20 July 2013: Bringing It All Back Home!

20 July 2013: Bringing It All Back Home!

Make That Nature Scene!

Monsoon (edit) William Hooker/Roger Miller/Lee Ranaldo Monsoon
Archetypal Space William Hooker/DJ Olive/Glenn Spearman Mindfulness
Brainstorm (Live 1976) Hawkwind Atomhenge 76
Making the Nature Scene (Live 1983) Sonic Youth Live Venlo Holland, 12.27.83
Ben’s Radio Sun City Girls Funeral Mariachi
Destroyer of Paradise noisepoetnobody & Sisiutl Flicks of Mica
Glimmering Endless Possibilities noisepoetnobody & Vance Galloway Uranium 238
You Can’t Breathe Memories Hood The Lost You
Extra Terrestrial Tabernacle Bastard Noise Rrrevenge Disc 2 (PUMPKINMAN)

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