What’s This Pop?

While WTC has never been a stranger to the melodic or catchy song, obviously the nature of the show more often veers into longer and musically challenging territories. So with Freeform Portland putting out a call for more unscheduled “evergreen” shows, your host Ricardo Wang decided to put together two full hours of ear candy. Admittedly the show could have been called What’s This Oldies? as nothing on the playlist is at all contemporary. But it was the psychedelic pop of the late ’60s and the often overlooked catchier “prog pop” of the early ’70s that inspired this show. A few post-punk pop tunes also found their way in of course. Very few hits to be heard overall, though Ricardo will jump at any excuse to play a Carpenters smash, and well, ELO’s finest moment may be a disco song.


  1. Harry Nilsson “Mr. Richland’s Favorite Song” [Aerial Ballet]
  2. Wire “Outdoor Miner – 2006 Remastered Version” [Chairs Missing]
  3. Carpenters “Rainy Days And Mondays” [Carpenters]
  4. Mighty Baby “Egyptian Tomb” [Mighty Baby]
  5. Robyn Hitchcock “All I Wanna Do Is Fall in Love” [Black Snake Diamond Role]
  6. Everything But The Girl “On My Mind” [Night and Day]
  7. Sly & The Family Stone “Stand!” [Stand]
  8. Fuchsia “Me And My Kite” [Lullabies For Catatonics: A Journey Through The British Avant-Pop/Art Rock Scene 1967-74]
  9. Yo La Tengo “Tom Courtenay” [Electr-o-pura]
  10. The Raincoats “Fairytale in the Supermarket” [The Raincoats]
  11. Spiritualized “I Think I’m in Love” [Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space]
  12. Tones On Tail “Lions” [Everything!]
  13. Blue Faces “Yellow Turns to Green” [In the Days of the Lightbulb on the Wall]
  14. BeeGees “I Am the World” [A Slight Disturbance in My Mind – The British Proto-Psychedelic Sounds of 1966]
  15. Procol Harum “Conquistador” [Procol Harum (2009 remaster)]
  16. Electric Light Orchestra “Last Train to London” [Discovery]
  17. Samurai “Saving It Up for So Long” [Samurai]
  18. Alex Chilton “Like Flies on Sherbert” [Like Flies on Sherbert]
  19. Fairport Convention “Who Knows Where The Time Goes?” [Unhalfbricking (Bonus Track Edition)]
  20. Parliament “Party People” [Gloryhallastoopid]
  21. LL COOL J “Rock The Bells” [Radio]
  22. Thin Lizzy “Sha La La” [Nightlife]
  23. Scott Walker “Jackie” [Scott 2]
  24. The Zombies “Butcher’s Tale (Western Front 1914) – Mono Version” [Odessey and Oracle]
  25. Alice Cooper “Swing Low Sweet Cherrio” [Pretties for You]
  26. Love “She Comes in Colors” [Da Capo (Deluxe Edition)]
  27. Paul Revere & The Raiders “Kicks” [Midnight Ride]
  28. As You Like It “No More Sunshine Till May” [Lullabies For Catatonics: A Journey Through The British Avant-Pop/Art Rock Scene 1967-74]
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About Ricardo Wang

I began doing Public/Community/College radio at KUGS FM in Bellingham, WA in 1985 and was there until 1987. I spent 10 years at KAOS FM in Olympia, WA from 1993-2003 including a one year stint as Music Director. During that entire time, I did the What's This Called? program, at times for as long as 6 hours in a single night! The show ran at KPSU in Portland, from 2005 to 2018. I've been happily at Freeform Portland since October of 2018 and loving every second at this exciting freeform station! I started the Olympia Experimental Music Festival in 1995 and have been playing music off and on in the Dead Air Fresheners since 1997.

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