03 August 2013: Deanne McAdams Remembered

03 August 2013: Deanne McAdams Remembered

Two years after her passing, we play some songs by Deanne McAdams, and some of her favorite artists.

Just Like U Said It Would Be Nomy Lamm Effigy
Pinwheels (cut) Pro Ex Marauders I’m Sorry, But…
ghost cracked glass Leopards Leopards
Greyhound with a Lime Dead Air Fresheners with Chuck Swaim Infamous Polywogs
NYC Ghosts & Flowers Sonic Youth NYC Ghosts & Flowers
The Killer Wasps of Borneo Pro Ex Marauders I’m Sorry, But…
her innocent stock of words Hood Silent ’88
trial by fire (or Jandek’s Vagina) Leopards unreleased
I See a Darkness Bonnie “Prince” Billy I See a Darkness
Three Little Birds Bob Marley Legend
New Wave Fuck (cut) Pro Ex Marauders I’m Sorry, But…
red murder, gray dawn Leopards Leopards
Song to the Siren This Mortal Coil It’ll End in Tears
song for Mark Leopards unreleased

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