume 2

Sonic Youth – “”Mieux: De Corrosion”” – SYR 1

Edward Ka-spel – ”Harvester” – Dream Logik Part One

Hawkwind – “Adjust Me” – In Search of Space

Tim Walters – “For Want of a Nail” – The Dry Well

Orbit Service – “Start Dreaming” – Twilight




18 August 2018 (Back… or Not?)

We’ve been gone because of technical difficulties. We returned to technical difficulties. Do not attempt to adjust your screen. Nobody is in control.



Playlist Artist – “Song/Piece/Track” – Album/Or?:
Beatnigs – “Burritos” – Beatnigs

Christ & Cosey – “Raining Tears of Blood” – The Elephant Table Album

Songs of the Humpback Whales

Coil – “S Is For Sleep” – The Elephant Table Album

Melvins – “Queen (Singles Mix for A&R Guy)” – The Singles

Legendary Pink Dots – “Evolution” – The French Collection

Midday Veil – “Divide By Zero” – Eyes All Around

Ute Lemper – “Passionate Fight” – Punishing Kiss

American Analog Set – “Too Tired to Shine II” – The Fun of Watching Fireworks

Throbbing Gristle – “Subhuman” – Greatest Hits

Jimi Hendrix – “I Don’t Live Today” – Are You Experienced?




21 July 2018

An all cd set, heavy on the What’s This Called? classic cuts with plenty of surprises.



Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece” – Album/CD/8-track/BBS/usenet/#youtellme 

Jandek – “First Awake Moment” – I Woke Up;

Bastard Squid Implant – “Burning House Collapsing” – Sonic Circuits DC Presents: District of Noise Vol. 3;

Greg Segal – “Demolished” – Always Look on the Dark Side of Life Selected Recordings 1984-1993;

Volcano The Bear – “The Sting of Haste” – Amidst the Noise and Twigs;

Poison Dwarfs – “Serenade” – labil;

Rebecca Moore – “This/Past” – Home Wreckordings 1997-1999;

Nadja – “Beautiful Beast” – Belles Betes;

Flourescent Grey – “Rag Doll Physics Prof.” – Electric Carpets;

LSD March – “Aimakuramaku” – Uretakumo Nakunarutorika;

Boar – “Neighborhood Killings” – Dubuque Strange Music Society presents: PSIDRONIC Volume Two;

The Siverman – “The SIde of the Door (edit)” – Music for Personality Disorder

14 July 2018

Just beautiful music.



Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Track/Sound” – Where It’s At/Album

Senawa – “Tadulako” – Acaraki;

Makoto Kawabata & Michishita Shinsuke – “Rome No. 9” – Sex, Voyage, and Echo Chamber;

Add N to X – “Revenge of the Black Regent” – Avant Hard;

JS-Horseman – “iV” – New Modernism;

Gowns – “Gloves” – Gowns;

The Hub – “The Glass Hand” – Wreckin’ Ball;

Zilmrah – “What the Thunder Said” – PSIDRONIC Volume two;

Jackie-O-Motherfucker – “Ella’s Incredible Floating Sound Machine (live ATP Festival LA) – U Sound Archive;

Not Breathing – “Tranny Smelter” – Electric Carpets

7 July 2018 (Listener Sourced Music)

90% Listener Sourced.



Playlist – Artist -“Song/Piece/Sound” – Album/etc.

Nurse With Wound – “Yagga Blues” – Who Can I Turn to Stereo;

Disappearing – “The Shell Decayed (excerpt) – Disappearing;

ellefläädt – “psychosalvia2-02” – Soundcloud;

Psilocyborg – “The Great Beginning” – Bandcamp;

Sun Ra – “Door of the Cosmos” – Sleeping Beauty;

Aphex Twin -“Phlaps” – Caustic Window;

Rochelle Battat – The Greeter” – single;

Cabaret Voltaire – ‘The Heat” – The Conversation;

Here Lies Man – “Memory Games” – You Will Know Nothing;

Scott Walker – ” SDSS1416+13b (Zercon, A Flagpole Sitter)” (excerpt) = Bisch Bosch

30 June 2018

Goodbye June.




Playlist: Artist – Song -Album/Or?

Echo and the Bunnymen – “No Dark Things” – Heaven Up Here;

Fischkopf Sinfoniker – “Omega (Radio Shibuya extended live mix)” – Live from Portland;

Reg Bloor – “Hilarity Ensues” – Sensory Irritation Chamber;

The Residents – “Ship’s a Going Down” – Not Available;

Marlo Eggplant – ‘Ego Integrity vs. Despair” – Internal/External;

Moloch Conspiracy – “The awful ritual” -The cave of metaphysical Darkness & Lights;

building castles out of matchsticks -“shifting insomnia and the dream incubator” – bandcamp single;

Yen Pox & Monocube – “Lunar Swarm” – The Portrait of Mortality;

Negativland – “Sign Off” — It’s All in Your Head;

Merzbow – “Woodpecker No. 2” – Pulse Demon

23 June 2018

Some things are just #old and by our own ignorance “foreign” while others are new and intentionally #experimental or #noisy. They overlap in #drone often. But not always.



Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Track/Sound” – Where It’s At 

Bill Horist – “Requiem For Endless Days” – Covalent Lodge;

Bill Horist – “Shi Shi” – Music For Davida Monk’s Dream Pavilion;

Ghidra – “Cerebral Cortez” – The Sound of Speed;

Hans Castrup – “Symmetric Controversation’s Part VI (edit)” – Symmetric Controversations;

Rosina Xiberres – “Ix-Xieh U Ix-Xieha – The Secret History of Mankind Vol. 5 Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48;

The Residents – “Jailhouse Rock (remix)” – The King and I Remixes;

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – “Child of My Kingdom” – The Crazy World of Arthur Brown;

Black Bombaim & Peter Brötzmann – “IV” – Lovers & Lollypops;

Luajne Sazet Populare – “Valle E Gadjes” – the Secret History of Mankind Vol. 4 Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48;

Cartoon Accident – “How Did It Go?” – And….;

Wardruna – “Odal” – Runaljod;

The Jesus and Mary Chain – “I Hate Rock ‘n Roll” – Hate Rock ‘n Roll;

The Melvins – “Snake Appeal” – 10 Songs

16 June 2018

RIP Nick Knox followed by 24th Olympia Experimental Music Festival preview and MORE!





Playlist: Artist – “Song/Track/Piece/Sound” – Ablum/Hmm?

The Electric Eels – “Anxiety” – The Eyeball of Hell;

The Cramps – “Way I Walk (live)” – Live @ Napa State Mental Hospital;

Trance Music for Crows – “Trance Music for Crows (edit)” – Trance Music for Crows;

Driftwood Orchestra – “Live at Teatro de la Psychomachia 1 6 18” – Soundcloud;

KnotPineBox – “Who’s Down There?” – bandcamp;Träd,

Gräs Och Stenar – “Dansa Jord” – Mors Mors;

Sonologyst – “LDirac = ψ​(​iγμ∂μ −m​)​ψ” – New Modernism;

Einstürzende Neubauten – “Z.N.S.” – Halber Mensch;

Youssef Harb – “Yo Albi Keef Ja Fek – “The Secret Museum of Mankind Vol. 5;

TRI​:​.​OBYTE = “Visitation” – New Modernism;

Sun Ra – “Yucatan (Saturn version)” – Atlantis;

Sonic Youth – “She’s in a Bad Mood” – Confusion Is Sex


9 June 2018 (Le Noise Rock)

Noise rock, mostly contemporary, much of it listener sourced!



Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece” – Album/Source

Ghost Bitch – “Maniac Girl” – Ghost Bitch;

Cartoon Accident – “Echo Location” – And… ;

USA/Mexico – “Yard of the Month” – Laredo;

VHK/Vágtázó Csodaszarvas/Galloping Coroners – “Halló, Mindenség 2015!” – Live 2015;

Obnox – “Hardcore Matinee” – Niggative Approach;

Point Line Plane – “Descender” – Point Line Plane;

Destroy All Monsters – “Detroit Rock City” – Silver Wedding Anniversary;

Prissy Whip – “Soak” – R.I.P. AF;

Four Dimensional Nightmare – “Eternity in the White” – Crystalized Carbon;

No Babies – “Someone to Watch Over Me” – Someone to Watch Over Me;

Melt Banana – “Phantasmagoria” – Cell – Scape;

Macaw – “Sun Fetish” – Demos A;

Psilocyborg – “The Great Beginning” – bandcamp;

Sea Moss – “Infernal Stutter” – Bread Bored

2 June 2018

It was sunny outside and a little dark and spooky in the sub-basement.



Playlist: Artist – “What They’re Playing” – Where It’s Housed

Moloch Conspiracy – “The Shadow over Innsmouth” – In Tenebris Scriptus – A dark aural tribute to H. P. Lovecraft;

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – “Time/Confusion” – The Crazy World of Arthur Brown;

Radar Men from the Moon – “Secret Howl In Ambient Night” – Subversive III: De Spelende Mens;

Elin Lisslass – “Locklatar” -The Secret Museum of Mankind Vol. 4 Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48;

Eternal Tapestry – “Sand Into Rain” – A World Out of Time;

Stavros Perides – “To Nufoparman” – The Secret Museum of Mankind Vol. 5 Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48;

The Serpent – “Corona Nyarlathotepis” – In Tenebris Scriptus – A dark aural tribute to H. P. Lovecraft;

Charles Mingus – “The Spur of the Moment” – The Jazz Experiments of Charlie Mingus;

Domo – “Nadi” – Domo;

Pere Ubu – “Down By The River II” – Raygun Suitcase

26 May 2018

Newer vibrations from a small scad of artists.


32006579_1232559160480317_7394942783217205248_nPlaylist: Artist – “Song or You Know…” – Album or You Know…

Tom Djll – “Subtle Lunchbox” – Bandcamp;

Weeping Glass – “Bisk Orta” – Polar Shadows;

St. Vitus – “St. Vitus” – Live @ Palm Springs Community Center 1986;

Geronimo Arafat – “We walk in this world apart from one another” – Bleeding Colors Into Entrails;

Giovanni Verga – “Invisible visible” – New Modernism;

Ciccone Youth – “Macbeth” – The Whitey Album;

Paula Temple – “Colonized” – 12″;

Kronos Quartet/Terry Riley – ” Cortejo Funebre en el Monte Diablo” – Requiem for Adam;

Yo La Tengo – “Here You Are” – There’s A Riot Going On

19 May 2018 (Goodbye Glenn Branca)

Special Two Hour What’s This Called? Goodbye Glenn Branca with music by the late composer as well as artists associated with and influenced by him (or just sound good in a set with, this is NOT a history lesson show).





Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Track” – Album or ??:

Glenn Branca – “The Spectacular Commodity” – The Ascension;

Reg Bloor– “Subconscious Decay” – Rhinocerous, Voices in Dissent;

Lee Ranaldo – “The Bridge” – East Jesus;

Rhys Chatham – “Guitar Ring” – Factor X;

Theoretical Girls – “Computer Dating” – Theoretical Record;

Live Skull – “Swingtime” – Pusherman;

Glenn Branca – “Light Field” – In Consonance;

Red Transistor – “Not Bite” – Single;

Chrome – “Mondo Anthem” – Half Machine Lip Moves;

Glenn Branca – “Lesson No. 1 for Electric Guitar” – Lesson No. 1;

Wharton Tiers Ensemble – “Sheet Metal Workers” – Brighter Than Life;

Dj Olive – “Blizzard” – So Me Free;

Bardo Pond – “Taste” – Peace on Venus;

Glenn Branca – “Symphony No 7 For Orchestra – SHIVERING AIR” – Live performance from Branca website;

Glenn Branca Ensemble – “in Strasbourg, October 9, 2014” – youtube;

Sonic Youth – “She’s In a Bad Mood” – Confusion Is Sex;

Elliott Sharp & Orchestra Carbon – “Unlockstep” – Abstract Repressionism 1990-99;

Band of Susans – “Pursuit of Hapiness” – Love Agenda;

Swans – “Big Strong Boss” – Filth

28 April 2018 (Two Things at Once)

An hour of audio double exposures.  Two artists at once (occasionally a little bit more) every time. Shop as normal and avoid panic buying.



An ATTEMPT at a Playlist in Stereo… Artist (in one channel or the other, you decide!) – “Song/Piece/Track” – Album or Excuse

Ludwig Van Beethoven – “Ninth Symphony, Fourth Movement – Abridged” – A Clockwork Orange Soundtrack;

Sun Ra – “Worlds Approaching” – Strange Strings;

Kraftwerk -“Radioland” – Radio-Activity;

Butthole Surfers – “The Hurdy Gurdy Man” – Pioughed;

Vangelis – “Chariots of Fire” – Chariots of Fire

Can – “Oh Yeah” – Tyranny of the Beat;

Vidwan Rajamankkam – “Inthakannananda” – The Secret Museum of Mankind Vol. 3;

Tom Tom Club – “Genius of Love” – Tom Tom Club;

Can – “Deadlock” – Soundtracks;

Cocteau Twins – “When Mama Was Moth” – Head Over Heels;

Gareth Davis and the Julie Mittens – “Peter Ablinger’s Black Series” – You Tube Live Track;

MIA – “Bamboo Banga” – Kala;

Add N to X – “Hit Me” – On the Wires of Our Nerves;

Cockney Star Trek You Tube video;

Daryl Hall & John Oates -“Hallofon” – Daryl Hall & John Oates”;

Kataplexis – “Bottom Feeder” – Technical Grindcore;

Merv Griffin – “I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts” – Paul Shrug’s Lounge of Love;

Porter Ricks – “Explore” – Porter Ricks;

L.A. Lungs – “This Is How to Talk to Octopi” -Turntable Broken Prayer Book Lost;

Sex Funeral – “Your Heaven Sucks” – Your Heaven Sucks’;

Strange Guy Interviewed- Paul Shrug’s Chapel of Love;

Yes – “Leave It (Acapella version)” – 90125 Outtakes;

Jon Hassell – “Dreaming” – Listening to Pictures;

Prince Charming – “Stroboscopic search-lights sweeping tidepools of parasites” – Psychotropical Heatwave;

Edward Ka-Spel – “Victoria” – The Victoria Dimension;

Coil – “Music to Play in the Dark Vols. 1 & 2 (simultaneously)”

21 April 2018

Vibrations. Resonations. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.




Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Track/Sound” – Album/FilingSystem

Lungfish – “Hanging Bird” – Necrophones;

Eaton Flowers – “Fractalife” – SadoDamascus Winter Copolation 2016;

TRI​:​.​OBYTE -“Visitation” – New Modernism;

His Name Is Alive – “Static” – Stars on E.S.P.

Ffej – “Modern Day Gavel” – Patterns in the Storm Vol. 1;

Mt. Borracho – “Albatross” – Unbiological Dreams;

Uladat – “8th Labyrinth” – Uladat;

Edward Ka-Spel -“CybersKapes Part 1ish” – CybersKapes Parts 1-6;

JS-Horseman “iV” – New Moderniism;

pollychain – “Rotating Mix” – Soundcloud;

Red Krayola – ” A hybrid creature of greed, ignorance and powers of comprehension plays a vaulted drum kit. The playing corresponds completely to the event. There are entrances and exits. And there is gravitation, where it is needed — for tears” – Finger Painting;

The Melvins – “Lovely Butterflies” – Electroretard;

Blowhole – “The Cunning Stroke” – Billowing Sheen;

Meat Puppets – “New Gods” – Meat Puppets II;

Pere Ubu – “The Vulgar Boatman Bird” – Song of the Bailing Man;

14 April 2018

The show was planned with a goodbye to legendary broadcaster Art Bell, who passed on Friday the 13th. Art was a huge influence on Ricardo Wang as a dj and radio personality. Then as we went on the air we were additionally notified of a more personal death in the family. Consequently, the show starts a bit heavy as Lennon does the ID and dedicates it to his great-grandma Nanie. A solid set of  life affirming experimental music follows.



Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Track/Sound” – Album/Encasement

Art Bell – “Turn Your Radio Off” – Promo/RIP;

Willam William Hooker/Lee Ranaldo/Zeena Parkins – “Stamina (edit)” – The Gift of Tongues;

‘Chuchichi’ Jose Menendez – “La Virgen De Covadonga” – The Secret Museum of Mankind Vol. 3 Ethnic Music Classics: 1925-48;

Bobbi Humphrey – “Smiling Faces Sometimes” – Look Into the Flower;

Adonai Atrophia – “Act IV Prolet (Spring)” – 2018 Balkan experimental survey – Post industrial culture series;

Black Acid Arkestra – “Blue Mesa” – Black Acid Arkestra;

X A M B U C A – “Vapunatto” – Gestalt Screams from Imaginary People;

Yo La Tengo – “Forever” – There’s a Riot Going On;

Die Krupps – “Wahre Arbeit, Wahrer Lohan” Tyranny of the Beat;

Undo – “Out of the Light” – Deux;

Jandek – “Pending Doom” – I Woke Up;

Mogwai – “Yes! I Am a Long Way from Home” – Groenland;

Alvin Lucier – “Bird and Person Dyning (1975) (edit)” – Bird and Person Dyning

7 April 2018

A goodbye to Cecil Taylor followed by a wash of experimental waves.



Playlist – Artist – “Song/Piece/Track/Sound” – Where It’s Kept 

Cecil Taylor – “Piano at Ornette A. Coleman Memorial” – Riverside Church in West Harlem;

Hezaliel – “Fallen Angels in a distant Earth” – Paradise Lost;

L.A. Lungs – “Protest Song” – L.A. LNGZ (private WTC CDR);

Laurie Spiegel – “Four Short Visits to Different Worlds: A Garden” – Obsolete Systems;

Sufian Abdullah – “Teenage Corporate Riot” – Music to Break Out of Jail By;

Dorothy Ashby – “Soul Vibrations” – Afro-Harping;

Edward Ka-Spel – “The Border of Beyond” – The Victoria Dimension;

Entropic Advance – “Track 3” – 2005 CDR;

Elliott Sharp/Tracie Morris – “Got It? Get It!” – Radio Hyper-Yahoo;

Gohger/Aural Antithesis – “3-14-09#1″” – GAA//AAG;

Martyn Bates – “Track 2” – Migraine Inducers/Antagonistic Music (Complete Versions);

Mission of Burma – “Heart of Darkness (live)” – The Horrible Truth About Burma

24 March 2018




Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece” – Album

Giovanni Verga – “Invisible visible” – Sylphic;

Igor Stravinsky – “Rondes printanieres” – The Rite of Spring;

Nurse With Wound – “Space Music (edit)” – Space Music;

Grouper – “Clearing” – Ruins;

Flying Saucer Attack – “Standing Stone” – Distance;

The Hafler Trio – “A Thirsty Fish/The Dirty Fire” – The Tyranny of the Beat;

Yo La Tengo – “You Can Have It All” – And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out;

The Legendary Pink Dots – “Shiny Shiny Black Castles” – The Golden Age;

Black Acid Arkestra – “Ethereum” – Sketches;

Television – “Mars” – Television;

Iggy Pop – “Sunday” – Post Pop Depression;

Sunn O))) – “Candlegoat” – Black One

17 March 2018 (Cyclopsycho/Infinite Sustain Fake News Errata)

While we wholehearted think you should listen to the following program, the opening piece was mis-announced by your host Ricardo Wang. The piece played was by Ashley Shomo who has performed for several years as Cyclopsycho, however, this is a new project called Infinite Sustain. The title of the song was at least correct.

Otherwise, it was St. Patrick’s Day but we didn’t play any songs with green in the title nor try to find U2’s most experimental work to showcase, but Ricardo did do the program in emerald colored pants.


28766403_2206049932950459_6860173557628928000_nPlaylist: Artist – “Musical Piece” – Album:

Infinite Sustain – “Stain” – instainae;

Fastus – “River of Forgetfulness” – Ocean of Sound;

Tim Hecker – “Sketch 7” – Dropped Pianos;

Pulse Emitter – “Platinum Sea” – Alien Vacation;

Echo and the Bunnymen – “Zimbo” – Shine So Hard;

Sonic Youth – “Female Mechanic Now On Duty” – A Thousand Leaves;

Dolphin Midwives – “Bird Circle Sun Moon Tone” – single;

The Orb – “Oxbow Lakes” – Orbvs Terrarvm;

big city orchestra – “Wood Wind” – Lullaby;

Sigur Rós – “Takk…” – Takk;

Negativland -“Stop” – Over the Edge, Vol. 9: The Chopping Channel

10 March 2018




Playlist: Artist – “Song” – Abbluum

Bauhaus – “In the Slient Hedges” – The Sky’s Gone Out;

ARU – “PHOTOTECHNIQUE” – The Golden Strand ep;

Haruomi Hosono – “The Paradise View” – Paradise View;

Ed Chang/Blindfold – “Act II, Scene 12” – Picture Show;

L.A. Lungs – “How Far Our Feelings WIll Fling Us (edit)” – Limbic Systems;

Adonai Atrophia – “Metahistory” = Metahistory;

Goblin – “Witch” – Suspira Soundtrack;

Poison Dwarfs – “Lost In Music” – Wohin?;

Kronos Quartet/Alfred Schnittke – “Collected Songs Where Every Verse Is Filled With Grief” – Early Music;

Poison Idea – “Alan’s On Fire” – Feel the Darkness

3 March 2018 (DJ Lennon)

Celebrating his tenth year as a cohost on What’s This Called? at KPSU.org, conveniently coinciding with his tenth birthday, DJ Lennon ran the board and the mic on this week’s show. It was totally heavy!




PLAYLIST: Artist – “Song” – Album

Judas Priest – “Hellion” – Screaming For Vengeance;

The Melvins – “Bride of Crankenstein” – Hold It In;

Conformity Contortion – “A Leopard Cannot Change It’s Socks” – Perception Management;

Cheap Trick – “Heaven Tonight” – Heaven Tonight;

Echo and the Bunnymen – “All My Colours” – Heaven Up Here;

Black Flag – “Rise Above” – Damaged;

Leonard Cohen – “Who By Fire?” – Cohen Live;

Echo and the Bunnymen – “Villiers Terrace” – Crocodiles;

“Weird Al” Yankovic – “White And Nerdy” – Straight Outta Lynwood;

AC/DC – “Hells Bells” – AC/DC Live;

Black Sabbath – “Hand Of Doom” – Past Lives;

Van Halen – “Unchained” – Fair Warning;

Judas Priest – “Screamin’ For Vengeance” – Screamin’ For Vengeance;

Judas Priest – “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” – Screamin’ For Vengeance

24 February 2018 (Happy Birthday Uneasy Chairs!)

Grooves dedicated to Patrick of Uneasy Chairs, who’s now more vintage!



Playlist Unclothed… Artist – “Song/Piece/Track/Sound” – Album/?

Uneasy Chairs – “Reset” – Return to Electricity;

Kraftwerk – “Showroom Dummies” – single;

Paul Green & Greg Segal – “Intervoid” – Symbols and Sounds;

Tsigoti -“Drunk Under War Planes Spitting Bitter Pills” – Read Between the Lines​.​.​. Think Outside Them;

Congress-Woman Melinda Jackson Parker – “Cousin Mosquito #1” – Songs in the Key of Z Vol. 1;

Senyawa – “Tadulako” – Acaraki;

Trees – “Black Widow” – The Garden of Jane Delawney;

Onion – “Black.Red” – Ladyz in Noyz 3;

John Cage/Kronos Quartet – “Totem Ancestor” – Early Music;

Nick Cave – “Helpless” – The Bridge;

Redd Kross – “Linda Blair” – Born Innocent;

Negativland– “Almost Lost It There” – Sex Dirt;

The Melvins – “Over from Underground” – Ten Songs;

Sonic Youth – “Electricity” – Fast ‘n Bulbous;

Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band – “Vampire Suite” – Songs in the Key of Z Vol. 1;

Motion Sickness of Time Travel – “Casting a Spell” -Ladyz in Noyz Vol. 3

17 February 2018


39602610561_1a12c28848_oPlaylist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Track/Sound” – Album or Other Source:

Laurie Anderson & Kronos Quartet – “The Water Rises / Our Street Is a Black River” – Landfall;

Flying Lotus – “Do the Astral Plane” – Cosmogramma;

Thurston Moore – “Aphrodite” – Rock ‘n Roll Consciousness;

Dolphin Midwives – “(((astralknott)))” – Orchid Milk;

Wolf Wrams – “mÖl” – 2018 Balkan experimental survey – Post industrial culture series;

Negativland – “Guns” – Guns;

Throbbing Gristle – “Hit By a Rock” – D.O.A. The Third and Final Report;

Damballah – “Kanzo Senp” -Heresy;

Grouper – “Living Room” – The Man Who Died in His Boat;

Wooden Shjips – “Black Smoke Rise” – West;

Ffej – “NUMPH” – Patterns in the Storm Vol. 1

10 February 2018

Unfurling the foil flag.



Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Sound/Track” – Album or You Know…

Vexed – “Memories of Things We Never Had” – The Good Fight;

Porter Ricks – “Exposed” – Porter Ricks;

Sonologyst – “Purgatorium” – Heresy;

The Silverman – “The Side of the Door (edit)” – Music For Personality Disorder;

Four Dimensional Nightmare – “History” – Sludge;

Sun City Girls – “Kaspar Hauser” – Sidereal Rest;

Ynski.dar – “Les Filles” – rough draft on Soundcloud;

Taphephobia – “Corporeal escape” – Heresy;

Cotton Ferox featuring Genesis P-Orridge – “I Travel C Side” – Defragmental a Collection of Remixes and Odd Bits;

Poison Dwarfs – “Do It Again” – Labil;

White Stains – “Sleeping” – Exploratorium a Collection of Ambient Pieces;

Cocteau Twins – “Multifoiled” – Head Over Heels;

Pork Queen – “Within Your WIthoutsides” – Sidereal Rest

3 February 2018

Remember. Those quiet evenings



Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Track/Sound” – Album:

Robert Millis – “Notes on a Scandal” – The Lonesome High;

Poison Dwarfs – “Shadows” – Wohin?;

Spacemen 3 – “Che” – Revolution single;

Leandro Kalén – “Manual de ética imaginaria”” – Mecánica Celeste;

Discordless – Pătulului” – 2018 Balkan experimental survey – Post industrial culture series;

Paul Green & Greg Segal – “Descending a Tree” – Symbols & Sounds;

Cowboy Junkies – “Blue Moon Revisited (Song for Elvis)” – The Trinity Sessions;

Big Star – “Blue Moon” – Sister Lovers;

Charles R Goff & Michael LeGrega – “The Four Walls of Tomorrow” – Caricature Masquerade;

Cyberian – “Alure” 2018 Balkan experimental survey – Post industrial culture series;

Burning Spear – “I and I Survive” – Garvey’s Ghost

27 January 2018 (R.I. cantakerous P. Mark E. Smith)

You could do a 24 hour show just playing one song from each of The Fall’s discography of 32 studio albums and three times as many live records. This program barely scratches the surface in an hour, and also sneaks in interviews and a Von Sudenfed moment of audio brilliance. It will still leave you totally wired.

Get Totally Wired!

Mark_E._SmithPhoto By Masao Nakagami

Playlist: Artist – “Song/Thang” – Album/Thang

The Fall – “Frenz” – The Frenz Experiment;

The Fall – “Repetition” – Live at the Witch Trials;

John Peel – “On the Fall” – Interview;

The Fall – “Totally Wired (Live 1981) – Perverted ByLanguage (Bis) video;

The Fall – “Psykick Dancehall” – Dragnet;

The Fall – Interview – Sounds 1982;

The Fall – “Eat Y’Self Fitter” – Perverted by Language;

The Fall – “C.R.E.E.P.” – 50,000 Fall Fans Can’t Be Wrong;

The Fall – “Who Makes the Nazis” – Hex Enduction Hour;

Von Sudenfed – “Dearest Friends” – Reflexxions;

The Fall – “Rebellious Jukebox (Live)” – Peel Session 1982;

The Fall – “Paintwork” – This Nation’s Saving Grace;

The Fall – “Telephone Thing (Live)” – BBC 1990

20 January 2018

Weird and wonderful music to end your week.

Levitate Your Head!



Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Track” – Album or Source

Conjecture – “D” – 2018 Balkan experimental survey – Post industrial culture series;

Shalloboi – “Burning Star” – Blue-eyed;

Edward Ka-Spel – “Dismantling the Tower” – An Abandoned Laboratory Volume 3;

Hey Exit – “Vulpine/Haunting Oneself (For KE)” – Wiretapper 40;

Hans Castrup – “Prophecy I/O” – Shadowplay;

Meczup – “Plonk and Bread” – 2018 Balkan experimental survey – Post industrial culture series;

Hawkwind -“Orgone Accumulator” – Bring Me the Head of Yuri Gagarin;

Burning Spear – “The Ghost” – 100th Anniversary;

Kaosmos – “Levitate” – 2018 Balkan experimental survey – Post industrial culture series;

Goner – “YS 2 (edit)” – Yogoscum;

Flamin’ Groovies – “Slow Death” – Slow Death

David Bowie – “Dollar Days” – Blackstar

13 January 2018 (What’s This Capricorn?)

Experimental, noise, drone, post-punk, offbeat and weird music from artists of a goatly persuasion.

Your host Ricardo Wang was born on the same day as highly successful radio personalities Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern, which ought to be enough to make him disclaim all astrological notions. However, he has instead chosen to atone rather than deny, presenting a set of great Capricorn musicians (including several others born on January 12th!) playing strange songs of celestial longitude.




PLAYLIST: Artist – “Song/Piece” – Album/Source: 

Einsturzende Neubauten – “Autobahn (extended version)” – The Wind-up Tape; 

Ronald Shannon Jackson – “Spanking” – Mandance; 

Morton Feldman – “Coptic Light” – Registrazione Live, 23 Ottobre 1998;

Capricorn 12 – “But Then the Roof Caved In” – single; 

The Slits – “Instant Hit” – Cut; 

Merzbow – “Minus Zero” – Merzbox; 

Bill Horist – “Solo Union Station” – 9-18-11; 

Max Roach – “The Third Eye (drum solo)” – Drummerworld; 

David Bowie – “Blackstar” – Blackstar;

Shirley Bassey – “Till the Moon Deserts the Sky” – single;

Elk Minister – “Synthetic Human” – Capricorn; 

Motörhead – “Capricorn” – Overkill; 

Alex Chilton – “What’s Your Sign Girl?” – A Man Called Destruction;

Mutabaruka – “Haiti” – Melanin Man;

Yellowman – “Zungguzungguguzungguzeng” – Zungguzungguguzungguzeng;

Andy Summers & Robert Fripp – “Girl on a Swing” – I Advance Masked;

Joan Baez – “Diamonds and Rust” – Diamonds and Rust; 

Adrian Belew – “Lone Rhinoceros” – The Acoustic Adrian Belew, Vol.1;

Sandy Denny & the Strawbs – “Who Knows Where the Time Goes?” – All Our Own Work

6 January 2018

We do it for the participating affiliates.



Playlist  – “Song/Piece/Track/Sound” – Album/Thang:

Poison Dwarfs – ‘Don’t fear the Reaper” – Wohin?

Cabaret Voltaire – “Yashar (John Robie Remix)” – Tonal Evidence 1991;

Acid Mothers Temple – “Interplanetary Love” – Have You Seen the Other Side of the Sky ?

Off World – “Scrubdown” – 2 Constellation;

Charles Bukowski – “On Being Alone” – The Narrative Art;

Number None – “Five Minutes and Everything Falls Apart” – Second Annual Report – Apartment Thunder;

PT. Kumar Gandharva – “Rag Bhavmat Bhairav” – Voices of India;

The Berg Sans Nipple – “An Eternity in Purgatory” – Play the Immutable Truth;

Amy Denio – “Rx for the Afterlife” – The Big Embrace;

Aseptic Void – “Nowhere” – Ideazione di Contrasto;

Supersilent – “13.3” – Wiretapper 40

30 December 2017 (Listener Picked Best Experimental Music of the Year!)

We came in the room and overpowered the house music beats and handed the station over to the What’s This Called? listeners who picked Two Hours of the Best Experimental Music of 2017!




Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece” – Album

Jute Gyte – “Monadanom” – The Sparrow;

Horse Lords – “Remember the Future” – Mixtape IV;

The Transcendence Orchestra – “Wychwood” – Modern Methods For Ancient Rituals;

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – “Until I Remember” – The Kid;

Tomoko Sauvage – “Fortune Biscuit” – Musique Hydromantique;

VortexRemover – “Quickly the Antidote” – Mrt;

Angell – “AdAstra” – Nachtlicht;

Ingrid Schmoliner & Elena Kakaliago – “To Be Given Up In” – Nabelóse;

Z’ev – “For Quarters (excerpts)” – For Quarters:

Jim O’Rourke – “Still in Cosmos” – Steamroom 31

23 December 2017 (2 Hour Weird Christmas Special!)

Have yourself a WEIRD little Christmas Special! Two hours of strange, noisy, droney, and experimental Christmas carols and anti-carols selected by What’s This Called? listeners!

LISTEN to the 1st Hour Here!

LISTEN to the 2nd Hour Here!


Playlist : Artist – “Song/Piece/Carol/Sound” – Album or Stocking

Kate Bush – “December Will Be Magic Again (bongo version)” – Single;

The Residents – “Fire” – Santa Dog;

John Baker – “Christmas Commercial” – Music From The BBC Radiophonic Workshop;

Merzbow – “Silent Night” – The Christmas Album;

Remora – “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” – Experimental Christmas Compilation: Series One Point Two;

Rjyan Kidwell – “Wintermission” – Certain/Identity;

The Fall – “We Wish You a Protein Christmas” – Mark E. Smith’s Festive Favorites;

Tristan Brooks – “i can’t predict the ghost of christmas past actions” – Experimental Christmas Compilation: Series One Point Two;

Tredici Bacci & J. G. Thirlwell – “O Come O Come Emmanuel” – live at Threes Brewing;

Kylmyys – “In the Cave of Krampus” – Single;

Coil – “Christmas Is Drawing Near” – Winter Solstice: North;

Sy Mann with Jean-Jacques Perrey – “Christmas Bells” – Switched On Santa;

King Diamond – “No Presents For Christmas” – Single;

James Chance – “Christmas With Satan” – Irresistible Impulse;

Hyperborean Echoes – “Yule Bells” – A Yule Offering;

Tom Recchion – “Where Were You On Christmas?” – Single;

Can – “Silent Night” – Single;

Alan Vega – “No More Christmas Blues” – A Christmas Record;

Sumerland – “White Christmas” – Single;

Jackofficers – “An Hawaiian Christmas Song” – Digital Dump;

Lance Eads – “Magi” – Cosmic ☧​~​Mass;

Ashkelon Sain with The Dorian Fields – “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)” – Ornamental;

Grace Jones – “Little Drummer Boy” – Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special;

16 December 2017

When we make mistakes, it’s for the betterment of the arts.



Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Sound/Track” – Album/Source

Goner – “YS 2 (edit)” – The Wire Tapper 45;

Badaseck – “Nguewel’ – Streets of Dakar;

Soundwalk Collective – “Nadqan” – Transmission;

Mytrip – “She Didn’t Drown, She Loved the Sea” – Ocean of Sound – the 3rd annual report volume I;

Irving Klaw Trio – “Starfailure” – Utek Pahtoo Mogoi;

Expo `70 – “The Gathering” – Sonic Messenger;

Glove of Bones – “Peau et Feu – Final” – Ocean of Sound – the 3rd annual report volume I;

Brain Rays – “Zombie Ken” – Dubwalls Gateway Zone Vol 1;

Tecumseh – “Apophis (edit)” – Music for Personality Disorder;

Bedtime for Robots – “Drowning Siren” – Ocean of Sound – the 3rd annual report volume I;

Tomorrow’s Children – “Bang Bang Rock Steady” – Meritone Rock Steady 3;

Orbit Service – “a spell to keep you safe” – Stereo Magic (a Portal in 13 Parts)

09 December 2017

There are times on What’s This Called? when we play music that is so out there that even we aren’t sure if the radio station equipment is malfunctioning or working perfectly. Kudos to the artists who can do that to us!

Why Don’t You Just Have a LISTEN?


Playlist: Artist – “Song/Piece/Track” – Album or ?;

Mia Zabelka – “Cellular Resonance #5 (excerpt)” – The Wire Tapper 45;

Alphane Reality Generator – “Earthling Step Forward” – Music for the Robot Revolution;

Add N to X – “On the Wires of Our Nerves” – On the Wires of Our Nerves;

Earthmonkey – “Ahmet Another” – Music for Personality Disorder;

Crank Sturgeon – “To Answer is This Still” – i am a cardboard sturgeon;

Charles Goff III w/ Darlington Pair – “Lovely Lady of LEDA 25177” – Caricature Masquerade;

Thollem McDonnas – “For Nina Simone” – Machine in the Ghost;

MacGillivray – “Murdered Mermaid Song” – Watermarked in Flame;

Blondie – “Cautious Lip” – Plastic Letters;

Nadja – “Skywriting (edit)” – Music for Personality Disorders;

Bert Jansch – “Go Your Way My Love” – Sanctuary;

Sisto Palombella – “Bloody Christmas” – Small pieces of accordion on a broken table