4 July 2020 (No Skinny Ties Special!)

What’s This Called? Returns to regularly scheduled programming on the #4thofJuly! 2-4 PM PST your host Ricardo Wang celebrates the US holiday with a reprisal of the No Skinny Ties variation of the program. Tune in to hear all independent American artists from the 1980s. Two hours of #nowave, #noiserock, #postpunk, #underground #hiphop & #electro!

Special thanks to Ryan A. Ray for engineering of this #podcast!

Your host Ricardo Wang says: My radio show goes back to regularly scheduled bi-weekly shows this Saturday on Freeform, and it happens to be the Fourth of July. So I decided to reprise my infrequent but longstanding underground 1980s show No Skinny Ties for a day. I’ve done this on various 4th where it turns out I’m on the radio, and I always play all American independent noise rock, post-punk, and no wave. But this year we are opening our heads and hearts and looking at our shows like never before, and I have to admit this has always been way too white of a playlist. I almost always get The Beatnigs in there loud and early and frequently included Public Enemy and Bad Brains, but you get the idea. These were the black groups who penetrated the white noise rock scene, but there were so many black artists doing lots of other great rebellious and experimental music in the ’80s that this doesn’t encompass! Not just PE as the only hip hop representation, but no techno or electro was included in my old versions of the show. This year I sought to fix that and produce a really inclusive playlist. Still no freaking “new wave”! But I’ve embraced a new kind of nostalgia. Rather than just playing the music I was into when I was 18, I’m playing the music I should have been into.



  1. Sonic Youth “Intro / Brave Men Run (In My Family) [Live]” [Smart Bar – Chicago (Live; 1995)]
  2. Wipers “Youth of America (Live, Munich 1986)” [You Tube]
  3. Beatnigs “Television Drug of the Nation (Live on Television 1989 Festival)” [You Tube]
  4. Public Enemy “She Watch Channel Zero?!” [It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back]
  5. Hüsker Dü “Turn on the News” [Zen Arcade]
  6. Newcleus “Computer Age (Push The Button)” [Destination: Earth – The Definitive Newcleus Recordings]
  7. Trouble Funk “Drop the Bomb” [D.C. Go-Go – Sonic Funk from the Chocolate City]
  8. X “I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts (Live Acoustic 1983)” [You Tube]
  9. Dead Kennedys “Viva Las Vegas” [Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables]
  10. The Cramps “Bikini Girls with Machine Guns” [Stay Sick!]
  11. Lou Reed “Busload of Faith” [New York]
  12. Meat Puppets “Everybody’s Talking” [Meat Puppets]
  13. 8-Eyed Spy “Run Through the Jungle” [Luncheon]
  14. Bad Brains “All Rise To Meet Jah” [Live at CBGB 1982]
  15. Flipper “The Lights, The Sound, The Rhythm, The Noise” [Gone Fishin’]
  16. james chance “Contort Yourself” [Buy Contortions 35th Anniversary (Deluxe)]
  17. Girl Trouble “Gonna Find a Cave” [Sub Pop 200]
  18. Quadrant Six “Body Mechanic – 12″ Version” [Body Mechanic]
  19. DJ Molla “Megamix ElectroFunk Old School (1981-1984)” [Mixtape]
  20. Pere Ubu “Chinese Radiation” [The Modern Dance]
  21. Mission Of Burma “All World Cowboy Romance” [Signals, Calls and Marches]
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About Ricardo Wang

I began doing Public/Community/College radio at KUGS FM in Bellingham, WA in 1985 and was there until 1987. I spent 10 years at KAOS FM in Olympia, WA from 1993-2003 including a one year stint as Music Director. During that entire time, I did the What's This Called? program, at times for as long as 6 hours in a single night! The show ran at KPSU in Portland, from 2005 to 2018. I've been happily at Freeform Portland since October of 2018 and loving every second at this exciting freeform station! I started the Olympia Experimental Music Festival in 1995 and have been playing music off and on in the Dead Air Fresheners since 1997.

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